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Your beard is as unique as you are and every man’s beard has its own distinctive growth patterns, thickness, length potential, colour and style. Best beard types.

Choosing the right beard for your face, head shape and personal style is a question every beardsman must face at some point. Below are some tips on helping you decide what suits you best and lets you wear your beard with power, pride and sex appeal!

The best way to determine the style that suits you best is to be patient, grow out your beard and then slowly, carefully trim it. Take away sections of your beard, trying out styles as you go. Take pictures of each style to reference later. Try out a full beard, thinner sides and chin, a goatee, long & short side burn, a moustache, or one of the styles on the in the adjacent pic. This gives you first-hand experience of what you look like with each style and references for future changes. And the best part is you get to regrow your beard when you are finished!

Determine Your Face Shape

Different beard styles and how to trim them

Your face shape can have a big impact on what type of beard will suit you and how you groom it. If you don’t know your face shape, there is a trick. Borrow a lip stick from your nearest beard loving female, stand in front of a mirror and draw the outline of your face on the mirror (don’t include your ears). You will now see the shape of your face very clearly. This is best done before you have grown your beard.

Whatever face shape you have you want to choose a beard style that counter acts it. For example a thin face needs a beard that widens it, whereas a wide face needs a beard that lengthens it.

A long thin face can be made to look more powerful with a full beard. A wider face with a smaller chin can be made to look longer and more defined with thicker hair on the chin with thinner hair on the sideburns and cheeks.

Mens beard styles 2016

Decide On The Right Length

Once you have a style chosen you may notice that the length also impacts your beards appearance. Trial and error is the best way to decide on the perfect length but another trick is to google pictures of your chosen beard type and look at the different lengths. Choose your favourite and craft your beard until it’s as majestic as you imagined it would be.

Using a good quality beard oil will condition your beard so that it not only feels and looks great, but it will also be easier to style and trim because the hair will be more supple, pliable and conditioned. Beard Club’s Premium Beard Oil is perfect for this. It is made of only the purest oils chosen specifically for their unique properties to condition your beard hair so that it looks, feels and styles the way you want it to.

Mens beard cuts
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