Mens thadi style. 30 Best Hairstyles and Haircuts For Men With Round Faces, (2020)

Men with round faces typically have a number of distinguishable characteristics, including full cheekbones, a rounded jaw, plus being equal in width and height. This can make finding flattering styles and haircuts not the easiest of tasks. Hairstyle with beard for men.

T o give you a helping hand, we’ve pulled stylish hair inspiration and created a list of the best hairstyles for men with round faces to make your next trip to the barbers a success.

Classic Swept-Back Quiff

This swept-back style is all you need. Credit:

You can’t talk about men’s haircuts for round faces without mentioning this timeless swept-back quiff style. Along with some short, clean-shaven stubble, you’ll be able to balance out your features and create more definition. Credit: @justinlacko

Side Part

Try out a classic side part! Credit:

Known for its suave, masculine feel, this is perhaps one of the most versatile and flexible men’s haircuts for round faces. It’s height and length provides the perfect balancing effect, helping to give the appearance of a longer face, while still giving enough prominence to your natural facial features.

Sleek Side Part

Doesn’t this ‘do look dapper? Credit:

Ideal for achieving a timeless look, this cut is also one that can be adapted to meet your personal preference, based on your hair type and length. Want to l earn how to style your side parting? Then follow our simple video tutorial, here!

Bald & Beard Combo


If you prefer short styles or suffer from thinning hair, make the most of your facial hair like this stylish gent who teamed a buzzcut with a short beard.

Angular Fringe


Soften the appearance of a round face by adding an angular fringe to a short haircut. We love how this guy opened up the sides of his face by teaming a spikey side fringe with a temple fade.

Sponge Twist High Top


As a simple rule, men’s haircuts for round faces work best by adding height to your hair. So, grow out the top of your hair while keeping the sides short like the model above.

Afro Twists


Give the illusion of length by adding height to the top of your hair like above. Keep the sides shorter and focus most of the length to the top to elongate a round face.

Straight Shag


Add layers and a choppy finish to your medium-length cut to help add shape and define a round face.

Curly High-Top


Make your curls your best feature by styling them in a high and tight fade.

Stylish shave style

Long French Crop


This longer and more modern French crop is the perfect hairstyle for round faces. By adding layers this cropped cut has plenty of texture and movement and is best styled with a longer fringe.

Jagged Spikes

Go for jagged hair that will offset the roundness of your face.

Try i ncorporating thick spikes, which is a great way to change the profile of your face.

This is because tall spikes, that are over an inch tall, will help give an edge to the roundness of your face. Just get your barber to cut the sides of your hair shorter to emphasise the height of your hair further.

Editor’s tip: To get defined spikes that’ll last all day, try using a matt styling product, like the Lynx Urban Messy Look Matt Gel– it’ll provide you with plenty of control and definition, with added texture.


Gain extra height with the fauxhawk. Credit:

The fauxhawk is one of the hottest hair trends for men right now and is great for adding optimum volume, and prominent angles to your face.

Edgy Fauxhawk

The fauxhawk: edgy and cool.

To nail this look, you will need to already have medium-length hair so that your barber can create a noticeable fauxhawk shape.

To get the lowdown on this year’s edgiest look, check out our guide to the fauxhawk – it’s got all the info and styling inspiration you’ll need to achieve this ‘do.

The Modern Quiff

Try a modern quiff as a great way to balance a round face.

The modern quiff is one of our favourite men’s haircuts for round faces, which will help to elongate your face shape. The trick is to create volume by simply brushing up your quiff, but we’ll leave it up to you how high you dare to go…

Editor’s tip: Looking for the perfect product to help you create your quiff?Try the VO5 Dry Texture Spray to add a little oomph and help you craft your plumped-up style with tonnes of definition.


Go for the face framing effects of a fringe!

Before you scoff at our suggestion of a man fringe, hear us out, because a fringe could instantly help to define your soft round-shaped face. But remember that not all fringes are created equally, so opt for a side fringe that is choppy, sweeping and angular.

Pompadour with an Undercut

The pompadour undercut combo works really well with a round face.

Cool, sleek and fashion-forward: the pompadour ‘s slicked-back style makes it one of the trendiest men’s haircuts for round faces.

But if the traditional route is too been-there-done-that for your taste, give the look an edgier, more contemporary feel with shaved undercut sides. This will emphasise the height and fullness on top, drawing attention away from the roundness of your face shape.

Hair style and beard style

Editor’s tip: To create the body that this look requires, work a styling wax, like the Lynx Signature Clean Cut Look Definition Wax, through dried hair using your fingers.

The flexible texture of this product also means you are able to rework your style whenever necessary. After all, a gent’s always got to look his best!

Textured Top

Short sides and a curly top will create plenty of interest. Credit:

A great way to slim a round face, is by keeping the sides of your hair super short and neat, while the top is left messy and textured. This will create plenty of dimension, making your face look more angular while drawing the eyes upwards. Credit: @tmelong

Full Beard and Volume

Vertical hair and fringes work amazingly well together. Credit:

Team your full beard with a volumised haircut and you’ve got a winning combination, that will make your face look longer and more distinguished. But the best part is, you can ditch the daily shave and just groom that beard, instead. Score!Credit: @ericbandholz

The Swept-Back Look

Go for volume like Justin Timberlake. Credit:

You might think that sweeping your hair off your face wouldn’t be a good move for those with rounder faces, but this look can actually work really well.

Simply keep the length long enough so that you can create plenty of volume. P.S. We’re suggesting you take a leaf out of Justin Timberlake’s style book – just look at those voluminous locks! Credit: @justintimberlake

Curls and Bangs

Rock a textured, curly fringe for added dimension. Credit:

If you’ve got naturally curly hair, embrace what your mama gave you and work those locks into a longer fringe.

The textured finish of these longer bangs will really help draw the attention to your eyes, helping to make your face look more angular. Credit: @tommytyrell

Short Sides

A deep side part helps to create angles. Credit:

Men’s haircuts for round faces typically involve adding lots of volume. But if you prefer to keep your look neat and groomed, this is the ‘do for you!

Keep the sides of your hair short and cropped, while ensuring the top section remains longer so that it can be swept to one side. Add a little volume to create height and bask in the face slimming qualities of this style! Credit: @ridhomanly

Textured Spikes

Create volume with a spiky hair cut. Credit:

Ask your barber to really cut into the top section of your hair, until it looks choppy and spiky. Use a wax to keep the style looking really textured, then keep the sides super clean and tidy. This is a haircut that will look great even when it has grown in a bit, so maintenance is a breeze! Credit: @barbeariadoschapas

The Classic Pompadour

Go for a classic pompadour to add height to your look! Credit:

One of the most popular men’s haircuts for round faces has to be the classic pompadour. Ideal for adding height to your tresses, the extra inches will help to make your face look leaner and longer. This is a super slick style that once cut, will be very easy to style. Credit: @scissorsandco

All kinds of beards

Smooth Buzz with Beard

Balance out your facial features with this smooth ‘do. Credit:

While you may believe you need to avoid a buzz cut when you’ve got a round face, you can make it work for you with the help of a long beard, like this gentleman has done.

The thicker beard helps elongate his face, making it appear less round and more defined. Credit: @4hairpleasure

Colourful Quiff

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Credit:

If you’ve been looking for colourful men’s haircuts for round faces, let this gent show you how it’s done. With a freshly bleached mop (very Zayn Malik ), the contrast between his hair and beard is super striking and the quiff itself is just a really cool look. Credit: @4hairfashion

French Crop

There’s room to play around with different lengths. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Round-faced men might be apprehensive of the French Crop (which is also known as the Caesar cut) but in our opinion, this hairstyle is great as it works with pretty much all hair types. Not to mention, it’s perfect for concealing thinning hair or a receding hairline.

Skin Fade Haircut

Doesn’t this cut look fresh? Credit:

Textured Caesar Cut

This is a more current way to wear a classic French crop style. Credit:

If you love the idea of the French crop but want something that’ll really show off your hair texture, this contemporary version of the Caesar cut will be right up your street.

Man Bun and Beard

Man buns= instant hipster vibes. Credit: Dvora

If your hair is long enough to be tied up, why not try the ever popular man bun? Pairing it with facial hair or a full beard is also ideal for creating the illusion of a strong jawline – a top priority for men with round faces.

Au Naturel

What’s better than a rounded ‘fro? A rounded ‘fro with a beard. Credit: Dvora

Embrace the texture of your natural hair and wear it proudly. Rounded afros or curls with a little more height on top look great on round-faced men. Just remember to keep your hair moisturised.
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