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Ultimate in masculinity for all times, beard styles can vary from light to heavy stubble to classic full style. They are a strong fashion a statement for men of all ages. In ancient times, beards were only worn by older men. Having a beard was a way to portray maturity and wisdom. The trend has come to stay, more enduring than other times. Now, we see younger men with beards. They said men with beards are more attractive, so there you have it, we are not entirely sure that is true, but we like it anyway. Professional beard styles.

Beard Styles

There are many beard styles to choose from, and our main goal is to assist you in finding the correct one for the shape of your face, to highlight certain facial features.

If you are planing to change your look and you want a beard or goatee, the first step is to let your hair grow freely for 1 to 2 weeks or a bit longer, then choose your style, based on the shape of your face, skin tone, and hair color contrast. Once you have sufficient hair we will trim it and define it for you. After, will recommend the use of a facial wash or scrub to remove dead skin from underneath the beard. We recommend the use of moisturizer to keep the underlying skin young and healthy.

Short beard styles for young men

Lets face it, beards are in but one that is not properly maintained can distract from looking your best. Just like having a well styled haircut, a well groomed beard can make a big difference in the way you look.

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Different beards

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New beard style
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