Men's facial hair style. Beard styles in men. Beard Types: A brief description of each species.

Beard styles in men. Beard Types: A brief description of each species.

In 2016, men's beards will be at the peak of fashion. Moreover, they can be absolutely diverse. With their help, guys and men can emphasize their individuality and masculinity. Although it’s very sad sometimes to see a man with a long beard walking, and behaving inappropriately. But what to do, many now wear a beard just because it is possible and stylish. But let's talk about what types of beard haircuts exist at the moment. Types of beard for men.

Only a few years ago, except that hipsters and believing parishioners wore a beard. But the real dude should have always been smoothly shaven, thereby showing the ability and desire to care for his appearance. Now we are returning to the "primitive" trend of fashion. 2016 is a time of natural beauty, which in men is manifested by the presence of a beard. But is it worth wearing a beard just because it is fashionable and stylish?

How to grow a beard to do it?

Each has its own type of beard. If you saw on TV how the bristles of an actor elegantly fit the chin and cheeks, this does not mean that it can grow like that for everyone. Each beard has its own growth feature.

If you have blonde hair, it will be harder for you than a black-haired one. They only need to grow 3-6 mm to look solid, you also need about 12 mm.

Start by not shaving for a week or two. Determine what type of beard you have and look after it. If you are serious about this issue, then it is better to turn to a barber. He will certainly tell you how best to grow a beard.

If the beard is still small and the hair sticks out in different directions, then use wax. In the morning, apply wax and heat it with a hairdryer. If the beard grows unevenly and ugly - leave a place where it is thicker and experiment.

When six months have passed, the beard should already look impressive. Or very close to this result. But it’s worth following her every day: comb her, wash as often as you wash your hair. And then it will serve you even longer than your hair on your head.

Fashionable full male beard 2016 photo

The most common and popular and all-encompassing type of beard is full or as it is also called Russian. It is precisely because this beard emphasizes masculinity that it enjoys such popularity. The style of this beard is to make a look of minimal control over the growth of the beard, but the maximum of its everydayness and naturalness.

A full male beard implies the growth of stubble on the neck and cheeks, as well as the chin and lip. The length of the beard in this style is controlled by its owner. In the process of growth, the beard must be leveled, so you can create your own unique beard haircut. Photos of a fashionable full or Russian male beard can be viewed below.

Fashionable brutal beard 2016 photo

This species can be called the most brutal type of beard. And if you pay attention to the photos in glossy fashion magazines, it is easy to notice that every second guy has light bristles. Only here, some people think that to achieve this effect can be very simple - do not fight a couple of days and that’s all. But in reality, this is not so at all. In order to create this image, you need to work hard and spend a lot of time.

Fashionable men's beard - anchor 2016 photo

The 2016 beard-anchor differs from other types of this accessory in that the bristles on the cheeks are neatly trimmed and the hair on the chin is styled so that it visually lengthens the face. In addition to this beard, a thin pencil mustache is required.

Fashionable men's mustache 2016 photo

A man who wears a mustache looks a little cheeky. Historically, that was cool. Then in the 70s, the mustache had a sexual connotation. This meant that the man is a lover, loves porn, experimenting in sex. Many gay and bisexual men wore a mustache, and this was a hallmark of free looks. I think the young guys who wear a mustache quite confidently, do not care at all that you can assume their preferences.

Fashionable men's beard with a biker mustache 2016 photo

A man who can be described as stubborn. This style was always considered a biker mustache, and then a wrestler. Or when a famous person like Hulk Hogan adheres to this style, then a mustache of this form is associated with him.

Fashionable men's beard Espanyola 2016 photo

Among men, this type of beard haircut is considered one of the most popular and next year the situation will not change much. Needless to say, it is espaniola that is preferred by creative individuals who try to express their individuality in this way. By the way, just such a haircut will look very good on the triangular shape of the face.

Individuality is one of the masculine traits. Representatives of the stronger sex emphasize their non-standard in different ways. For example, some - pump muscles and build the relief of their own bodies, others - reach career heights, still others - open their own business and go like ships on a big voyage. Men try to become smart, strong, advanced and stylish at the same time. The latter depends on modern fashion trends and on how much a man is ready to follow them. We’ll talk about one of these today.

Many noticed that one of the latest trends was a well-groomed beard. Young people try to grow hair on their chins, but sometimes fall into trouble (not reaching a well-groomed and polished look), since a lot depends on the shape. Haircutting on the head is trusted by hairdressers, and a beard or light unshaven is organized independently. Nevertheless, this type of haircut is made according to the rules that you would need to know about. So, the types of beards in men - photos and names, as well as some tips from professionals on how to choose a decent option for yourself.

Men's short hair and beard styles

Dramatic changes

Indeed, the vegetation on the cheeks and chin can change the appearance very much. Patience is required to, but more importantly, to give a form that will emphasize individuality. Thinking about a new image, you need to determine your own type of person.

Another important factor is a brunette man, blond, red or bald.

A beard should add brutality to the appearance of its owner, but with blond hair this is more difficult to achieve. Naturally, it is necessary to focus on fashion trends, and even beard shapes are selected based on the trends of the current season. What can I get with a beard and mustache?

Arouse more confidence (there is a genetic memory that the bearded are quite wise, or strong, like warriors);

Change your own style not by cutting off the hair on the head, but by modifying the beard.

The ability to not shave attracts many men daily. But do not forget that the vegetation on the chin also requires care. By the way, in connection with fashionable "bearded" trends, many companies produce. These mini-cars are not suitable for making a full haircut on the head, but are ideal to create any beard design. We turn, however, to the most interesting, that is, we will analyze what types of faces are.

Types of faces

Deciding on this part is quite simple. There are 7 types of persons in total, we list them further. To get started, you need to take a mirror and answer honestly three proposed questions:

What is the widest part of the face? (this may be the forehead, jaw, or middle);

What is the shape of the chin? (round, square, pointed);

What are the proportions of the face really? (symmetrical, face short or long and elongated).

After evaluating all your answers, you will come to the right conclusions. We will list common face types:

Oval - length is greater than width;

Rectangle - cheekbones, forehead and chin about the same size, but longer than wide;

Rhombus - differs from an oval with a pointed chin;

The trapezium is the forehead narrower than the cheekbones and chin;

Small hair and beard style

Triangle or heart - wide forehead and cheekbones and narrow chin;

Square - the width and length of the face are practically the same;

The circle is the widest part of the cheekbone, and all other lines are smooth, there is no sharp transition between the hair or on the chin.

Types of beards in men should hide imperfections in the face, making the face symmetrical. For example, a chin that is too sharp can be hidden by a beard “shovel”, visually aligning the proportions. The correct form of a beard is like a make-up for women, which sometimes brings surprises in the morning. But with a beard such surprises are not expected.

How to choose a beard

Beard options can be varied. You can make a stylish haircut on the chin with the master in the salon or by the mirror yourself, using a trimmer. Of course, while the desired length of hair grows, the sight will not be aesthetic. Therefore, try to leave such cardinal changes on vacation when there is no need to visit the office or conduct business negotiations.

Selecting beards by face type is the first right decision. But it is also necessary to adequately assess the condition of the hair.

They can be weak and break, then a long beard will not look good. Blonde hair will require longer lengths to become noticeable and turn into an elegant beard. Option "three-day stubble" does not fit red and fair-skinned. There are a lot of such nuances, but this makes it possible to experiment. In the salon, the master is likely to immediately determine which kind of beard will be appropriate in each individual case. It can be done as follows:

The initial option is to cut a professional;

Then with your own hand, using a trimmer;

If a certain haircut is bored, you can change it with the next professional and maintain it yourself for a long time.

A beard without a mustache looks very impressive. This image is very popular among young people, it looks stylish, but there is little vegetation, and the girls are not in a complaint.

Many salons even offer computer modeling, during which the client chooses the type of haircut that he prefers. The correct form of the beard will hide or emphasize everything you need on the face, and sometimes completely emancipate its owner. In order not to be unfounded, we will publish the rating of the most popular haircuts on the chin.

Types of beards in men

It is almost impossible to list all the variations, but the most popular beards and sideburns will be mentioned in the rating. Sometimes the names of the chin haircuts are rather strange, and in other cases frankly comical. However, this affects the appearance of a man only in the direction of improvement. There are beards by type:

"Suvorov" - a clean-shaven chin, thick sideburns turning into a mustache. Heroic appearance is provided;

“Zappa” - a unique guitarist left not only excellent instrumental compositions, but also a brand beard haircut. The mustache is quite thick, smoothly shaved cheeks, and a small tuft of hair under the lower lip - all this will add romance and originality to the image;

Today's beard styles

Anchor - an ideal image of an experienced "sea wolf" creates a continuous line of short cropped hair along the chin. Cheeks are smoothly shaved, temples are cleaned. Mustache will add solidity;

Balbo is a beautiful face trim with its own thick hair. A solid line of hair on the chin is not connected to the mustache, which is also quite lush;

“Lincoln” - naturally, the American president became the forefather of this type of haircut. The look of the beard has not changed, but this type is not suitable for everyone;

"Winnfield" - the original hairstyle has its own nuances. Whiskers, reaching the lower part of the face, and a mustache, which also reach the chin;

"Goatee" - a funny name does not make funny the look of a man who decided on such a haircut model. A bundle of hair under the lower lip, without a mustache and with clean-shaven cheeks is a trend;

“Jack Sparrow” - talking about such a hairstyle does not make sense, since the cult character Johnny Depp is known to everyone. A distinctive feature is two pigtails or just the forked ends of a small beard and a pirate mustache. All this magically affects all female persons aged 15 to 55 years;

"Box" - a wide shovel-shaped beard that will add a "weight category". The truth on a small face looks rather comical, so look at a computer modification before growing such a miracle;

"Goatee" - a beard of real hot and passionate macho. A beautifully trimmed rounded line, antennae - and in the eyes of the partner will appear shine and mystery, with which women try to attract men.

Stemoxidin, which is part of the composition, creates an ideal hypoxic environment for stem cells, removes the follicle from a dormant state and transfers it to the phase of accelerated growth. Black pepper essential oil improves metabolic processes at the roots of the hair, which causes their growth. As a result, you get a thick hair without bald patches that emphasizes your image.

Experiment and be in the trend - it only raises self-esteem.
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