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Facial hair never stands still Basic beard styles.

The first thing you need to bear in mind is that your beard and moustache are in perpetual motion. No matter how beautifully and precisely you’ve trimmed them into an impressive style, they’ll soon grow out of it again. The general rule in beard care is that shorter styles need to be trimmed more often than longer ones, simply because an extra 1mm of growth is more noticeable if your beard or moustache is short. In that case, build in a little extra time for beard care into your morning routine every day or two to keep your style the perfect length. For a longer style, once or twice a week may be enough.

Cleanliness is key in beard care

Beard shape up styles

If you’re used to treating your face to no more than a quick splash of water morning and evening, your beard or moustache may complain they’re not getting enough attention. Keep them looking – and smelling – good by shampooing them under the shower, adding a touch of conditioner if your hair’s coarse or rough.

Everyone’s beard hair is different ans asks for special beard care: for some men, it grows neatly downwards, while for others it sticks straight out. If yours does the latter, dab on some beard oil and comb the hairs downwards. Beard oil softens the hairs, while pomade can be used to shape your beard or moustache into the right style. You don’t have to fill your bathroom with dozens of expensive products – just a few good basic beard care products are all you need.

How to cut beard styles

If you’re serious about beard care and looking good, your bathroom toolkit should include a trimmer (including a trimmer comb and a precision attachment), a mini foil shaver and a rotary shaver. Some tools such as the Philips Styleshaver or Philips Multigroom have several different features, enabling you to do more than one job with the same device.

Wear your beard and/or moustache with pride. To avoid making it dirty or greasy, try not to touch or stroke it too much. Trim the hairs around your lips, and practice eating and drinking without getting anything stuck in your facial hair. Another thing you’ll need to practice is modestly saying “So do I”. It’s a good reply to a phrase you’re likely to hear a lot: “I like your beard.”

Goatee styles for oval face
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