How to trim different beard styles. Different Goatee Styles

There are a variety of things to take into consideration when choosing the right goatee style for your face. You will want to choose a style that compliments your facial structure. If you have a round face, you will probably want to grow a goatee that makes your face appear slimmer. If you have a thin face, you will most likely want to choose a goatee style that makes your face look fuller. Take a look at the styles described below and choose the style that best suits you. Different goatee styles.

The grandfather of all goatee styles is "the true goat." This style is achieved by growing the hair on your chin centered or slightly past the corners of your mouth. You will shave all the hair around it from your lower lip to where your chin begins to curve out. This style usually looks best when grown bushy. One of the easiest styles of goatees to style and groom is "the classic." To achieve this classic style that is sported by actors and musicians alike, you must grow the moustache around the corners of your lips connecting it with "the true goat" part of the beard. You will shave inside the handlebars and above the lower part of the chin, leaving only a small square of hair centered directly under your lower lip. An extremely popular variation of "the classic" is "the pretty boy." The only difference between "the classic" and "the pretty boy" is a much thinner moustache and goatee.

You will shave the hair around the top of the moustache and around the sides of the handle bars to achieve a pencil thin look. The small square of hair centered under your lower lip will be a bit smaller and rectangular in appearance. This style usually looks better with dark hair. "The fuzzy biker" is yet another variation of "the classic." This is a very simple style to grow and groom. The only difference between this style and "the classic" is that you will allow all the hair in between the handlebars to grow.

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By taking a little piece of "the classic," one can achieve yet another style known as "the flavor saver." In order to achieve this popular goatee style, you will want to shave around a small square of hair centered directly under your lower lip. The only downside to this particular style of goatee is that it may make you appear to have a plug of dipping snuff in your lower lip. The likelihood that this style will produce this distasteful appearance will depend largely on how full your lips are to begin with.

Though not very popular nowadays, another goatee style is the "waxy Pierre," also called the "fancy Frenchman." This style will require you to purchase some grooming wax and twist the corners of your moustache into spikes. These spikes should curve upwards like a smile. The lengths of the spikes can very according to what looks best to you. Another style of goatee is the "landing strip" With this style you will shave around the center of your bottom lip in a strip that is centered with your nose. The thickness in which you leave the strip of hair is purely a matter of taste. The length of the hair you use to achieve this style is also a matter of taste. You can grow it bushy or keep it trimmed short and neat.

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Another variation of the above mentioned style is the "landing strip goat farm." With this style you will shave around the "landing strip" as described above, but grow the chin hair out even with the corners of your lips as you would with "the true goat." "The Standish" is yet another style of goatee that combines of a couple of the other previously mentioned styles. In order to achieve this bold pioneer look, one must grow "the classic," but shave the handle bars that connect the moustache to "the true goat." You should be sure to allow the moustache to grow slightly past the corners of your mouth. You can jazz up this style by waxing up the ends of the moustache in the same fashion that you would the "Waxy Pierre."

The most difficult style of goatee to grow is the "corn snake." This style can be combined with all the other styles with the exception of the "flavor saver." In order to achieve this ultra-cool look, one must grow the hair from the bottom of the chin long enough to braid in the center. The thickness and girth of the braid depends entirely on the length of the hair. As you can see there are a variety of goatee styles from which to choose. Make sure that you select a style that compliments your facial structure. Choose the goatee that best defines your personality. When groomed properly, a goatee can often times improve your physical appearance. A well-groomed goatee can be a true fashion statement.

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