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The temp fade is a cut that incorporates a fade around the man’s temple. It’s immensely popular, and one of the reasons for it is that there are lots of variations to choose from when it comes to this haircut. This type of fade also gives men a lot of options to play around with. Goatee designs.

What is a Temple Fade?

Fades are a popular style for men when it comes to haircuts. If you’re thinking of dropping into the fade haircut trend, we suggest you try out the temple fade hairstyle. It lets you try out the fade without it being a major change. It’s also known as the blowout or Brooklyn fade, and it looks cool with major hair types and styles.

The temp fade is a traditional haircut for black men, but ever since it’s become trendy, you’ve probably seen it on a lot of guys. The different variations to this cut are low or high, a nappy or Afro temp fade, and some people even experiment with intricate designs.

How to Get a Temp Fade Haircut

For a temple fade haircut, all you have to do is head to your local barbershop. This modern cut is popular, and your barber or hairstylist will probably know exactly what you want.

You will need some ideas and pictures before you decide your style of fade on the temple, but once you show them to your hair guy, he should give you exactly what you want. It’s a great way to add something extra for all types of hair, straight, curly as well as medium and short length hair.

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Temp Fade vs. Taper Fade

There’s a wide difference between a temple fade and a taper cut. It’s easy to think that both are the same, but in fade cuts, the hair is much shorter on the top of the head than a taper cut. If you tend to confuse the two just remember that the temp fade is exactly as it sounds like, a fade limited to the temple.

It shaves of your sideburns and a small area near the ears for a cleaner cut. In taper fade cut, the hair gradually changes from long the short. A temp fade is much shorter than a taper, and it ends wherever the skin starts.

Most Popular Temp Fade Hairstyles

Here’s a list of 25 temple fade styles for you to get inspired from.

1. Fade with 360 Waves

The temple taper fade with waves is a great style that would look very clean and modern on any man. The texture of the waves and low fade are a combination that works perfectly. The 360 waves or deep waves as they are called create an amazing dynamic on the head. Pairing it with a faded temple hair guarantees an absolute super fresh haircut.

2. Bantu Knots Fade

Bantu Knots are cute, and we all adore them. Mixing Bantu knots with a fade haircut gives it a much sharper edge. This low temp fade and Bantu knots combination look good on young adults and teenage boys. The look manages to be soft and sharp at the same time.

3. Blonde Curly Hair with Taper Fade

Going blonde with Afro Hair is great. But the only way to make it look even remotely good and sharp you must go for a temple fade. A blonde with faded hair is a great way to keep it fun and sharp at the same time. Here a low cut fade is used to enhance definition to the face and not making it too flashy.

Beard ideas 2016

The bald temp fade is truly a versatile hairstyle that goes well with all types of hair. This four- man box braids and faded hair on temple combo is a great one for keeping the face looking super fresh. The mid fade provides lots of definition to the face even though the braids grab a lot of attention.

5. Short Curls with Temp Fade

You don’t need a full Afro to rock a fade haircut. The well-trimmed Afro is even more appealing on young faces. Add into the mix a lovely low skin fade, and you have a sharp-looking hairstyle.

Have long hair but still want a fade cut? Take inspiration from the above picture. This low temp fade for man bun has a slight skin fade effect which is perfect for hair like this. A clean-cut beard evens out the face much more.

If you have a lovely medium hair Afro, then you’re probably the luckiest person ever. The medium hair Afro is an amazing cool look. When a temple fade is added to it, it becomes a really effective detail that does not ruin the rest of the hairstyle.

8. Messy Top Knot

This topknot combo is great for curly hair. Mainly because the high fade gives it a very unique look. It lets your hair look appealing. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing your hair don, or they are pulled up in a slick back bun. The high temp also makes the curly undercut more pronounced.

9. Long Weave + Fade

This long weave and fade combo are just proving a point. That long weaves and faded temple go amazingly well together. The temp fade with dreads look is just adding a clean detail to your hairline, and your hairstyle remains as it is.

10. Braided Flat Top Hair

Braids often look really amazing with fade. It’s an edgy yet modern look that lets you keep your flat top fade hairstyle but also gives you a cleaner cut. If you’re not sure with braids to go for cornrow braids. You can never go wrong with that!

Did you think that straight, shiny and slicked back hair tone go with fade hairstyle? This photo here proves the claim that it does. The guy had also managed to pull the look off with long straight hair.

12. Colorful Big Afro Hair

This huge red Afro could be of any color you desire. Without having to compromise with your big Afro or hair color, you can always add a lovely low cut temple fade hairstyles for definition and maybe for people to be able to see your face too.

Just like weaves the fade goes amazingly well with dreadlocks too. The long tied dreadlocks and the crazy mid temple fade are clearly a winning combination. You can also try the low fade like this one.

The blue highlight and the long hair in the middle are a great hairstyle for young boys who want to try something fun and different. This high temple fade is perfect for creating an illusion of a long fohawk too. It also manages to keep the hairstyle from getting too flashy by keeping the face defined.

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15. Groovy Sideline

This one is for men with straight but thick hair. Instead of trying to chop it all off you can take inspiration from this hairstyle. The sideline is a very classy touch, and the temp fade haircut adds much edginess to the whole look.

A little color at the end tips of your hair is a nice way to bring some color without going all the way. The high bald fade style also manages to compliment these highlighted weaves perfectly.

17. Fade for Kinky Hair

This perfectly rounded hairstyle is great for a tight kinky Afro like this. If your hair is naturally this tightly coiled into an Afro, this rounded cut is a great way to give it shape.

This size is suitable for the low cur temp fade that has been incorporated into this hairstyle. The fade is almost non-existent with only the hairline giving any clues about it. It’s perfect for people who don’t want a major fade.

18. Box Fade + Neck Taper

This temp fade haircut is mixed with a skin fade effect and side neck taper cut. It’s complex but works perfectly well with the medium-sized Afro. The skin fade allows it to be a little messy instead of a clean-cut making it a great choice for young adults and boys.

19. Twisted Curls with Goatee

You want a clean line up and a perfect fade on temple hair but don’t want to touch the rest of your hair? Done. This great haircut is perfect for when you want to keep your twisted curls with a cleaner hairline. These kinky curls are lovely and suit almost all ages.

20. Dutch Cornrows for Men

Dutch man braids cornrows are braids that are pulled upwards for a puffed up effect. With Dutch cornrows and a temple fade, you can never go wrong. They are a great way to pair edginess with class.

Men opting to try out this hairstyle can go for the one in the picture or a higher temp fade. Both would look super classy and fresh on a face with a clean or maintained a beard.

21. Long Kinky Curls

Kinky curls look great with some dipped highlights. This combination could go out of hand and all over your face if there wasn’t the perfect temp low fade with beard.

The long curls and the temple are contrasting but when paired together bring out an amazing sharpness to the face. A nicely shaved beard would be a great added touch.

22. Temp Fade with Design

We all love Star designs. They are cool and look amazing if well shaved on ahead. Throw in a cooler high fade and weaves you’ve got a super fresh hairstyle in your hands.

Men's shaving beard styles

This cool style can be tried by young adults to people in their late twenties. You can have different types of star designs which you can either choose or make yourself!

This simple blowout like a fade haircut is perfect this type of hair. The hair is considerably straight and long in the middle. The temple fade haircut is high but without being too prominent. It’s a great choice if you want the hairline generally associated with the temp cut but not very short hair.

24. Short Afro Hair

The fade in this hairstyle is a mid type, and the hair is kept to a regular short length. The single clean line indicates a part which gives it a really cool look. It’s a sharp and edgy look for young professionals. Keep a well-maintained black beard, and you’re good to go!

25. Intricate Shaved Design

Designs on high bald temp fades have always been super popular. It is cool to show off these designed, and an added fade just manages to enhance the elegance of this hairstyle.

The high & tight fade allows plenty of space to create a design of your choice. It’s a suitable hairstyle for young adults and boys. It’s also fun to be creative and come up with your own design.

Temp fade or taper whatever you decide, it’s going to look great. These cuts are modern and popular for a reason. They go on almost all kinds of hair. So without having to do any major hair changes to look clean and fresh, you can always opt for a Temp Fade after taking some inspiration from our list.
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