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Why Is My Beard Patchy?

Patchy beard growth is a perfectly natural phenomenon, albeit a rather frustrating one. Every bearded guy has patchy facial hair whether it’s noticeable or not, mainly due to his genetic makeup, and there’s nothing you can do to change this, although many have tried. Best beard shape.

How To Fix A Patchy Beard

Sorry to say, but because it’s genetic, there’s no real fix! Ultimately the secret to a well balanced appearance in the uniform growth stakes is how you deal with it rather than wishing it away (that’s never gonna work!) or deciding that the only option is to be clean shaven.

Growing a new beard comprises many stages that you have to go through before you can say ‘hey, look at me and my beautiful beard!’(if only in the mirror). And if you’re young and new to the whole facial hair experience you’ll almost certainly discover thin beard hair is a prerequisite to the manly beard you desire. Wispy, patchy, thin hair is something to get through, and as we age so our beardy bristles become denser and thicker. Don’t give up, time is on your side.

How To Fill Patchy Beard

More mature chaps growing a first or new beard can also experience frustrating times of patchiness but often these are borne of impatience, and we have to remember that it can – and will – take more than a few weeks before the new look becomes a fuller, more acceptable image within the parameters of the mane you envisaged months ago. Again it’s a case of letting time do most of the work, and remember, just because things started out patchy doesn’t mean they’re going to stay that way. Let your beard keep growing, get through those floundering and sometimes awkward stages, and as the hair grows longer so it will fill in, become denser, and appear much less patchy than it once did.

Facial beard designs

Growing out your beard is the perfect way to bring everything back into order, so that once you have enough length to make a trim wholly worthwhile, you can trim it all back to the same length, which will surely help to cover those more sparse areas.

Patchy Beard Styles

Once your beard is in full swing, of course there are strategies to minimize the effects of a sparse beard. So here we come to patchy beard fixes and thin beard styles, and by choosing to go with a structured design that either hides or illuminates those areas that let you down, you can manage the way your beard is presented and disguise the parts you’re less satisfied with. Use the positively consistent growth to your advantage by styling and grooming it to make it your best feature; be proud of what you’ve got and choose a style that helps to define those great areas while limiting the effect of the not-so-wonderful parts. The best way to fix a patchy beard is to be attuned to its pro’s and con’s, and then go with it! Clippers and beard trimmers are you friends, helping you to regularize the length of the hair and organize it into a style that suits you and what you’ve got.

Thin Beard Styles

If you’re faced with a general thinness and uneven growth all over but still want to rock a bearded look, go for short! A longer stubble or slightly scruffy look can disguise the problems you’re having and give you a unique physiognomy that lessens the erratic nature of your facial hair. An analogy of this is the shaved head of a mostly bald man, where the baldness is neatly effective by removing the remaining longer hairs which otherwise would scream at you, shouting ‘Look, this guy is bald but thinks we don’t notice!’

Different styles of beared

Patchy Beard Before And After

Once you’ve discovered the style that suits you and your patchiness best, remember to treat it well. Love it and look after it, and help it along by treating it to the best natural products to maintain its health and awesomeness. Good washes and oils go a long way to taking away the detrimental effects of a less than perfect mane!

Rock What You’ve Got!

It’s easy to become self conscious of patchy beard growth. However, it’s often the case that you’ll be far more aware of it than those around you are. Because it bothers you you’ll be attuned to the shortcomings you see in the mirror, but get out there and embrace all a beard has to offer with confidence, and don’t stress about what you can’t change!


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