Beard ideas. Try One of These 7 Latest Black Mens Goatee Styles

Is there a wrong way to wear a mens goatee? Men's goatee styles.

A goatee may seem like less of a beard, but on the wrong face and the wrong personality, a goatee is much harder to pull off than a full beard.

Black men goatee styles can look pretty cool and make your personality stand out.

So, how do you end up with a great looking goatee that compliments your personal style and personality?

I’m going to go over how to shave a goatee the proper way and then give you some mens goatee pictures to give you some inspiration.

Let’s dive right in and talk goatees for black men!

What is a goatee?

Originally, a goatee was just that tuft of hair under a goats chin. Hence the name goat tee.

Now it simply means facial hair on the chin but not cheeks. It can incorporate a mustache or not, and it can cover the whole chin or simply a portion of it. In other words, what is a goatee is not a simple question to answer.

The point is that it is not a full beard.

The goatee has been around for millenia, but it really became popular in the United States by African American jazz musicians.

Best beard styles for men

Mustache and soul patch, chin curtain, and the Balbo beards all were common by the 50’s and became synonymous with jazz. This also led to some white guys that loved jazz taking on the look. The Beatnicks made it a counter cultural touchstone.

These days, guys like Idris Elba are rocking the goatee and bringing it back to the mainstream.

What is a goatee that works well for black men?

Here is a list of mens goatees with pictures to help you out.

How to Shave a Goatee

Hopefully you have gotten some inspiration from this list of black men goatee styles to decide which one you think is going to work best for you.

Decide which one you want then proceed to step two if you don’t already have a full beard that you are thinking of shaving down to a goatee.

Take a couple of weeks to get the beard to the length of the goatee that you want.

Don’t try to shape it as it grows in. First of all, it is harder to do it that way. But, also, you may not have the right beard to do it exactly how you pictured.

Let the beard come in so you can see how it grows and then you can trim it to the style you want.

Short trimmed beard styles

Take a good pair of beard trimmers and make the general outline with it. Sort of draw the goatee as you want it to look with the trimmer before shaving off the rest of the beard.

Once you are satisfied with the shape that you’re going for, then shave the rest of the beard off.

Now that you have the shape, you need to tighten it up a bit. Make sure the edges are clean and even.

Go around and get the stragglers under the lip and maybe at the tips of the mustache.

You can’t just leave it as it as it probably looks kind of messy at this point.

This is the point where you are giving the goatte some style, so take your time and really think this part through.

Even if you are thinking of growing it out long, you should still trim it with some beard trimmers at this point.

You want it to grow in evenly, so if you are planning to grow it long, set the trimmers to the longest setting that still cuts the long stragglers to set the length.

If you are not growing it out, then just trim it down to the length that you like. Start out long and work your way down the settings until you settle on the length you think looks best.

What beard style

Now that you have your goatee looking fresh and exactly how you expected it to look, you need to keep it that way. Get yourself some good beard products and use them regularly.

Wrapping it up

If after reading this guide, you still feel like you don’t know how to shave a goatee, then get to a barber and show him a picture from this list that you want. That way he can get it looking how you like it and will explain how you can keep it that way. He’ll even let you know what is a goatee that is right for you based on how your beard grows.

Pretty much you just need to follow the lines he sets out for you.

Black men goatees are not any more or less complicated to grow and maintain as any others. Though one thing that you may experience is ingrown hairs, which bother a lot of black guys so you may end up dealing with hose as your goatee grows in.

Other than that, have fun with your new look. Experiment and switch things up if you feel like a particular goatee style didn’t work for you.

Remember, you are not alone. We are here to help so if you have any questions, drop us a line below!
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