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The male populations of the world were running on thin ice with their hairstyles, which had become more of a burden than a boon. Why so? Well, to start with, a simple hairstyle will be popular for the year and everyone, almost everyone, would copy that without being much prepared. As is evident not all hairstyle would suit a specific shape of the face and thus, will bring doomsday for some, while for the others one could find a twin in every corner of the street. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but this was not really helping the other half of the population. So, came something else which although, prevalent for ages, took a new turn of events and brought about a considerable change in the get up of the men that walk the streets- beard styles for men. New latest beard style.

Once considered a status symbol, the fashion of keeping a beard or not, has evolved through the ages. Now, the beard does not signify someone’s status but is more of a matter of individuality. But growing, taming, maintaining and of course styling a beard can be a little more tedious a task than what is apparently seems like. Maintenance is a matter of choice, but here are 5 distinct beard styles for men which have not only evolved into a fashion statement but have also revolutionized the way men would carry themselves.

1.Stubble: Let’s start with the basics. Throughout the 2000s, women across the world would state their unending love for stubble. While the stubble provides a boyish charm to a man, it also brings maturity to the face. How women have different hairstyles to accentuate the shape of the face and can alter their appearance from seeming matured to young-ish appearance, stubble to is the catalyst to give the man the required maturity and yet look devilishly young.

The unkempt nature of stubble makes one appear rugged. Beard trimmers can do the trick. Although the length is a matter of preference, a 3-4 mm setting should do the trick. Stubble is appreciated only until it starts growing till one's Adam's apple. Remove any stray that might increase near the cheek area and Adam's apple region.

Goatee: A cult favorite and has been vouched for by celebrities and commoners alike. This style is crisp and adds maturity to the face. There is nothing naive and playful about the appearance with a goatee, but the deliciously sinister man one cannot resist is the aura it plays for. A goatee might have been misused by men who might not understand the concept, but to define it in simple terms, one should have beard above the lip area and on the chin area. The beard is supposed to highlight the mouth region, not to stray away from a feature but to become a part of the shape of the mouth.

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Slim, angular faces will find the definition in a goatee. The hair should be relatively short so that the face gets accentuated and there is a proper representation of the shape. Remember that the jawline is the guide. Long facial hair should be the starting point, and from thereby find the jawline and connect the dots. Remember that where the jawline ends and if you have gone beyond the jawbone, you have gone too far. The rest of the face should not have facial hair, which might take away from the appeal and also make the goatee look disheveled.

Beardstache: It's a real thing. It is not a stubble, and it is neither a full-grown beard, the Beardstache is more like the elite cousin of the playful stubble and the full severe beard. The mustache should be the defining glory in this style, while the stubble should be there to accentuate every single angle of this beautiful creation.

Sorry to all the boys/men with fine or thin hair growth, the Beardstache requires dedication and a certain quality of facial hair. The chin area should be prominent, and the space between the top lip and the nose should have a more extensive region for the beard to fully cover the expanse. The maintenance goes up a notch with the Beardstache, for you need wax and a comb to keep the ‘stache in place and the trimmer to keep the stubble like a beard around the chin in shape.

Short Beard: Imagine the portrayal of any good looking English lit professor in a movie or a series, and you have the right idea. This facial hair styling is very versatile and is over-used in the world today. The Short beard styles for men are not only safe for work, but it also matures a face with panache. This style can go wrong very quickly if not taken care of.

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Let the facial hair grow until you find the right length to chop off. Remember that the outer edge of the beard growth is what should be eliminated and no more than that. Edging blades give the precision required, and makes faults to appear less. Good beard oil will be the best friend the short beard needs to keep them in place and always remember that follow your jawline to keep the shape. Extend a little beyond the jawline because that might add to the precision and make a face look too pointed for no particular reason.

Beard: If there is a beard community, the full beard is the mayor. This is the toughest to achieve, not in terms of growth but the maintenance of it, and can make you go from chic to homeless. Oval-faced people can vouch for this style for it gives their face the structure it needs, but that does not constrain the chances of any other face type to rock the style. Remember to trim at the edges and give the proper definition, again basing your judgment on the shape of your face.

Growth to the optimal length of your beard (you will know it), trim with the long setting on the trimmer and make sure to keep brushing it while you trim. Patches will be filled when the facial hair starts growing, so there is nothing to be worried about. Do not let the skin to dry up and the hair to look like a dead plant and keep the beard oil handy. Brush the beard regularly and make sure to not overdo with the trimming.

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