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It is the facial hair that has made men more attractive to women and that is why there is a trend of sporting beard styles that include a range of facial hair styles, the stubble, the full beard and the one that makes you look like a wizard. Survey reports have established that most women like the stubble range of beard styles attractive. Mens shaped beards.

It can also be the big, full and bushy beards that create a sex appeal for women to dig their fingers through the facial hair. While long beards seem attractive for women to establish a long-term relationship, it does not matter for relations that are lined for a short term. There are beard styles which help the jawline to be attractive, a feature that is liked by most women.

Women are attracted by masculine jawline and there are hundreds of facial hairstyles that can help you to sport any of them. A beard acts like an eye mascara, as it highlights your eyes, which can be another feature to attract women.

Do not forget to shave your neckline. A cleanly shaved neck helps the beard style to look more attractive.

Develop an even coverage, which may depend upon the growth and the texture of the facial hair.

Grow your beard to such a length that it is kissable. Do not go for too long or too short.

Watch out for any sticky substance nestled in your beard after having food. Wash the beard gently to remove it.

The best style could be to grow a stubble beard, which is 3 to 4 days old.

Mens short facial hair styles

Here are 15 beard styles that could make you more attractive to women.

The Circle Beard

The Circle Beard is for men, who want a clean and tidy beard style. The goatee extends in a round shape to meet the mustache. This goatee beard style is easy to maintain, attractive, especially to the opposite sex but will need regular trimming to ensure that the circle shape is not lost.

The Properly Shaped 4 Day Stubble Beard

The use of a hair oil and regular trimming make this stubble beard style look attractive. The beard is well maintained and groomed on a daily basis.

The Stubble Beard Traditional Style

David is at his best with this stubble traditional beard style. The facial hair is well groomed and trimmed at all the stages and maintained properly.

Van Dyke Beard Style

The van dyke beard style has grown in popularity in recent years. This goatee beard style is a perfect combination of the chin goatee and standard goatee. The cheeks are shaved smooth and clean to give more effect to this beard style and make it attractive. This facial hair style is still one of the goatee styles, which are sported by men from all walks of life.

The Professional Style Stubble Beard

If you want a full beard professional style, let the facial hair grow till you find it easier for styling. The combination of a planner stubble and a box style short whiskers can help you achieve the look that can attract women.

The Attractive Hipster Beard Style

The long beard is styled into plaits and is fully grown without trimming. This long beard style can make any woman attract and is a cool style which can draw attention from others as well when styled perfectly.

Hair and beard styles for oval face

V-Shaped Stubble Beard Style

Be careful not to let your stubble beard grow into a full one. Trim the facial hair every 2 to 3 days to prevent any scruffy or unruly hair to grow. Consider the growth of your hair and style in a V shaped appearance.

The Balbo Beard Style

The Balbo facial hair style is a 3 piece combination of a goatee, a chin strap and a handlebar mustache. Proper shaving is required to make this beard style accentuate the chin. This beard style can make you look sexy, bold, stylish, and most importantly, attractive to women.

Full Neck Well Groomed Stubble Beard

To style a stubble beard like this, it normally takes 4 to 6 days interval for trimming. This full neck beard style has a perfect trimming but is not trimmed below the neckline to style the full neck stubble beard. Attractive and easy to maintain.

Bald Man Long Beard Style

This long beard bald head style has become popular among the blacks, where the beard is grown to full thickness and then styled to join the sideburns. The contrast is between the baldness and thicker facial hair, which can be attractive to women.

Chin Curtain Style Stubble Beard

You can style the chin curtain beard while growing a stubble beard. Just allow the beard to grow for 4 to 6 days, trim it neat and style the chin curtain. This will need a little bit of work, Finish off with a stubble mustache.

Polished and Gruffed Beard Style

The long facial hair is styled and groomed in such way so that it just crosses the neckline at the front. You will have to allow the facial hair to grow to a full potential, and then you can trim the beard to give it the desired shape.

Slight Neck Style Stubble Beard

This stubble beard slight neck style highlights the contrast between the dark whiskers and the short beard. You can go for the full beard style or stop halfway to sport a style of your own. Women will definitely be attracted to this beard style.

Different styles of beard trimming

The Long and Bold Beard Style

The beard starts high up right beside the sideburns and allowed to grow to a fuller length. The bottom is styled with a square cut and the mustache is trimmed neatly. Overall a classic manicure and attractive to women.

Although it is easier to style a stubble beard like this by just letting the facial grow to the desired length, you will require trimming accordingly. You can also make it complex like this beard style. This style is unique and no doubt makes a statement for attracting the opposite sex.

You can definitely make women attracted towards you with any of these beard styles, but you should also take into consideration the texture of your facial hair and the shape of your face so that there is a perfect match. Ask your barber to help you with his advice.
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