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Braun MGK3020 Multi Grooming Kit

The Braun MGK3020 multi grooming kit lets you trim your beard and head using a single device, thanks to its wide array of accessories and attachments. With 13 precision length settings, graded in 2mm steps, and hair clipper comb make even big jobs easy, while the nose and ear trimmer attachment allow you to safely and easily trim hard to reach and unwanted facial hair. Stubble beard styles.

The ultra sharp stainless steel blades will last a lifetime; you will get the same high quality trim even after years of regular use.

There’s a nice, visible LED indicator light to identify how much charge the device has left, and the bright LED warns when it is time to plug in and start charging. Unfortunately, charging and charge time are not great, unless you’re happy with overnight charging. You will need to charge the Braun multi grooming kit for 10 hours in order to enjoy just 40 minutes of precision cutting.

This is a great device, and its low price point make this a great choice for those that are looking for a multi-purpose trimming tool on a budget. The fact that it is made by Braun, one of the biggest names in the shaver and clipper industry, is an added bonus too.

+ A great budget option for very little money

+ Trims beard, head, nose, and ear hair

+ Head and comb can be washed under the tap

Avantek Cordless Beard Trimmer DT-001

This is another cheap beard trimmer that offers all-round quality, but is somewhat lacking in precision trimming options. The Avantek cordless beard trimmer is cordless, so is convenient enough, as well as affordable enough, to be bought as your travelling trimmers. It also has a USB charger, so you can use any of the USB plugs that you have laying around the house, although do note that the USB lead is specific to this trimmer, so while you can use any USB plug, you will have to buy a replacement lead if yours breaks.

There are 5 adjustable length settings and a further 4 comb attachments so you can trim to any length between 0.8mm and 9mm. The ceramic blades are, according to Avantek, made to last longer than blades in other trimmers, although that remains to be seen.

The low price tag and the fact that these beard trimmers double up as hair clippers makes these a very convenient option. They are lightweight, and can be charged using your laptop or other USB enabled device, so they are also ideal for travelling and taking with you.

+ Multipurpose clippers that can be used to cut your hair too

+ USB charger is convenient

– USB cord is not universal

– Not as many length options as with other trimmers

Sminiker 5 In 1 Men’s Grooming Kit

The Sminikier 5 in 1 men’s grooming kit contains all the accessories and attachments that you need in order to be able to trim your hair, beard, moustache, nose hair and ear hair. The hair clipping comb offers 4 different settings between 3mm and 12mm, although trimmer length settings are limited for shorter beards. You won’t be able to achieve the stubble look, so if that’s what you’re aiming to achieve then you should consider a different set.

Although the grooming kit is convenient, because it combines the features of beard trimmer and hair trimmer, it is not a good choice if you are looking for a kit to travel with. The Sminiker grooming kit charges via cradle, which means that it takes up a lot more space in your hand luggage.

The kit is waterproof, which is great for easy cleaning, but while it does come with a charging and storage stand, there have been reports of this being too flimsy and it becoming easily damaged.

Overall, this is a decent product at a fraction of the price of some of the more expensive options. It does have its drawbacks, but if you’re looking for a cheap trimmer for home use, and you want to trim something longer than basic stubble, this could be a useful tool for combining beard and hair shaving.

+ Designed for head and beard hair

+ Includes stand to keep everything in one place

– Stand has been reported as being flimsy

– Not great for stubble lengths

Panasonic ER-GB40 Trimmer

The Panasonic ER-GB40 trimmer is a good looking, adjustable beard trimmer. It is will built and robust, as you would expect from a brand like Panasonic. It has rubber hand grips, which are really convenient if you’ve got wet hands, for example after just getting out of the shower or washing your beard ready for trimming. It seems such a simple idea, but it is sorely lacking in a lot of trimmers.

The adjustable trimmer can cut at lengths ranging from 1mm to 10mm, which is a good range, although if you do have an ultra thick and bushy beard, you may still want to look elsewhere. The blades are good quality, but do need regular lubrication. Not only is the trimmer waterproof, but Panasonic has added little holes under the head, so water flows through easily and efficiently. Another great touch that you won’t find on all sets of trimmers.

Despite having some good features, though, the Panasonic ER-GB40 beard trimmer isn’t perfect. You will need to invest in trimmer oil. Regularly. And, if you aren’t the type of person that is regimented when it comes to charging their trimmer, then you will be left without a functioning trimmer because it takes a whopping 15 hours to fully charge this trimmer.

The Panasonic beard trimmer has its flaws, and we especially dislike the 15 hour charge time, but it is a great trimmer. There are better models for those with especially long beards, but if you want a decent trimming machine and you will remember to charge it every night, then this is a very solid purchase indeed.

+ Waterproof, and has holes to allow water to flow through as you clean

+ Good quality trimmer from a reputable brand that is great for short beards

– Men with longer beards will need a different trimmer

– 15 hour charging time is excessive

Gillette Fusion ProGlider

Gillette Fusion ProGlider 3-in-1 men’s body groomer is a combination of ProGlide razor and electric beard trimmer. It is really cheap, and it will be loved by regular Gillette users that want to maintain a short beard style, like a chin strap or goatee, although it may be considered excessive and even a little bulky just for stubble or for a clean shave and tidy side burns.

Full shave style

One feature of the Fusion which may divide opinion is that of power source. There is no cord, which is great, but it also means that it can’t be charged. It runs on a single AA battery, and users have reviewed that a single battery lasts them for a good number of shaves, but you will have to ensure that you have backup batteries, otherwise you could find yourself with no shaver half way through a trim.

The Fusion is entirely waterproof, so you can take it and use it in the shower; another good reason that it isn’t a rechargeable model. It also has a rubberised grip, which is a feature that is not found on every model, including some of the most expensive clippers.

While the Gillette Fusion might be bulkier than a standard razor, it is a great option for travelling because it is much smaller than a lot of trimmers and you don’t even need to carry a charging cable with you.

+ Rubberised handles are great for grip

+ Fully and totally waterproof – can be used in the shower

– Doesn’t need charging – works on a single AA battery

– Very mobile so ideal as a travelling trimming companion

Philips Series 9000 Laser Guided Beard Trimmer

If you’re looking for the ultimate feature that virtually guarantees appeal to men, then laser guided is surely it. The laser is a useful addition, but we suspect it is also partially to blame for some of the price. While there are more expensive models out there, this one does border on the expensive side. However, you do get a lot of other decent features for the money, so it is worth it if you’re serious about keeping your facial mane in check.

First, we should cover the laser. Once deployed, it shines a red light onto your face, so that you can see precisely where the trimmer is going to be cutting. If you need sculpted lines and precise cuts, then this is a really useful feature. Otherwise, you are likely to consider it unnecessary.

The 9000 series beard trimmer can be used to trim hair on the head and body, as well as beard and moustache hair. It has a good range of length settings from 0.4mm to 7mm, although the 7mm setting is nowhere near long enough for longer beards. We also like the fact that you can turn the blade over for a narrower detail trimmer head.

+ The laser guide is great for sculpting facial hair

+ Double head offers quick shaving and detail shaving options

+ Fully waterproof so really easy to clean

– Not the best option for long beards

Babyliss Precision Beard Trimmer For Men

The Babyliss precision beard trimmer for men is the cheapest beard trimmer in our list and, despite this, it is a really very good quality trimmer. It has the build quality you would expect from a big brand like Babyliss. Its only real drawback is the fact that it is battery operated, so you will have to keep investing in new batteries or buy a charger and rechargeable batteries. However, this itself is useful if you are looking for a travelling kit because you don’t need to pack docks, stands, or even charger cables.

There are three blending combs and you get a reasonable range of trims, although it isn’t that surprising to hear that you will need to look elsewhere for longer beards or if you want a very close shave. The combs can be removed and washed, but you will need to use the included brush to keep the trimmers completely free of leftover hair.

The company claims that their trimmer does not need oiling if used regularly, but you will have to buy some lubricating oil, or use WD40, if you do not use the trimmers regularly.

Considering the price point, it is surprising that you receive a storage stand, which means that you can conveniently keep the combs and the trimmer in one place without losing them. Considering the price, it is very difficult to knock these trimmers. They are cheap but they do a surprisingly effective job.

+ Surprisingly good build quality for the price

+ Includes a storage stand

– Battery operated, and not rechargeable

– No battery life indicator

Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman

The Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman is a cordless trimmer with combs that range from 1.5mm to 13mm so it will work for everything from short stubble to medium longer beard. The combs are easy to clean; simply brush excess hair away and wash the attachments that you used. The blades that are included are high carbon steel, highly durable blades that are built to last.

The set is reliable and durable according to reviews from long time users. It is also a rechargeable model, and a single charge will last for a good hour, so more than enough to tackle even the most stubborn and extensive of beards. The cordless Groomsman Wahl 9916-1117 beard trimmer is also useful as a travel trimmer, but don’t expect much use from the included storage stand. It barely contains the accessories that are included, and it feels flimsy, unlike the rest of the trimmer. It’s a shame about the storage stand, but, overall, the Groomsman is a great piece of beard trimming kit for not a lot of money.

+ The Wahl beard trimmer has high carbon steel blades that last for years

+ Good range of trimming lengths from 1.5mm to 13mm

+ You get a decent amount of shaving time from a single charge

– The storage stand is next to useless

Philips Series 7000 Beard And Stubble Trimmer

The Philips 7000 beard trimmer is a high quality piece of kit that is designed to handle both shaving and beard trimming. This combination means that it is more expensive than most of the other models, but is also one of the most convenient and best beard trimmers we’ve seen. It even makes a really good job of vacuuming the hair up itself.

Trimming lengths start at 0.5mm, which is a really good starting point. There is a total of 20 different length settings, right up to 10mm. To be honest, there are trimmers with longer settings, so if you have a long beard you will need to look at a different set of trimmers, or master the comb and trimmer method.

Facial hair styles

The rechargeable Philips beard trimmer can be used corded or cordless, takes around an hour to charge, and gives an hour of use once charged. All in all, it is difficult to fault the 7000 series; if we were getting picky, the charge time could be longer, and so too could the longest beard setting.

+ Use it corded or cordless

+ Minimum 0.5mm trimming setting

– 1 hour battery time could be better

Babyliss 7235U Grooming System

The Babyliss 7235U grooming system claims to be a 10-in-1 male grooming system, although we’re not entirely sure what the 10 things are that can be trimmed. However, you can trim ear and nose hair, head hair, beard and moustache, and body hair, using the array of attachments and settings that make this a great all round grooming tool.

There is an included foil shaver head, which offers a reasonably close shave. You will never get as close a shave from a trimmer as you will from a dedicated electric razor, but this does a good job if you don’t need a perfect, close shave.

There’s also a special attachment for trimming body hair too. You get a storage stand, which could definitely be better but certainly isn’t the worst of these. It does take quite some time to charge, and you only get around half an hour of use once it is fully charged; again these could be improved, especially because you are paying a little more for this than you would for one of the budget options. All in all, though, this is a useful multi-grooming tool that is worth the investment.

+ 10-in-1 grooming tool, apparently

– Storage tray could be improved

How To Clean A Beard Trimmer

Even the best beard trimmer needs regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to cut and trim properly. A poorly maintained trimmer will snag and pull, rather than cut cleanly. If you notice that your trimmer is not working as well as it once did, or it is making a rattling noise, it is definitely time to perform some routine maintenance, but ideally you should keep your trimmers in the best possible condition. They are easier to clean, the better you maintain them.

Good beard trimmers include some cleaning equipment. This might be as simple as a small brush designed for brushing excess hair away from the blades, or it could incorporate oil and other accessories. Read your instruction booklet to see what the manufacturer recommends, and follow these simple steps.

Beard trimmers are small machines with mechanically operated, working parts. These parts need maintenance and lubrication, which is why some manufacturers provide a small bottle of oil.

Remove any excess hair from the trimmers, paying particular attention to the blades and the blade guard. If possible, remove the guard and brush the extra hairs away. Run the trimmer for a few seconds to dislodge any extra debris and then give it another brush. If there are awkward crevices, which there usually are, then use a cotton swab to get into these areas quickly and easily.

Once the hair is cleaned away, you can oil the working parts. Ensure that the trimmer is turned off, and add 1 or 2 drops to the blades. You can use vegetable or olive oil, or even WD40, if you do not have any trimmer oil. Do not use too much oil, or this can have a detrimental effect on the trimmers.

Some trimmers are washable. This means that you can run them under the tap, which will aid in the removal of excess beard hairs. If yours does not explicitly state that it is washable, then do not run your trimmer under the tap or it will become badly damaged.

Consider removing the extra hair every time you use your trimmers. There is no need to oil them this often. Apply some of your trimmer oil once every few weeks; more often if you have a long beard and shave regularly.

How To Use A Beard Trimmer

The best trimming technique will depend on the style of beard that you are aiming for, but you should generally trim down to the length that you want. Start with a longer guard than you want, trim your beard down, and then move to a lower guard.

You should shave up against the grain. Beard hair grows out from the face and then down so you should shave up from the bottom of your beard. Shave the neck and the face and ensure that the flat of the guard touches the face. By touching the face with the guard, and continuing to ensure that the guard remains flat against the face, you can ensure an accurate cut and trim.

If you want stubble, remove the guard completely and simply use the shaver head. Because trimmers are not designed to get a cut that is close to the skin, you will be left with some stubble.

Once you have achieved the length you want, remove the guards and trim using just the trimmer heard. Alternatively, if your trimmer has a detail head or a detail guard, add and use this. It will allow you to cut the shape you want from the edge of your facial hair and affords greater accuracy compared to using guards.

Why Use A Beard Trimmer?

While it isn’t essential that you have a beard trimmer, it makes life easier and opens up a world of new beard and moustache options.

There are many options when it comes to trimming and managing a beard. You can use hair scissors, a razor, electric shaver, or even hair clippers, but only beard trimmers are designed to manage an existing beard. Your barbers may use hair clippers, but they have the benefit of experience and an easier viewing angle that makes it much easier for them to use high powered clippers. Electric shavers are razors are designed to give as short a cut as possible, which isn’t necessary for trimming a beard.

The best beard trimmers, on the other hand, not only have the motor and the blades designed for cutting beard hair. They also have features like blade guards and adjustable combs that make it easier to trim your facial hair and allow you to achieve a range of different styles and cuts.

Are Beard Trimmers The Same As Electric Shavers?

Beard trimmers and electric shavers are both designed to remove hair from the face, but they do so in a different way. A trimmer does not need to get right down to the skin, because it is normally used to remove the end of the hair while leaving the rest of the hair on the face. Because a beard trimmer does not need to shave as close as a shaver, they usually cost less than a similar quality of shaver.

Electric shavers may have minimal options for trimming and shaping facial hair, instead only offering the opportunity to completely remove any hairs that are present.

As such, neither will properly do the job of the other, so determine whether you are looking for a beard trimmer or a shaver and then choose the best for your needs.

Can A Beard Trimmer Be Used For Body Hair?

A beard trimmer is designed to trim the beard and facial hair, but there is absolutely no reason why you can’t use it to trim body hair. You should be aware that a beard trimmer can irritate certain areas of the body, especially if they are not used to being shaved, and also if you use a cheaper and lower quality trimmer – these trimmers have a tendency to pull and snag, as well as cut and shave.

Also bear in mind that there are some areas of the body that are more challenging to reach than others. If you need to trim all over, including your back, you can buy a specialist trimmer that makes it easier to reach, and will help to ensure that you get a better finish.

In short, if you aren’t concerned about using the same trimmer for your face as you use for your armpits, then invest in a good quality trimmer that cuts quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, or if you have a lot of body hair, consider investing in a specialist body hair trimmer.

Can A Beard Trimmer Shave My Head?

It is possible to use beard trimmers to shave your head, but if you want a completely bald look, then you will struggle to achieve this even with the best beard trimmer. Trimmers are not designed to shave right down to the skin. Rather, they are used to trim hair down to a shorter length, so if you want to buzz your hair but not completely remove it, then a set of trimmers could be suitable.

Guys beard style

Shaving your own head is actually quite a challenge. The contours of the head, its natural dome shape, and the fact that some areas are quite challenging to reach, mean that it will take some time and practice to perfect the cut.

Start with reasonably short hair. Use a pair of scissors and cut your hair down so that the trimmers are not attempting to cut down several inches of hair. This will make the job easier, and it will also allow you to monitor progress as you move around the head. Be prepared to shave, remove excess hair, and then shave again, and follow the natural bumps and contours of the head with the shaver in order to get an even cut. As your hair grows out, you will notice any areas that you didn’t quite get right.

Which Beard Trimmer Is The Best For Stubble?

If you don’t want to maintain a full beard, or you want the designer stubble look, then you should find a trimmer that is designed for this purpose, or at least provides the features and functions that are best suited to maintaining short but tidy stubble.

Are Beard Trimmers Allowed In Hand Luggage?

Beard trimmers are treated the same as electric razors, and as of writing, both are allowed to be taken in hand luggage on flights. They can also be placed in hold luggage, if you feel more comfortable doing this.

Whether it’s a Fu Man Shu or a goatee, designer stubble or a full beard, you need to trim and maintain your facial hair. With the rise in popularity of the beard, driven at least in part by the current hipster trend, has come a much wider variety of beard trimmers. There are those that are designed for keeping stubble in check and, at the other end of the scale, trimmers that make it easy to keep your beard tidy even while you grow it out.

Below, we have reviewed the top 10 beard trimmers on the market, so that you can choose the one that is best for your needs.

A Beard Trimmer Is Not An Electric Shaver

Before you start searching for a beard trimmer, it is important to ensure that this is what you really want. If you want to keep your face completely hair free then you should be shopping for electric shavers. These offer a much closer shave and while they might have some basic stubble management features, they do not have the same styling features as trimmers do.

What To Consider

Whether you’re buying a beard trimmer for yourself, for your partner, or for any loved one, there is a large selection. Different beard trimmers have unique features, and choosing the right one means considering what they will think of as the most important feature.

Consider everything from beard length and the level of detail trimming that will be needed, and even factors like whether they will be travelling with the trimmer on a regular basis. A velvet carry bag may not be a compelling reason to buy for everybody, but if your partner takes their beard trimmer with them and travel with work every week, then it could be an essential component of a beard trimming kit.

The following are arguably some of the most commonly found and best beard trimmer features:

Beard Length – Comb settings, namely comb length, are the most important element when it comes to the length of your beard. If you’re looking to maintain a short, designer stubble, then you need good gradation at the lower end of the scale. If you have a full beard and really only want a very minor, occasional trim, then you will want a comb that enables you to do this but you will not need as many length settings and options.

The motor also needs to be heavy duty, because it will have to do a lot of work and will potentially be put under a lot of pressure. A poor-quality motor will quickly become damaged or worn out.

If you do have a long beard, be sure to prepare it. This means combing down to get rid of tangles, and then against the grain. Combing against the grain fluffs the beard up, making it considerably easier to cut and trim with your new trimmers.

At the same time as buying the best beard trimmers for a long beard, you should also invest in some beard wash or beard shampoo. You can get away with using face wash while you maintain stubble, but once it starts to get longer, this will leave a lot of residue and you won’t have the best-looking beard possible.

Additional Use – One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing the best beard trimmer is whether it will work trimming head hair or body hair, as well as beard hair. If you shave your own head, or you maintain a very short and uniform cut, then it is possible to do it yourself, but you do need to ensure that you have decent quality trimmers. In theory, any set of beard trimmers will work for the hair on your head, and also the hair on your body. If you are going to be trimming your beard, head hair, and body hair, on a regular basis, then don’t expect budget clippers to last for long.

Beard trimmers do tend to have smaller cutting blades. This means that it will take longer to shave your head than with hair clippers that are designed for this purpose. You should ensure, if you are using a cordless trimmer, that you have a full charge, otherwise you could end up with half a shaved head when the battery runs out.

Styling Features – If your idea of styling a beard is spending 2 minutes trimming it down to a shorter length, then you probably won’t need to worry unduly about styling features. However, if you neatened the edges, have different length chops and chin, and you like everything to be uniform and precise, or if you change the style of your beard and facial hair on a regular basis, then you should look for a beard trimmer that has multiple styling features.

Interchangeable combs and guides, and even different speed settings, enable you to completely customise your shave. You can even buy beard trimmers that have a shaver with a smaller detail head.

If you only need the basic functions of a trimmer, don’t be swayed by more expensive models simply because they offer a lot more functions and features. You will probably only use these features while they remain a novelty, and then revert to kind, meaning that you will have potentially wasted money buying a more expensive trimmer than you needed.

Extra Features And Accessories – If you take a look at some of the trimmers on the market, there is an almost baffling array of features and accessories available with some. Realistically, all you need is a trimmer with a decent motor and decent comb settings. Any other features are either designed to make your life easier, your trimming routine a little quicker, or simply to inflate the price. Cleaning kits can be beneficial, while carry bags are less beneficial. If you travel regularly, then you will likely have a toiletry bag or another container in which you store and transport items like a trimmer.

Always look at the features and be honest with yourself about whether you really need them. You could save yourself some money, and ensure that you get the best model available, by opting only for trimmers that incorporate the features that you need.

Cordless – Some people prefer corded trimmers and others prefer cordless. In most instances it comes down to personal preference, except where mobility is required or if you shave where there are no plug sockets. When buying cordless, do make sure that the battery is a decent quality and that you won’t have to charge it after every use. If you intend to use the shaver on your head and body hair as well, this is especially important. You really don’t want to get halfway through a full body and head shave when the batteries run out.

Build Quality – Build quality is difficult to determine, unless you have personal or hands-on experience of a particular model of beard trimmer. Alternatively, you can rely on user reviews and reviews of the product, as well as considering the reputation that a particular brand has. Using all of this information you should get a better picture of whether the trimmer is well built.

A well built beard trimmer will last longer without having to be replaced. It won’t feel overly flimsy when you’re using it, either, which can be surprisingly off putting when you really want to hack away at your beard.

A poor quality, or poorly built, trimmer, will be more prone to become damaged or worn. Buttons will break and bits will fall off. If you regularly clean your trimmer, you could find that the guard or the comb do not seat back in the proper position. Build quality is a very important factor when buying a trimmer.

Dry Or Wet Trimming? A dry beard trimmer offers convenience. It can be used in a public washroom, and it affords you the opportunity to very quickly trim your beard. However, it can also lead to irritation, although this is less likely to be a concern for those looking to trim longer beards because the trimmer won’t get close to your skin while in operation.
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