New beards style 2016. Best Andis Beard Trimmer Reviews

So far, we have reviewed three of the best models here, and are constantly looking into new products, including the at-home consumer level items Andis is manufacturing. These aren’t going to be a great fit if you just want a quick, basic trimmer that you can pass over your beard in the morning and forget about it for awhile. They’re not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure, so be sure you’re in the market for a very high quality, but very intense clipper before purchasing. Best beard models.

To find out which model is right for you, check out our reviews:

When it comes to professional grade clippers, you can pretty much never go wrong with Andis. They company has a nearly 100 year track record of producing clippers, so it’s no wonder they’ve got it down to a science. It began with Mathew Andis (Sr.), who was working at Mitchell Motor Car Company as a tool maker until he decided to leave and start up his own business. Andis has been a family owned business from the start. Currently in it’s 4th generation of ownership, Matthew K Andis owns the company along side his 2 sisters, Marcia and Laura. They’ve developed products for the most advanced barbers, down to the at-home hair cutter, and we’ve found that two models in particular are the most popular – the Outliner II and the T-Outliner, as well as other models.

New style of beard 2016

Andis is actually a pretty well-rounded company when it comes to small styling appliances. They make hair dryers, styling irons, steam irons, and they even have a hotel division that supplies them with those little hang-up dryers you see in 90% of hotel bathrooms. Oh, and coffee makers. Not to mention their huge range of clippers, from professional barber models, at-home models, and even small and large animal clippers that are widely used for cats and dogs to horses and cattle. It sure didn’t hurt to broaden their horizons, especially since they managed to stay true to where it all began – barbering. As one of the most well known and successful barbering brands, we’d say you can trust Andis to take care of your hair trimming needs.

People have been using them not only for their hair but for their beards (otherwise, why would we care, right?) – they’re particularly handy for very sharp, short, and intricate beard styles based on their signature narrower trimming heads. Whatever your style might be, Andis can take care of your needs.

How to maintain a beard

If you look through these and aren’t satisfied, we’ve got a major selection of items that we’ve hand picked as being the best of the best, so you can go back and find more options to make sure you buy the best beard trimmer.
Overall rating page: 4.3 / 5 left 756 people.

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