New beard design. Van Dyke Beard – Everything You Need To Know About This Imperial Style

How To Grow A Van Dyke Beard And Most Popular Looks

The timeless Van Dyke beard has been around since the 17th century and is attributed to Anthony van Dyke, a Flemish painter. He was known for his regal and religious style paintings in which the men wore a short goatee and pointed mustache. This became his classic look and was later dubbed the “Van Dyke.” This style of beard is still very popular today. Small goatee.

Van Dyke beard style simply adds a classic and neatly trimmed mustache to a pointed goatee. They are most often separated at the corners and have a neat and extremely distinguished sharp look. This is a great look for the man who wants a more refined and edgy style for his beard.

Read on to find out how to grow a Van Dyke beard and browse through our selection of some of the most popular Van Dyke beard styles.

How To Grow A Van Dyke Beard

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If you want to know how to grow a beard, particularly the Van Dyke style beard, just follow this guide.

Wait until your facial hair has grown out to the approximately ¼ inch.

Start off by making a circle beard. Remove your sideburns and the hair from your cheeks.

Shave the hair on the sides of the neck and the bottom, leaving the beard and mustache intact.

Create a neat goatee following the pattern and definition of your chin hairs.

Create a slight disconnect between the beard and mustache.

Trim to the desired length and style.

Van Dyke Beard Styles

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Great beard styles

There are many different facial hair styles so if you are thinking of growing a Van Dyke beard. This one is a bit more bushy but has a lot of texture. While it is very textured, it is still polished and can work for a professional look. If you really want to take this look to the next level, wear your hair in a bushy undercut.

V-Shape Goatee

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If you prefer more of a full beard look, this v-shape goatee is one of the most popular styles for Van Dykes. It is the perfect look if you want a full beard and moustache that still looks edgy. To maintain, trim the sideburns and outline the ends with a razor.

Short Stubble

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If you like a simple beard, short stubble is polished yet still husky and masculine. Keep it trimmed short on the sides. If you want you can add a bit more length at the chin to give it a more triangular look. This is one of the most popular short beard styles for the Van Dyke.

Short And Bushy Rockabilly Beard

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The rock beard is perhaps one of the most popular styles amongst the rockabilly crowd. This style is low maintenance for those who work all day and then rock and roll all night long. It still boasts the classic Van Dyke beards and moustache, but also has rocking sideburns. If you really want to rock this extremely manly and tough look, go for a salt and pepper goatee.

Funky Hipster Van Dyke

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If you want to fit in with the hipster crowd and fit in with the more artsy crowd, a hipster beard might be right up your alley. This version of the Van Dyke beard sports extremely short whiskers and a funky moustache for a classier look. If you want to combine this old-fashioned look with a more modern flair, opt for a modern slicked back look.

Gentlemanly Look

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The gentlemanly look is in high demand these days. This look harkens back to a simpler time yet adds a modern touch to keep up with the trend. A disconnected moustache and short curtain Van Dyke style goatee is one of the most popular beard types this season. If you want facial hair, but not a full on beard, this could very well be the look for you.

Different styles of beards and mustaches

Detached Moustache And Beard

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Another look for those who prefer a neatly trimmed short beard is this disconnected Van Dyke beard and moustache combo. Trim your beard to a small goatee and slightly disconnect it from your moustache. Keep the look trimmed neatly. You can rock this Van Dyke with neatly trimmed short hair or long and lose wild hair. Whatever look you prefer, this is a great style!

Wide Anchor

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If you want to bring a retro flair to your Van Dyke beard, just make it wider on the chin. In this way, you’ll get it in the shape of a so-called wide anchor. However, ensure that your facial hair is thick enough to pull off this beard style, as you want it to be well defined, not patchy.

Anchor With Stubble

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This Van Dyke beard combines several styles in one look. Normally, you would leave the hair only around the chin while shaving the rest of it off. But, for this beard style, you leave short bristle of facial hair on your cheeks and jawline, hence teaming a classic anchor beard with casual stubble.

The Van Dali

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This beard style is definitely not for everybody. Only really creative and artistic men will be able to pull it off. It also combines a couple of different facial hair styles – Dali’s surreal curled mustache and pointy Van Dyke beard, thus setting off a new hybrid facial hair look – the Van Dali.

Intense Depp Style

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Johnny Depp knows how to rock Van Dyke beard like no other. Though, he goes for a little more intense style, which comes out extremely flattering for his facial traits. Add here a couple of loose strands that cover an eye and you’re guaranteed to get hold of an army of fans like Johnny.

Disconnected Goatee With Light Stubble

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New hair and beard style 2016

If you don’t want to go too heavy on your Van Dyke beard, a disconnected goatee with light stubble is your sure bet then. It doesn’t require a special approach. You just let your facial hair grow until the disconnect between your mustache and beard disappears. Enhance it with short stubble and your light take on Van Dyke beard is ready.

Fresh and Relaxed

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Modern trends tell us to take it easy, so does this fresh and relaxed version of Van Dyke beard. Although you can’t trace the features of classic VD here, you just know it. The look comes out effortless and natural. To get it, you simply leave your facial hair intact for a couple of days and then maintain the optimal length so that it doesn’t look unkempt.

The Long Stubble

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Do you prefer to sport longer facial hair styles? You still have a chance to pull off Van Dyke beard though. Grow your hair until it reaches the desired length and keep it in shape using scissors and trimmer. For a bolder and more contrasty look, go with longer hair on the chin and shorter on the cheeks.

We hope that you have been inspired by our selection of popular Van Dyke beard and moustache styles. If you are looking for a new look for your facial hair, or have always wanted to grow out a beard, the Van Dyke could be what you have been missing all along. So what are you waiting for? Start growing out one of these sexy beards and watch the ladies fall at your feet!
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