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Valhalla Beard Care inc.

Valhalla Beard Care inc. was born in the mind and heart of Lee Dubois. Unique beard styles.

In 2016 I decided to grow my first beard. After a couple months I said to myself, "if I'm going to have a beard I should have a beard style. So I researched beard styles.During my search I discovered an entire culture surrounding beard ownership. There were clubs, brotherhoods and supporters around the world along with a huge marketplace with many brands and suppliers.

From there I researched the male grooming industry and discovered that year over year since 2014 the industry had grown worldwide on an average of 9% per year.

At that point I thought that this would be a great small business to have as an extra source of income. That began my over a year of extremely challenging work and about $100,000 I can confidently say that I am ready to take part in the handcrafted beard care industry.

I have worked diligently experimenting and defining my own line of beard care products and although maintaining some of the proven favorite scents that I have observed from many sources, I have stepped outside the box and blended my own unique line of beard oils, beard balms, shampoo and conditioner, lotions, and lip balms. Several of these are outstanding and have re energized my passion.

The brand and the logo were an arduous discovery. I know I wanted to be unique yet have a strong tie to the male image. I realized and adopted from my mothers side of the family, the Viking persona. She is of Swedish and Norwegian blood and I was convinced it would be a great fit. I was drawn to the image of the raven from the legends surrounding Odin but wanted to add something a bit more to create an identifiable and unique logo. I added a version of Thor's Hammer and a Celtic knot pattern. I chose a color pattern that was bold and eye catching. From there it just snowballed. My logo jumps off the page.

Behind every blend of beard oil I have added a bit of a description of the source of the inspiration to assist customers in choosing a blend to align themselves with.

Short chin beard

We produce the highest quality beard care products made from All Natural and Organic ingredients sourced from around the world.

At Valhalla Beard Care we offer the finest original and unique blends along with some of the traditional favorites with a twist.

Our products enhance the quality of fine, medium and coarse beards. We also ensure that we use only the highest quality organic carrier oils to nourish both your beard and the sensitive skin beneath.

Canadian Winter tested on beards in the construction industry. Tested and approved by world beard champions from many climates and regions of the globe.

Your well groomed and undeniably cared for beard will catch every discerning eye.

A confident and self respecting man cares for himself and his appearance. It makes sense to use the highest quality products available.

Model beard styles

Are you ready to be noticed?

Raising The Bar

We have adopted the policy to "Raise The Bar" in the Professional Beard Care Industry.

It's our firm commitment to excel in product quality by using only the highest grade of organic ingredients available and provide the highest level of personal customer service.

The Beard Care Industry has reached a stagnant point and needs a Fresh Approach. Too much of the same old thing done to death by so many.

At Valhalla Beard Care we have taken our core values and traditional roots and added our own twist to blending new and unique scents to create inspirational combinations of essential and fragrance oils.

Reaching Around The World

Nowadays the world can come to us.

Men's facial beard styles

Our reach around the world is enhanced exclusively by social media.

We have loyal brand ambassadors and customers on every continent. Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, France, Germany, USA, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Mexico, Italy.....

Every person who has tried our products states they are the finest they have ever tried.

Credit goes to our special blend of organic carrier oils and unique scent combinations. They are like no other. Valhalla Beard Care - Premium beard oils and beard balms
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