Modern men's beard styles. Philips grooms online interactive campaign for its Click & Style razor, Campaign US

A complex interactive ad conceived by Ogilvy & Mather makes shaving an adventure Full shave style.

It’s hard to capture attention, especially when it comes to something as habitual as shaving. Philips turned to Oglivy & Mather with some technical support from Rapt Media on how to show its Click & Style razor is a cut above the rest in interactive campaign " Designed to Play."

Taking a page from the "Choose Your Own Adventure" book series, consumers interact with an actor who can don five possible shaving styles such as mustache, chin curtain, Van Dyke, full beard and clean shaven.

By rocking a chin curtain like Abraham Lincoln or a Van Dyke like the Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck, the viewer experiences a different story. Making additional choices extends the possibilities to 625 possible storylines.

Clean cut beard styles

Philips has agreed to renew the campaign for a second year, adding additional storylines and an option for "stubble." (Splitting hairs here, that now means 1,296 different possibilities.)

The campaign can be viewed around the globe but is centered on the European market, which means the campaign was available in four languages. (Presenting those 1,296 possibilities in four languages adds up to a dizzying 5,184 video assets.)

With that many videos, it could be hairy for Oglivy & Mather to keep track. That’s where Rapt Media comes in.

Beard styles for work

By leveraging modern web standards, the experience is entirely within the browser on all platforms — all without requiring the user to download an app. That's key for the 65 percent of viewers using an Android or iOS device.

Mobile users spent more time engaging with the campaign, spending an average amount of time of over four minutes, Rapt Media said. On average, viewers interacted with the ad three to four times.
Overall rating page: 4.3 / 5 left 766 people.

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