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Triple Play

The Triple Play Trimmer is a completely new concept of a shaver for the Wahl company, which has already got positive feedback from many users. It's a great deal for those individuals who want to get the most out of their money. Stubble beard.

This is an advanced home grooming kit that deftly combines a full-size shaver, trimmer, and detailer all in one. This is achieved due to the generous set which includes different attachments:

Rotary shaver is the star of the show here. Three flex and float rotary shavers precisely conform to each contour of your face and neck to provide an ultra-clean, smooth finish. W ith comfort and no pulling.

Standard trimmer. As it is usually the case, this attachment can be used for trimming a beard, stubble, necklines and other parts of the body.

Precision trimmer works for personal detailed trimming of ears, nose, and eyebrows.

Additionally, the set includes an adjustable comb attachment and three beard comb attachments allowing you to choose the c utting length anywhere between 0.2mm and 12 mm.

Improved Battery

The Triple Play shaver is also revolutionary in its Lithium Ion battery. Made with the latest battery, it doubles the power and offers twice longer runtime compared to standard rechargeable trimmers. Plus, the full charge of the battery takes considerably shorter time - just 60 minutes. That means you will use more and charge less.

In case you forget to charge the buzzer in advance and get caught short in one of those busy days, you can benefit from a quick charge option. And again, whereas other Wahl products (and other big names) usually offer a five-minute quick charge, just three minutes will be enough for this revolutionary shaver.

As far as extras are concerned, the box includes a handy storage/charge base, travel case, cleaning brush, blade oil, shaver cap, and instructions in addition to the aforementioned head attachments and combs.

In sum, this comprehensive set will be an ideal option for people that cherish space and performance the most. It can substitute several grooming tools without sacrificing performance. The best option if you want to get the most out of your money.

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Retro Shaver

The Wahl Finale 5 Star Series is the ultimate finishing tool. Being extremely stylish and functional, this shaver is a great offering for those who crave for professional results.

The first thing that is likely to attract your attention is the unique body of the shaver which gives the razor a retro hint and makes it look like it was designed in the 1950s or 1960s rather than in the third millennium. It has a sleek black rectangular casing with a large black on/off button only, making the unit very easy to use.

New hair and beard style 2016

Belonging to the professional line of products, this Wahl razor delivers a super-close shave. It guarantees unrivalled precision and is able to hug your face or head tightly so that you can shave it without missing a hair. Actually, this model has the closest feel to an actual razor c ompared to other electric shavers you may come across on the market.

Not Just for Face

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Trim, Shave, Edge

The next product under review is actually not a shaver but a fully-fledged beard and stubble trimmer that is capable of trimming shaving, and edging.

At the first stage of the grooming process, you can trim your short stubble or maintain a longer beard thanks to 12 guide combs that come with the purchase. This variety of beard clippers provide cutting lengths from 0.2 up to 25mm.

At the next stage, you can shave your face with confidence as the Aqua Blade delivers a close shave yet doesn't cause irritation. We would like to emphasize that the blade doesn't provide ultra-clean shave but gets much closer than standard trimmers. The blade is made from stainless steel and is likely to last the lifetime of the trimmer. It's fairly wide and ensures more coverage and fewer passes.

Finally, you can create crisp lines and edge with the T-Blade. This is a super-precise blade that cuts 60% closer for the sharpest stubble lines.

Ultra-long Runtime

Another perk of the Aqua Blade is that it's fully washable and accordingly suitable for wet/dry use. Besides the benefits of luxurious shaving with cream or lotion, you'll get peace of mind knowing that water or steam in your bathroom won't harm the shaver. Also, the waterproof design makes the unit easy to clean. You can simply rinse out the blade under the tap.

Moving on, we would like to say a few words about the incredible battery life of this device. The Lithium Ion technology provides up to 180 minutes run time after just a 60-minute charge. If you wish, you can give a quick 5-minute charge for 15 minutes of continuous use.

Last but not least is the set. The rimmer comes with pretty much everything you would want in the box - a standard power cable, instructions, a wide variety of guards, and cleaning/maintenance materials including a brush, blade oil, and a stand. The unit is also supplied with a handy case that is large enough to hold the cutter and all the guards (but not the charger).

All things considered, it's a perfectly versatile unit for those who wear a beard one day and a sexy 6 o'clock shadow the next day. Since it comes with a huge variety of combs, you'll be able to experiment with your style as you wish.

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Good Value

The Wahl LifeProof shaver is a well-balanced product that offers one of the best price/quality ratios. For just £40, it provides as close a shave as its more expensive rivals. With a split foil pattern and flex foils, it optimises hair feeding and moves with your hand to deliver you a more comfortable shave.

The razor in question is very gentle on any skin type and works amazingly well on stubble-length hair. Yet, a foil screen seems a bit too delicate and unable to cope with 3-4 days' stubble growth. However, it's not a big issue and can be solved easily. Just shave carefully and make a habit of trimming daily. The results will please you and the shaver will reliably work for years to come.

Short beard look

The LifeProof razor fits nicely in hand and has ergonomic non-slip rubber grips which make it convenient to hold even in wet hands. It's a quite nice addition as the unit is waterproof to 1 metre and can be used in the shower for grooming your face, neck or shoulder hair. That is to say, t he foil shaving mechanism works beautifully on wet skin. And if you add some shaving cream or gel, the ultra-smooth results are guaranteed.

Vitrually Indestructible

Additional Info

Bump-free Shaving

When it comes to super-gentle electric shavers, the Wahl 7339 bump-free shaver is definitely among top picks. Knowing that many men suffer from pseudofolliculitis barber (razor bumps), the manufacturer has specifically created the razor to address this problem. So, the Wahl 7339 offers the following effective solutions:

For one, the razor maintains your hair as even and short as possible. For two, it boasts excellent antibacterial properties. And for three, it keeps down allergic reactions with its hypoallergenic titanium foils, the hallmark of this shaver.

Though there's one downside to that - the foils are capable of shaving very close, almost as close as a razor shave. That's why we would recommend using only a light touch when shaving sensitive areas. Also, it's better to moisturise your skin after each use in order to avoid irritation.

Best for Short Hairs

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What Is a Wahl Electric Razor?

Wahl Clipper is the number one brand of grooming tools in America. With almost 100 years of successful experience, the company distributes hair clippers, trimmers, electric shavers, and other personal care devices all over the world. Everything about their products screams high quality and advanced technology, and that’s the reason why professionals widely use Wahl products. So, if you want to join the army of Wahl’s admirers, we kindly offer you to read our review on the best Wahl electric razors. They come in different designs and styles yet they all do the job flawlessly. They gently remove facial hair for super smooth results.

However, if you grow a beard or wear a perfect 5 o'clock shadow from time to time, a beard trimmer is another must-have device for you. Although almost all Wahl shavers are fitted with pop-up trimmers for small jobs, it’s still sensible to have a professional device with numerous attachments in your household.

What Features to Compare

First off, you should decide which type of an electric razor you really need. There are two types of electric razors - rotary and foil devices. Rotary shavers work thanks to the rotating circulation blades that are located in shaving heads (generally, there are three of them). This type of shaver works best for thick and long hair. They can remove even 3-4 days’ growth. As for foil shavers, they use vibrating blades that are hidden under the foil head covers. They are considered a bit safer and gentler yet they are not that powerful compared to rotary devices. You might need to put in an extra effort to manage long bristles. Wahl is particularly famous for its foil shavers, as they are considered one of the best on the global market.


Also, you need to consider design of a cordless razor. As a rule of thumb - the thinner the shaver the smoother the results. Models with small heads can follow your facial contours more precisely and more comfortably. Yet, you might need to make more passes for a clean shave. The other thing to pay attention to is the floating shaver heads. Razors with floating heads definitely provide a safer shave.

Design Peculiarities

Another parameter worth your attention is the waterproofness of the device. For example, if a shaver is waterproof to some degree, you’ll be able to shave in your shower using your favourite shaving foam or gel. An ergonomic design with comfortable grips will make the shaving process (especially in the shower) much easier. Rubber inserts enable you to reliably hold the razor, even with wet hands.

Additionally, some shavers come with extra attachments for various grooming jobs. For example, a pop-up trimmer can make grooming beards or sideburns much easier.


The last but not the least, you need to turn your attention to additional options a Wahl electric razor has. Some models have a LED battery indicator informing you about how much battery charge has remained. This way, you’ll always know when to recharge the battery.

Medium beard styles 2016

Did you know?

How Much Hair?

Unbelievable, an average man has from 10,000 to 15,000 hair follicles on his face. However, they are not all active at this very moment.

A Popular Myth

Probably you have heard that hair is believed to grow faster or become thicker if you shave it every day. Myth! Hair growth, as well as thickness, is completely controlled by your genes.

The Ancient History of Shaving

Men have been shaving long before the common era. The 5000+ old drawings depict men using such tools as flint, shark teeth, and clam shells for shaving. The very first real analogues of razors were made of copper and solid gold. Such "razors" were found in Egyptian tombs of the 4th millennium B.C. Egyptians (both men and women) used to shave their facial hair as well as heads. Being hairless was the best way for them to stay cool and clean. Specially-designed wigs protected their heads from the direct sun rather than natural hair. People used to believe that those wigs also protected them from illnesses.

How Many Strokes?

If you used to shave with a manual razor, you were likely to take about 150 strokes per one shave. Of course, with sophisticated Wahl electric razors, you’ll need to make fewer passes.

A Great Alternative

Electric shavers are a great alternative to a manual razor not only because of its higher performance but because of better hygiene as well. Most people improperly store their razor blades, which might even lead to skin infections. They often use blades that are past its “expiration date”, or, which is worse, leave them in the shower where blades virtually magnetise bacteria.

For Military Purposes

Did you know that soldiers were required to be cleanly shaven during World War I and World War II? The roots of this tradition go back to 330 B.C. when Alexander the Great forced his troops to shave. He believed that clean shave could prevent enemies from grabbing his soldiers by the beard during hand-to-hand combats.

The First Replaceable Razor

In 1895 King Camp Gillette, a travelling salesman, found out that the edge of his razor had dulled, and the idea of a disposable blade came to his mind. Later on, he made the idea into a reality and created the first straight razor with a double-edged blade that could be used until it became dull and then had to be discarded. The mass production of the Gillette razor began in 1903.

The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Razors

Although women’s and men’s razors look almost identical, they are different indeed. First off, women’s razors have a more rounded head and extra protection around the blades. They also have different ‘guide bars’ that help get longer hairs in the right position. Finally, they do not have an oblique angle typical of men's blades, and have a slightly different form of handles allowing girls to hold them so that they can see the area they shave better.

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