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Beards are for men, right? If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and noticed coarse hair growing on your face, it can be panic-inducing. After all, as a woman, you expect your face to be soft and smooth, free of hair. Facial beard.

We’re all different and this isn’t something to be ashamed of. You might wonder if everyone can see the little hairs sprouting up and you’ve probably tried a few things to remove it. But if it grows back, then what? Not to worry. You can get rid of female beard permanently so, keep on reading to learn how.

But first, you need to get to the root of the problem, pardon the pun.

Excessive facial hair or hirsutism is why you have a “beard” if you’re a female

For women with hirsutism, excessive hair grows on the body where hair isn’t typically supposed to grow or is supposed to stay at a minimum. So, you may find hair on your chin or other parts of your face, or even on your chest and other body parts. It can happen to men too, but because men are expected to be hairy, it doesn’t carry with it such an intense stigma.

With excessive facial hair on your face, it can destroy your confidence and make you hesitant to embark on social situations. It can also lead to anxiety and depression as many feel hopeless and unattractive with this condition. Roughly one in 14 women are affected with hirsutism which can sometimes be linked to an endocrine imbalance. It might be wise to schedule an appointment with your doctor if you have excessive facial hair to rule out any underlying health conditions.

Even if you don’t have hirsutism, having hair where you don’t want it can make you uncomfortable. It’s no wonder so many methods exist for hair removal. You’re definitely not alone, but it’s one of those great secrets women don’t want to talk about. After all, why ruin that façade of perfection?

Read on and you’ll discover some potential causes for your excessive facial hair.

– Genetics are responsible if you develop excessive facial hair

Sometimes, excessive facial hair is just an unwanted hand-me-down from your ancestors. For example, if Grandma had stray chin hairs, you’re more than likely to experience them too as you age. While not a full-on beard, these stray chin hairs are most certainly a nuisance you’ll want to be rid of.

– Unbalanced hormones can cause excessive facial hair

You can blame much of your problems, physical and mental, on hormones. Those things really do a number on you! Often, they’re the prime reason for oddball things that come about on your body. That means chin and lip hair too. When the male sex hormones known as androgens (yes, you have them too!) are in excess, that can lead to these unwanted hairs.

– Aging may be the reason you develop excessive facial hair

The fun never ends when you’re aging! Facial hair might have never crossed your mind in your youth, but as you get up there in age, it becomes a harsh reality. Typically, it’s unavoidable as you move onward from 70, but many women also get them during menopause, or even earlier during perimenopause because they’re producing much less estrogen. Again, a chat with your doctor could determine if hormones are at the root of your overabundance of unwanted hair.

Beard styles for different face types

– Polycystic ovary syndrome can cause excessive hair on your face and chin

Another reason why visiting your doctor might not be such a bad idea is because polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) could be the culprit. It’s a very serious condition that you should have treated. While chin hair isn’t the only indication of it, if you have irregular periods, can’t seem to lose weight even when following a stringent diet and exercise regimen, have found ovarian cysts, or had infertility issues, it’s urgent that you get things checked out.

– Cushing syndrome can cause excessive hair on your face and chin

The National Adrenal Diseases Foundation lists Cushing Syndrome as another reason why you might have excessive chin hair. It is brought on by too much cortisol, the stress hormone. Your adrenal glands might be producing too much of the stuff, or your medications could be triggering it. If you have unexplained weight gain or type 2 diabetes along with those unwanted facial hairs, you should schedule a physical with your doctor to see if you can get things under control.

– Congenital adrenal hyperplasia can be the reason you suffer from excessive hair on your face and chin

Sometimes, you’re just born with it. Unlike the famed makeup brand that uses this slogan though, no one wants to be born with congenital adrenal hyperplasia. This condition is very rare but is usually diagnosed at birth. You’d most certainly know if you were diagnosed with it, and if you are one of the rare few with it, it is likely the reason you’re trying to battle unwanted facial hair now.

– Pregnancy or birth control can cause excessive hair to appear on your face like a beard

Sometimes, those hormonal problems that cause excessive hair on your face are short-term. Pregnancy is a prime example of that. It is a time when your hormones go crazy (and make you feel crazy along with it). In most cases, facial hair growth during pregnancy is very temporary. You might want to wait until several months postpartum to worry about unwanted chin hairs. They usually resolve themselves but if they continue, you might want to have your hormone levels checked to pinpoint the problem.

How to get rid of excessive hair on your face that looks like a beard

No matter the cause of that female beard of yours, there are solutions to getting rid of it. Likely, you’ve tried temporary solutions, but those require you to constantly be vigilant in the removal of your unwanted facial hairs. If you find out what’s causing it, you have a better chance of making it disappear for good.

Here are the ways you can get rid of excessive facial hair:

– Medical solutions to treat excessive hair on your face

Your doctor really is the best person to determine an effective treatment for the unwanted facial hair that’s plaguing you. As mentioned, you can remove these hairs yourself, but they will only keep coming back if you don’t find out why they’re growing in the first place.

Your doctor can conduct blood tests and find the exact cause of why this is happening to you. There are options that exist for treating hirsutism, though these will all depend on what’s causing the hair growth. Once blood is drawn, hormone levels will be examined to determine whether or not these are the cause of your unwanted facial hair. Sometimes, all it takes is a hormone-balancing medication, like birth control pills for example, to stop the excessive facial hair growth. Other times, you’ll be given androgen blockers to treat it directly.

Hormonal therapies tend to take a bit longer to get the results you’re after. In other words, you’re not going to take magical pills that make the unwanted hair cease and desist in just days following your first dose. Patience is required. Your doctor will monitor the situation, usually waiting anywhere from 6 to 12 months before determining if it’s an effective treatment for you.

Men's short hair and beard styles

Another quite common cause is that of existing medications. If you’ve been taking a medication for another condition, it could be causing the excessive facial hair. Visit your doctor to rule it out. If it is the reason for your chin hairs, you can see about switching medications to see if it will help.

– Changing your lifestyle can help reduce excessive hair on your face

If the cause of your facial hair is related to insulin issues, like with diabetes, weight loss might be a viable solution. Your doctor can help you formulate a plan that will be effective. Insulin resistance in the body leads to more testosterone levels than you need and in turn can cause hirsutism.

By losing weight, you can reduce your insulin resistance. Going low-cal has been found to increase SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) which serves to reduce the amount of testosterone roaming around freely in your blood. Additionally, if you have acne-prone skin, you’ll find it begins to clear up when you make healthy changes to your lifestyle that include diet and exercise.

– Aesthetic solutions to get rid of the unwanted “beard” on your face

You may also opt to use aesthetic solutions to get rid of this unwanted facial hair. You can use waxing, shaving, electrolysis, or even laser hair removal. Because this “beard” is emotionally-distressing, it can cause you to feel anxious and depressed, giving you higher body discomfort issues.

Understandably though, it can be hard to discuss this with others. In some cultures, women having hair in unwanted places is considered taboo, and discussing it can bring on further anxieties. Removing the unwanted hair can boost confidence and mood, however, if it returns, it can cause just as much anxiety until you remove it again.

The fact is that body hair and facial hair can grow on anyone, even women. It can grow from your lips, chin, nipples, chest, and everywhere in between. The good news though is that you can find solutions that work best for you. Some will need to be repeated with regularity while others offer a permanent solution to the problem.

In order to get the best results though, it’s ideal to have a conversation with your doctor to get to the “why” in all of this. When you know what’s behind that excessive facial hair growth, you can take steps to stop it. Other people simply choose to embrace what makes them different. If it doesn’t bother you, then ignore it, but if it makes you feel less confident about your appearance, you can try several methods for removing that unwanted beard.


One way to get unwanted hair to go away is to use an epilator. This device pulls out multiple hairs at a time, much like waxing, but it doesn’t remove the cells down in the epithelium layer. They come in many varieties, some of which can be used wet. Some people prefer this because it takes the pain away.

Going the route of epilation can be painful the first few times you do it, but after that, it won’t bother you. You may even find having a professional waxing done first might make your first experiences with an electric epilator a little easier.

Different mens beard styles

Some women avoid getting a wax done though because they’re embarrassed about having to remove facial hair. An electric epilator is ideal because it can take away all your unwanted hairs without anyone knowing your secret. Over the years, I’ve tried quite a few brands but the Brown Silk-épil 9 is by far my favorite I use it once every two weeks and the head piece is a bit larger making it faster and more convenient for multiple uses other than the chin and bear area, say for example if you were to use it for your legs and bikini area.


Waxing is another way to remove unwanted hair from anywhere, even the face. It leaves skin smooth too, though you’ll have to repeat the process in regular intervals. You have options to do it yourself at home, or you can go get it done professionally. Some women find that doing it at home is ideal while others prefer the expert hands of a professional to reduce irritation and ensure it’s done correctly.


Shaving is probably the least desirable method. Assuming no one is watching, no one will know. However, shaving coarse hair means coarse stubble will replace it. If you choose to shave away your unwanted facial hair, you’ll need to constantly keep an eye out for the hairs that grow back.

Laser hair removal

A more permanent solution is laser hair removal, which must be professionally done. It costs more than other options, but many women find this ideal with their busy lifestyles. You will have to get touch-ups every now and then as it diminishes hair growth permanently but it doesn’t stop it from growing completely. It’s not cheap either, so be prepared to keep up the treatments to enjoy the results.


Electrolysis is the only way to remove unwanted facial hair forever. It winds up costing less than laser hair removal because once it’s performed, there’s no maintenance. You simply enjoy an unwanted hair-free existence. It does take several sessions though, particularly if you have a large area to cover, but it could be worth it.


There are many causes for why you’d have a female beard, but fortunately, there are just as many solutions to becoming hair-free in the places you want to be. An appointment with your doctor can help rule out any major health concerns and may hold the key to the cause of your excessive facial hair.

Once you determine what’s causing hair to grow there, you’ll better be able to choose one of the hair removal solutions mentioned above to get the smooth and feminine look you desire!

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