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Most men like having stylish beards and a goatee is one of the ways someone can achieve this stylish, new look. However, growing and grooming a goatee actually takes a little attention and even requires much practice coupled with confidence. There are different types of goatee styles which include; a traditional-goatee which is limited to the hair under the chin, a Van Dyke goatee which features a disconnected mustache and circle-beard which is actually a goatee that is connected to a mustache. Overall, all these goatee styles and in fact, you will look unique and confident with whichever style you choose. Below are some of the steps and tips that you can use in case you want to grow a goatee: Goatee facial hair.

STOP SHAVING: if you really wish to grow a goatee, then you must stop shaving in order to let the facial-hair around the mouth and below the nose grow-out. After some days or weeks, you will be able to notice how and where the facial-hair grows and whether you have the ability to grow a goatee or not. But is in case you can actually have goatee, then you should pick from the 3 goatee styles until you find a style that suits you.

VISUALIZE THE FACE WITH A GOATEE: in this step, you need to visualize your face with a goatee and even think about the possible goatee shapes and lengths. You can do this by simply carrying out some research in magazines or websites that feature goatee styles or variations that you may want to experiment on your face. In fact, it’s recommended to decide whether you want a goatee-style, Van Dyke beard-style or circle beard style. This is mainly because you need to be specific with the goatee style that you actually want to try-out so that you don’t mess-up when creating one.

SHAPE AND STYLE YOUR GOATEE: This is actually a difficult step that requires some skill and in case you’re going to shape the goatee yourself. Then try to keep some of the guidelines featured below in mind.

When styling a goatee, approach the edges very slowly and carefully because a goatee is not supposed to extend past the smile lines of the face for best results.

Make sure that both sides of a goatee are matching symmetrically no matter what style of goatee you are shaping. However, this not that easy to achieve and it requires some skill and patience while doing it.

It’s best to use a manual razor while styling your goatee because you can easily shape the sides of your goatee and cleanly with a razor that with an electric clipper or shaver. In fact, if you decide to use an electric-shaver, it will be a bit hard for you to keep your goatee neat.


Always move the razor or clipper in all directions while styling your goatee because hair also grows in different directions.

Try to keep your goatee well-defined by simply shaving a little between the nose and mustache in case you notice that hair is growing-out of your nostrils. Additionally, you should even try to make sharp corners at the jaw-line in order to achieve a more defined look.

KEEP YOUR GOATEE NEAT: stubble can actually look cool by itself but it will tend to look messy and unattractive when next to a goatee. This implies that you should try to keep the rest of the face cleanly shaved and even take some time to trim and style the actual goatee. You can look for someone skilled at trimming and styling goatees so that you can let them groom your goatee for at least once in a week in order maintain a sharp look.

KEEP THE GOATEE CLEAN: it’s recommended to keep your goatee clean by simply washing it on a regular basis with a shampoo and conditioner. You must clean your goatee because at times food can get lodged into your beard while eating and this can actually affect your goatee style making you look unattractive and messy.

Try to experiment with various looks or styles of goatees in order to find out a goatee style that suits your face face-shape and hair texture. In fact there are 3 major styles of goatees that you can pick from to see what you.

When using an electric-shaver, ensure that your goatee is symmetrical and neat. In fact, most electric-trimmers have built-in length selector that will enables the user to select the hair-length of his choice rather than guessing with a razor or pair of scissors.

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Although the thickness of the goatee usually depends on your genetics, there are several things or solutions that you can tryout to enhance the thickness and appearance of your goatee or beard. These are usually hair-products that specially designed to enhance the thickness of the beard.

If the beard is full and you actually need to style the inside edges like under the lower-lip while using a hair-trimmer, then use the narrow blades because they are more flexible when trimming and styling such areas.

In case your goatee happens to turn gray and you don’t like it, then consider dyeing beards but its recommended to use a professional when it comes doing this.

A goatee often matches perfectly with sideburns for a more defined and amazing look. However, make sure that your sideburns don’t extend past the earlobes in order to bring out a perfect look.

Lastly, trimming the section of a goatee where the chin meets the neck can be a bit difficult. So it’s recommended to position your mirror below the head and then pull the chin into your neck in order to get a better knowledge on that mustache area should be styled.


In case you poorly dye your beard or goatee, it will look very terrible than gray hair. So it’s always recommended to use a hair professional when it comes to dyeing your goatee for best results.

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As hair grows, it also comes with oil that may to zits in your goatee. This means that you should regularly wash your goatee while washing your face to prevent this from happening.

Lastly, when growing a beard, mustache or goatee, your face tends to itch at some point. this will make you look strange because you will scratching your beard all the time hence you should be prepared to Persevere with the discomfort around the face while growing facial-hair.
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