Grooming facial hair styles. Sheen Magazine Celebrity Barber Travis Myers Shares Success Story, Funny Moments in The Barbers’ Chair, Tips for Men on How to Achieve that Desired Beard!

Celebrity Barber Travis Myers Shares Success Story, Funny Moments in The Barbers’ Chair, & Tips for Men on How to Achieve that Desired Beard! Clean beard styles.

Travis Myers is a master barber who has been cutting hair for fifteen years and counting. From the moment he picked up his first pair of clippers he knew that he would play a major role in instilling what people needed to feel good about their appearance.

Travis is highly skilled in providing precision haircuts, shaves, trimming and custom hair units.

In 2018 Travis opened his first Barbershop, “Basic Celebrity Barbershop” in South Plainfield, NJ where he inspires and leads a team of barbers.

His unique personality and professionalism have helped him acquire a diverse clientele.

“As a master barber, working with hair is not just a job but it’s an art. Clients trust me to help bring forth their vision of personal and physical expression. I don’t sell haircuts, I’m a contributor to a culture and a personal story that people share. The history of barbering shares how significant barbers were back in the day. The barber used to be the surgeon in the community, they were the “go-to” on helping people. While the scope of barbering has changed (no longer perform surgical procedures etc.) the art of helping people remains the same. As an artist and visionary, I’m here to push the culture forward through my art by providing haircuts and custom units that contribute to an individual’s confidence and unique expression.” -Travis Myers

Myers has cut and groomed Celebrity clients to name a few like Raheem DeVaughn, Lil Duval, 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, Desiigner, DeRay Davis, Asap Rocky, Frank Ocean, and has served as the barber for popular shows such as MTV’s Wild N’ Out, VH1’s Hip Hop Squares, BET, and even graced the set of Reebok commercials!

Recently we had the pleasure of speaking at Dove’s Men & Care event during Essence Festival weekend and he shared with me some helpful tips for men and much more!

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What has been the most rewarding part of your career?

The most rewarding part of my career has been seeing my work on different platforms around the world.

What advice do you have for men struggling to grow a beard? Any product suggestions?

Men should take care of their beard just as they take care of the hair on their head. Shampoo/ Condition, groom and trim their beard. It’s also helpful to comb your beard. I am personally a fan of “Maestros” beard products as well as “Jimmys” beard products.

What’re the best products to use to get rid of razor bumps and do you even recommend shaving with razors?

Honestly, I like to take care of razor bumps by properly taking care of the skin first. I provide my clients with hot towel and steam services to open their pores and properly clean and sanitize. I would recommend raw vitamin E oil or raw tea tree oil, or products that contain them. As well as cleansing your skin with a natural astringent. I do recommend shaving for that clean, natural look. But honestly, everybody’s skin can’t handle a razor shave. Also if you do use the razor, you have to use it properly and follow techniques and growth patterns that can be different for each individual.

What advice do you have for barbers looking to work with celebrities?

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Don’t ever sell yourself short just to say you work with celebrities. Keep grinding and just be the best at what you do and your greatness will outshine it all.

What are some of the styles and techniques have you been trained to do? Any man weaves?

I have been trained in doing scissor over comb techniques and coloring. I have been trained to do man weaves as well.

Name one funny moment in the chair. Who was it with & what happened?

The first time I cut DeRay Davis’ hair we were on set and I think it was the first time I cut hair in that element. As I’m cutting his hair, Kevin Hart came out of nowhere and started joking on him getting a haircut and then he started joking on me. We turned and looked at each other and started to team up on him. We lost but it was a funny and a surreal moment in my career.

When did you first start cutting hair and what made you decide this was the career move for you?

I started cutting hair in February 2003, for maybe a year or two before that I use to flirt with the idea as I would shape myself up or my little brother and other family members. I took the step when I lost direction in life and realized that I had to do something with myself other than “working”. So I prayed a lot on just God giving me direction and he led me to the clippers.

Different beard styles 2016

What upcoming projects are you working on or will you be part of?

I have a few things in the works, we are currently gearing up to shoot Season 15 for MTV’s Wild N’ Out.

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