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The beard has long symbolized masculinity and status, therefore, over the years of human existence, dozens of beard styles emerged that were popular at certain times. There are also universal (classic) beard styles, which, despite the trends of changeable fashion, have been and still are in the top. Scientists have proved that the stylish beard not only attracts women, but also favorably affects the health of men. Therefore, today Rafael’s Barbershop will tell you about the most fashionable beard styles in 2019. Most popular beard styles.

Facial hair styles that you can’t not fall in love with in 2019

It does not matter whether you are the owner of the stylish beard at the moment and you want to change the image, or just plan to grow up facial hair – you will certainly have to choose a specific variant from the huge list of existing beard styles. And there are a lot of options today! Of course, you can determine which form of stylish beard suits you, in the shape of your face and head, for example, or the type of skin and hair, but this article is not about this. Now we will talk about fashion beard styles that will conquer women’s hearts and men’s faces in 2019:

Full Beard. This beard style relatively recently began appearing in the world tops (despite its centuries-old existence). 2019 is the time of new products, and as we know, everything new is well forgotten old.

Stubble. Surely! One of the most beloved and sought after facial hair style among men all over the world. Putting a minimum of effort you get the maximum effect, since this beard style looks very solid and neat, while emphasizing your masculinity. And such a stylish beard is incredibly versatile, as it fits almost everyone.

Latest shaving style for man

The Goatee. A great option for those who can’t grow hair on their cheeks. This beard style looks very fresh and interesting and suits many people. For example, it will look good on thin faces with a narrow chin. If you have a round face – stylish beard Goatee will help visually pull it out.

The Beardstache. This unusual beard style is gaining more and more popularity among guys. Excellent “beach” facial hair style for those who want to keep their image in the hot summer and at the same time feel comfortable. Such stylish beard looks cool and very manly.

The Short Beard. Ideal for office workers. Neat and stylish beard that will gently embellish your look without drastically changing it.

Goatee beard styles

In conclusion, we say one thing: any beard styles will look spectacular and impressive if you take care of them properly. Quality products and your work (or the efforts of your barber) will undoubtedly give your stylish beard a healthy shine, make it obedient, soft and silky.

Get your stylish beard today!

Our TOP-5 of the most popular beard styles in 2019 approached the final. We hope, that this information was useful and you have already looked out for yourself stylish beard, which your friends, relatives and passers-by will certainly admire. Rafael’s Barbershop is always happy to help you turn the most daring ideas of beard styles into reality!
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