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During the 1930’s, a stubble beard wasn’t considered an uber-cool look as it is today. It was basically a sign for others that you were down on your luck or just lazy back then. To encourage men to take care of their beard twice a day, a razor company concocted the term “five o’clock shadow’ so that men don’t appear slovenly. Designer beard styles.

These days, a stubble beard is widely accepted as a halfway house between a full-on Seasick Steve and a clean shave. Stubble is also the easiest to cultivate when you compare it to all the other facial styles available to men. It also suits most face shapes and is the easiest to maintain.

A study at the University of Northumbria found that women prefer a stubble beard style on men and Remington also did research that indicated one out of every five men feel much sexier after a few days of growth. This means that a stubble beard style might be the secret weapon you were looking for before a hot date.

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Who Does it Suit?

The stubble beard style is ideal for men with baby faces as a sprinkling of stubble can instantly provide maturity as well as a sense of ruggedness which makes it a perfect option for those that have a difficult time growing a full, thick beard.

Stubble can also transform weak jaws to look stronger and offers a great camouflage for various imperfections such as uneven pigmentation and acne scars. Kept trimmed and neat, it’s a beard style that can look good in both a bar and in the boardroom. However, it’s advisable that you maintain the length. If it’s too short it will give the impression that you merely overslept and if its too long you’ll just appear scruffy. The optimum growth for most men is around 3 to 4 days as this will cause the hair to lay flatter against your face and will not cause ‘pash rash’ either.

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How to Maintain

Although this is a low maintenance beard style, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be maintained at all. To keep it looking good, it will require frequent conditioning and trimming. To ensure your stubble remains at optimum length, we highly recommend using a beard trimmer with a 3-4 mm setting. You can either use a precision attachment or remove the guard to get rid of unwanted hair from your Adam’s apple or cheeks.

Your stubble’s patterns might be unique to your face. However, you will be able to change the shape of your face by simply contouring your stubble. The most ideal way to experiment around with proportions is to utilise the beard contouring. To make a round face look longer, we recommend taking notes from Drake and simply shave away all stubble that is situated on the lower cheek in order for your beard to appear lower. You can also graduate the length of your beard below the jawline to strengthen the jaw and soften the look.

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