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Beards are, for want of a better phrase, back in vogue, and in a big way. Look around you over the last couple of years and you will certainly have noticed the proliferation of facial hair – in many different styles – that was absent a few years ago. Why are beards back? It’s all to do with changing trends; just as women’s fashion has its own phases, so the beard does, too, except it never really goes out of fashion! Trending beard styles 2016.

The way you wear your beard is your own personal choice, so what do we think the beard trends for the coming year will be? Well, there’s a choice, so let’s look at some of the contenders!

When considering the beard trends of 2019 we have to look at the way things have been going in the previous year, as this will be a pointer to things to come. The truth is that the traditional types of beard are those that are leading the way, so here’s our top 5:

Designer stubble – ever the young man’s choice, the designer stubble look is very much back in fashion. Easy to grow and maintain – beard oil and a decent set of clippers will keep your designer stubble beard in trim – it has shed its ‘footballer’ image of late, and become a comfortable and stylish way to wear a beard.

Beard shapes and names

Hollywoodian – now this is one of the beards that will really take its place in 2019, popular as it is with the modern breed of film stars. A moustache coupled with a medium length beard – or longer if you wish – and no sideburns, this is a very stylish way to wear a beard and is becoming popular with all ages.

Garibaldi – do you like a full beard? If so, the Garibaldi may be for you, as essentially it is a full beard, yet one that is rounded by trimming at the bottom, rather than left unkempt. It benefits from beard oil – you can shop beard care products at great prices here – and looks the part at work and at play.

Balbo – for those who want a moustache that is light and not connected to the beard, the Balbo might be the answer, and it is very much one for the coming year. Short and stylish, with no sideburns and a clean look, it is a neat touch when done with style.

Gents beard style

Circle – the traditional type of beard, with chin and moustache connections, is also in vogue this season so if you want the least bother and just want to let your beard grow, this could be the one to choose!

There is n doubt the beard is going to figure as one of the male grooming features of 2019 – and beyond – so why not check out some of the alternative styles that are around at the moment, and see which one you want to be wearing to make an impact next year?
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