Types of shaving styles. Beard & Goatee Styles #2: The Royale Beard, Gillette, RewardMe

Learn how to shave the royale beard and other mens beard styles with the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler. Beard and goatee styles.

Check out how Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide Styler™ helps you master The Royale, a mustache anchored by a chin strip.

For a Royale Beard Style one needs a tool that will do three things – trim, shave and edge. The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler is one such tool.

Step 1: Trim your beard and neck by attaching a comb. This evens out the length of the entire beard.

Step 2: Remove the comb and rinse any excess hair from the trimmer. Now use the trimmer without the comb to outline the shape of your royale beard. First trim your neck and cheeks, then remove the hair connecting your chin strip to the mustache, thus outlining the look you want.

Facial hair styles how to

Step 3: Now prepare your skin for a close shave by washing with a facial scrub. This cleans away any oil, dirt, or dead skin that can block the razor's path and prevent a smooth glide. Then rinse the scrub off your face.

You can further hydrate your hair by splashing your face with warm water, or by soaking a towel with warm water and holding it against your skin for up to three minutes.

Step 4: Later apply a clear shave gel to the skin of your neck and cheeks.

A white shaving foam makes it harder to see the lines and edges of your beard, so it's a good idea to use a clear shave gel.

Chin beard

Step 5: Now it is time for closer shave and definition. Use the blade attachment for this purpose. Many guys prefer to shave in the direction that the hair grows. However, since facial hair tends to grow in different directions, you'll almost always be shaving both with and against the grain. A razor like this one will help you get a comfortable shave even against the grain. You should shave in the direction you're most comfortable with.

Save the sensitive area of the neck for last to allow the shave gel more time to soften the hairs. Every few strokes, don’t forget to rinse your blade with water to keep it clear of any gel or loose hairs.

Step 6: Now for the tightening of the edges around your royale beard, flip over your razor where you can see the single blade razor. Use this at the end to finish the details. Turn the blade parallel to the hairline and use short, light strokes to cut away the beard and mustache.

Step 7: Wash your face with cold water and apply aftershave lotion. That's how you can get the Royale beard.

How to shave different beard styles

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