Beard design ideas. Beard Styles for Teenage Guys, Men s Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2017

Have you ever wondered what makes a guy so masculine and seductive? Perhaps it’s the trendy beard style that he chooses for his facial hair. Teenage boys often think that beards can make them look hotter, more masculine and handsome. There is some truth behind this idea because when we look at men with different beard styles we feel how confident they are and how manly they look among other males. Well, it’s obvious that in certain situations men also need to keep their face cleaner and classier. In this case they shave facial hair, but it’s also necessary to go for beards time to time if your face shape allows you to. There are several beard styles for teenage guys which make young men so stylish and engaging. Since fashion is all about representing and expressing your individuality, taste and way of thinking you are supposed to find the style which meets your preferences and makes you better-looking. Face dadi style.

In any case you must consider your face shape and facial features. Before going for any option look for as many images as possible and take into account celebrity styles to find the most suitable one of you. If you think that beard trends don’t change by the time I’m here to prove you the opposite.

So, the first style that you can choose is the popular 5 o’clock bread style. It is a neat, short and quite attractive beard for young guys. You will surely like it on your face. 5 o’clock breads look better with short classy haircuts. You can combine your short haircut with this beard style and with elegant outfits.

Long goatee styles

On the other hand men with medium, shaggy or any other haircut may opt for shadow beards. They are light beard styles and are also quite tidy. The above mentioned beard styles are actually low-maintenance styles and if you take a little care about them every day you will always have the desired perfect shape.

As for the full beard styles hairstylists don’t recommend young guys to go for such edgy looks. Full bears can make you look older and will hide your facial features. Besides it’s not that easy to take care of full beards. They are suitable for older men. Take examples from young models and singers who wear the trendiest beards. Here you see some of them in cool shadow and 5 o’clock beard styles which are trendy in 2016.

Best goatee styles 2016


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