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No Shave November? Even if it’s over, guys are going gaga over beards. The trend had a huge resurgence in 2017 & most fashion icons expressed their style, letting their beard grow.In 2018, it’s less about the size of the beard and more about how you style it.With so many ways of styling, the real challenge of growing a beard is to groom it perfectly. Here’s our guide to the hot beard styles to try in 2018! Handsome beard style.

8 Hot Beard Styles That Are in For 2018!

Whether it’s Bandholz, just classic stubble or long beards with flowy hairstyles, hot beard styles are the necessary “accessories”. In fact, if you haven’t tried growing a beard, you are definitely missing out on some cool men’s style trends. These 8 best men beard styles for 2018 should keep you sexily bearded.

1. Balbo

How can one not fall in love with Robert Downey Jr. and his sex appeal? Apart from his great jawline and serious gaze, the Balbo beard style makes his look sumptuous. What d’you think about his style in image below?

2. Old Dutch

Like Old Monk, Old Dutch beard style is subtly sexy. However, the length of the beard is your choice. You can either go for short subtle or medium beard, the mustache in old dutch will carry the onus.

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3. Long Beard

For men who love it long and untamed, Long Beard is the best pick. Besides, you don’t have to look for any to-do guide. You can leave it raw and messy.

4. Short Stubble

The neat and tidy always wins the race. Whether it’s your formal business meeting or a casual hangout, no one ever questions the fine do, but ‘only’ if well kept.

5. Extended Goatee

Also common by the names ‘Tailback’ or ‘The Hollywoodian’, a goatee and a mustache make the extended goatee style. This is certainly a different style if you keep the sideburns short and neat.

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6. Razor Edge Beard

Yes! For that extra edge and sexy blow, razor beard style will be your mate. Trim your hair short and go for this style. You will be amazed by your new look.

7. Round Box Beard

A combination of both mustache and beard, the round box style is quite standard. To get the perfect look, you have to grow them both in a rounded fashion so that when they touch each other, they join.

8. High Fade with Thinner Beard

Not only looks immaculate but also looks stylish and presentable. This style is for men whose clocks are always ticking. You only have to trim it once a week to maintain it.

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Which of the above men beard styles will be the reflection of your personality? Got some hot beard styles of your own? Comment and share.
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