Different goatee shapes. How to trim a beard with a trimmer. How to care for a beard: types of haircuts and styling. Caring for a beard: it should emphasize the dignity of a man

Tens of millions of women around the world consider bearded men to be more courageous / attractive / sexual (how to care for a beard, you can read below). Styles of beards and how to trim them.

In a word, representatives of the opposite sex, deserving more female attention, than carefully shaving men.

How to care for a beard: basic principles

Men who want to release a beard must understand that the hair on the face can emphasize the virtues of hiding some disadvantages (warts) of the "stronger sex" or "emphasize" the flaws in the person's face.

At this time, a beard - "a two-week unshaven" - is very popular among men. Caring for such a beard at home - there is nothing easier. To do this, you need to have a standard hair clipper with a set of attachments. Once a week, install the nozzle of the desired size (0 or 1), spend throughout the "vegetation" - and the beard is ready to fascinate the female sex.

Hygienic manipulations with a beard "two-week unshaven" are held every day during the morning and evening water procedures.

The greatest attention to men requires beards with large vegetation: Russian (full), skipper (without mustache), Suvorov, Garibaldi, etc. But for all types of beards, there are general principles that must be strictly followed:

After eating, be sure to inspect the face - did not remain on the bean crumbs. After eating fatty foods, you should wash with soap / shampoo the hair around your mouth;

Once a day, monitor the appearance of the beard and, if necessary, trim / trim the hair on the face;

If necessary, use cosmetic means for the beard (gels, shampoos, varnishes), which will give the beard the size and shape needed by the man.

How to take care of a beard at home: mistakes of beginners

The main mistake of a man who decided to grow hair on his face is the wrong choice of the type of beard. Rarely, when a man grows a beard "just so, from nothing to do." As a rule, the beard "strong sex" grows to attract the attention of a particular woman, attract the attention of the collective, express / emphasize one's personality, become more manly / sexual. Or, as the stylists now say, take the form of a "brutal alpha male".

Choosing the wrong type of beard, a man can take not a manly but a silly look, over which the women / acquaintances will "giggle", joke. What kind of man can this state of affairs please?

Therefore, a man can not just "have a beard", the choice of type and shape / length of the beard must be approached very scrupulously, being interested in the opinion of relatives and close acquaintances.

Suppose that the type of beard the man chose correctly. The next basic error of the stronger sex with vegetation on the face is not regular care of the beard. The hairs on the mustache and beard that protrude in different directions, the sheer bristles on the face in places where it should not be 100% will cause negative emotions, like unclean shoes or crumpled pants / costume on a man, from a female / acquaintance.

Therefore, to care for the beard at home should be regularly, with the use of modern cosmetics: hair spray, shampoos, soaps, waxes, balms for the right type of hair.

How to care for a beard: options for haircuts (photo)

For many centuries of the existence of mankind, men were not afraid to experiment with their appearance in general, and with vegetation on the face, in particular. Please read only the most common types of beards that men wear around the globe. Some names "cut a hearing", but goatee the whole adult life was borne by F.E. Dzerzhinsky did not "complex" (as historians say) about this.

Modern men in a better position than their ancestors - the cosmetic industry fully meets all the needs for hygiene means for caring for a beard at home. And our ancestors looked after the hair on the face with the help of primitive hygienic means: rainwater, which after the procedure makes the hair "silky" without any shampoos / balms and other modern means. Who has the opportunity, wash your head and beard in the rain water with a simple soap and compare the result with the procedure performed with the help of cosmetic products from the world's leading manufacturers.

It is necessary to wash with means that will not cause irritation of the skin of the face, form dandruff in the hair on the face. Begin to wash your beard with those shampoos and balms that you apply to the hair on your head;

Combing. "Two-week unshaven" does not have to be combed, and the remaining beards require constant combing. If you do not carry out this procedure regularly, look at yourself in the mirror, the man will be unpleasant, not to mention the people around him;

Swift. If the hair on the beard is not regularly trimmed, the man will gradually take a "bomz" look. Although, men - large originals can give this appearance as a "new trend in style", developed personally "on the basis of innovative world technologies of leading design houses." Also, the adherents will find their "bomzhevatomu" mind, based on human laziness and contempt for those around them.

Do not be afraid to experiment (in moderation) with cosmetic means: to try to apply cosmetics that were not previously used;

Letting go of a beard, a man must often look in the mirror and watch the beard. The male version of combing the hair on his head: "from right to left" with a beard will not pass. If a man, of course, does not want to look sloppy (such a trend).

The main thing when wearing a beard - it should please its owner. Even if his beard does not like others.

As they say, the past always has a property of cyclicity: all the popular things come back sooner or later. And fashion is not an exception. Beard in men today is considered an indicator of high fashion and style. But the property it becomes in case of proper care, because just released beard can be seen in people far from style. Therefore, if we make a firm decision to acquire this property, we must first think carefully about the availability of time and means for maintaining beards at home or the sufficiency of funds for her care in the cabin.

The first thing that an adult man has to do is to make sure that no unnecessary cannon is left in the areas of hair appearance. Anatomically, at the age of seventeen, a strong mustache appears on the stronger sex, then later whiskers and a small beard. After this, the neck and cheeks begin to heal, so in a place, where the growth of hair follicles should often be treated with a razor. In a long form, such hair will introduce a note of untidiness into the outline of the face.

Long goatee styles

In ancient times, the beard of wealthy men served as a sign of his manliness and respectability. In a certain period, there was even a tax on wearing a beard. If the girl was judged by the length of her braid, then about the man - by the presence of a beard. In order to determine whether it is worth starting such an undertaking, it is necessary to find out whether such a habit among relatives in the male line was popular. To begin with, it is worth trying not to shave for a week, because it's not exactly clear how to shave a beard. For such a period, the rate of hair growth becomes clear, the density in the zones of the face (in which areas will be thicker, in which there will be no signs of hair at all) and other indicators. If in general the result is positive, but there are still small gaps, it is best to use a razor, and not to resort to various cosmetic procedures.

Learning how to properly shave a beard, you can gradually achieve the presence of spectacular bristles and unwanted problems will go away on their own.

And so, if a week-old bristle has lived up to its expectations, you can think about your style. Experienced stylist will be indispensable in this, he can not only pick up all the parameters on the facial features, but also indicate how correctly cut your beard on further stages of courtship. This is also not an unimportant aspect, because the right one will help to hide the obvious flaws of the person or play another important role in the style of clothing, for example. Randomly choose a beard with gloss will not work, because these are all an individual process (you can compare it with the selection of cosmetics for a woman). At the initial stage after choosing the form and other nuances, it's best to be like a professional. This can take several weeks, but it can play an important role: the best way to learn how to properly trim a beard is not to find, plus you can consult on any questions on this topic. The procedure itself takes no more than 40 minutes, and one will be enough for a week.

Half of the men do not even know how to properly trim the beard. Without the application of special rules and in the absence of skills, one can wait for irritation or other negative consequences. An important role in this process is taken by the methods and accessories used for shaving. A general rule is steaming the skin with hot water and applying for a while with the help of a brush. Only after it is absorbed into the skin can you proceed directly to the process. Not steaming the skin, there is a risk of damage to the skin or its cover with subsequent irritation.

It is also necessary to take into account the trajectory of the moving razor. The direction will depend on the type of hair and the rate of their growth. It is problematic to grow a beard on its own so that it looks beautiful. You need to learn some skills and abilities. Anatomically, one has to take into account the fact that if the blade is moved towards the chin and then upward, the hair follicles become open, so bacteria get there. To prevent such consequences, the razor should move in the direction of hair growth, so that the follicle is eventually closed. In some cases, the hairs begin to grow. The wrong direction of shaving contributes to this.

Daily care involves washing and drying. Also, it is not superfluous to know how to cut a beard. In the process of washing, both shampoo and conditioner are used. It also positively affects the face and neck skin, which will be clean. With sensitive skin, you can resort to the use of scrubs. They will clean the pores and gently remove the dirt from the skin. Every day is worth doing a skin massage, and in the mornings to carry out procedures for putting and combing the hair, in order to "accustom" them to grow in the right direction. Modern cosmetology provides a complex of various cosmetic products, starting with gels and finishing with wax for shaping, stability, etc.

Sooner or later, the moment comes when many beard owners ask themselves: how to cut a beard? Before beginning any kind of haircut, you should wash it and dry it. The hair there is so dirty as it is on the head. It starts with the neck and cheeks - there are removed extra hairs, but with one restriction - the longer they are, the more it is necessary to cover your neck and cheeks. Having finished with cheeks and a neck, the queue of mustaches comes, and then it is necessary to gradually move to the side parts. In the case of dense and long vegetation, the ideal option would be scissors with sharp tips. Whiskey can visually change the face, and therefore shearing the beard plays a special role in the image. A more round face can be lengthened with whiskers, while short whiskeys look better for owners of a narrow face. In this case, the face will seem more round.

A dense, beautiful beard with clear edges and without spoiling hairs is a great way to change your image. With the help of our tips for beard cutting, your well-groomed beard will help to easily hide flaws, highlighting positive facial features. To create a beautiful beard, you need to know how to trim your beard.

This article contains practical advice from your own life, like cutting your beard.

Cut your beard yourself

We will not dwell on the selection and shape of the beard, with the hope that this has already been determined and you clearly understand what effect you would like to achieve, if this is not yet defined, we will move on.

Without fail, before starting to cut your beard, there must be a minimum set of tools for cutting your beard in your arsenal.

How to properly cut a beard: choose an instrument

Good scissors

Hairdressers, or special for trimming of a beard can well approach or suit. With their help, you can easily align the beard line, as well as cut off the hairs. By the way, good scissors are quite expensive.

Trimmer - for the beard or ordinary

Modern trimmers are presented in a large number of modifications and there are even special beard series. The main difference in the choice between them is the width of the head and the blade itself, the variety of nozzles and the working power. So, for example, the maximum length of the extendable nozzle in the beard trimmer is 20 mm.

Tip: When choosing a trimmer, pay attention to its power. The more, the less likely it is that the hair will harden.

An integral accessory for correct trimming of the beard. For best efficiency, you should choose a comb based on the thickness of your beard. And the thicker it is, the greater the clearance of the teeth is needed.

Mirror with magnification

Double mirror with an increase from one and the usual with the other, the best choice for self-beard cutting. The filigree beard is more comfortable with augmenting surface.

Special rules in the beard cutting

The hair on the beard needs to be thoroughly washed and well dried. On a wet hair, the haircut of a beard is excluded, cutting a wet beard You risk cutting off the wrong hairs.

Begin to cut your beard from the side of your cheeks, neatly approaching your chin, not forgetting to constantly comb your beard. Cutting excess hairs, be sure to fix the result on the other side.

If you are new to this business, shear at the beginning as little as possible. This will allow you to understand the whole process and keep the beard. After the hand has gained sufficient experience, it will be much easier to adjust the length of the beard.

If the beard is not very thick, it's worth using a pencil for your girl's eyes. Thanks to him, you can set the contour and even after the smooth beard.

Line your lips with a trimmer, boldly backing away from the edge of your lips 2 millimeters.

The total volume is desirable to handle the trimmer, and protruding hairs that could not be seized, cut with scissors. Thus, setting the edges and removing the volume, you can gently trim your beard.

Let's sum up: about cutting your beard yourself

Cutting your beard yourself at home will save you an impressive amount. But for better effect it is worth at least once every 3 months to attend a professional barber. Sometimes the eye of a specialist will see more and, accordingly, the beard will be cut more qualitatively.

Great beard styles

Cutting yourself and gaining practice, you will have less time to go. And this ritual is quite interesting.

Look for a decent barber or there are questions, ready to answer.

There were times when a man in order to have a beautiful beard had to do only one thing - stop shaving his face. Times, of course, evolved (or degraded, depending on your point of view), and beard maintenance now requires some effort to ensure that the aforementioned beard reflects the person's personality and attains the goals associated with facial hair. Next, you will find some tips on beard cutting.

Some recommend cutting a beard only for professionals. Others do not allow someone else to approach their hair on the face with a typewriter or scissors. But if you decide to trim your beard neatly and beautifully, it's worth investing in the right tools. In particular, it is recommended to purchase:

scissors (preferably designed specifically for hair cutting);

hairbrush with wide teeth for a beard and small teeth for a mustache (optional);

a hair clipper or beard with attachments (it is better to choose a cordless and wireless model);

large mirror (can be magnifying or triple).

Comb your hair randomly in the beard. Never cut a wet beard or mustache. Wet hair is longer than dry hair. When they dry up, you can see that you cut too many. Start by taming the craziness that happens on your face. Comb out any confusion and nodules before taking on the typewriter.

Parties. Put on the longest nozzle on your machine and slowly start the process of cutting off the sides of the face, above the jaw line. Remember that you need to move smoothly and smoothly - you can not bring back the hair that once shaved, so it will be wiser and move in stages, take your time. To get the resulting hair on the face of the desired length, start with the largest nozzle, gradually changing it to smaller ones, thereby adjusting the degree of approach of the machine to the skin.

Dare.This is a frightening process, but at a certain stage your beard will no longer be proportional, and it will be fun. Give yourself time to laugh and document the situation with photos.

Scissors. Patience is a key factor. Start by combing the bottom of your beard. Scoop it up with a comb, and then slowly cut several small groups of hair behind the teeth. It will take a little practice to improve this technique. But do not just snap the whole beard into a fist and shred it. It is better to be mistaken and not to finish any part, than to cut off superfluous. You can balance the two sides of your face in the event that you start from the very top of the unshaven part of one side, heading down to the chin, and then repeat the same on the second side. Slowly and methodically thin your beard and give it the desired shape and length. Remember that it is best to act unhurriedly, but steadily, cutting off little by little. Make sure you get to each area, because when you grow your beard, it becomes thicker, so it needs the same empty spaces over the entire area.

Final touches. You are on the home stretch, do not lose focus now. Cut with the machine your mustache, after combing them straight down and using the longest nozzle first. Start from the center: move first to one side of the mouth, and then to the other. Usually there is no need to shave or shear the top of the mustache. It often looks better if you let them grow freely all the way to the nose. After you have trimmed your beard and mustache, you must retain the shape of your beard. Use the machine by removing the adjustable nozzle (be careful) to make the line of your beard around your neck more specific. Alternatively, you can gently shave the hair from the lower part of the neck to maintain the neckline of the beard. Remove various naughty hairs with a razor. It is not recommended to pluck them. Shake off any rickety hairs. Now you're done. Your beard is left with you, but it looks more well-groomed and does not interfere with you.

Wash your beard with shampoo regularly, as well as hair on your head. A mild shampoo is better suited to the skin of the face.

After the shampoo, use the conditioner. Do not forget to thoroughly wash your beard. Failure to comply with this requirement fully leads to peeling. Due to the fact that the hair in the beard is so hard, air conditioners will have less effect on them than on the hair on the head. But the conditioner will still help make your beard much softer to the touch.

Wipe gently and wipe your beard with a towel. In drying, a hair dryer is really not necessary, and it can affect your skin badly.

Comb your beard and mustache comb with wide teeth so that no tangled hair remains. If desired, you can finish the procedure with a brush.

Beard, perhaps, only in the Petrine era was a sign of stagnation and conservative views. Now, men who have chosen such an image for themselves, cherish and cherish this fashionable part of their image and, of course, often use such a service of modern salons as cutting their beards and mustaches.

Selecting a form

The beard emphasizes not only masculinity, but also individuality, as it has many forms and kinds - from an amusing "duck tail" and an impressive "Garibaldi" to an elegant goatee. However, when choosing this or that variant of her haircut, a man should always take into account such characteristics as the shape of the face, physique, hair color and even height.

For example, stylists are advised to choose a model that visually increases the face for tall people to maintain their proportions. Brunettes with fair skin prefer to have a miniature beard, because it will stand out on the face. Red-haired and blonde men can, on the contrary, recommend voluminous and wide models.

Basic Models

Modern fashion offers men a variety of types and styles of beards, each of which has its own history (quite often quite a long time). Imagine the most famous of them.

Such a beard originates from the temples, smoothly descends, bordering the face, and then bends gently to the mustache.

This model was popular in the 1990s, but is now in a trend. Vegetation should cover the chin, but have a neat and complete shape. Hispanola gives the man elegance, mystery, refinement, that is all those qualities that attract women.

Latest hair and beard style 2016

This kind of beard is small in length, somewhat massive and lack of whiskers. To emphasize its shape will help provide for the haircut under the lower lip and mustache. The name of the model was received on behalf of the Italian black-shirt leader and Mussolini's ally Italo Balbo. Perhaps, having learned its origin, many will refuse such a choice. If you reject the historical trail, you should admit that balbo well emphasizes the features of a man's face.

Such a beard is sure to draw attention to its owner. Length for this species is not as important as leaving. Without edging and daily washing, the Russian beard will look untidy.

This fashion model half closes the cheeks and begins with the line of whiskers to the chin. Her name she received in the form of a forked tip.

Technology of cutting a beard

Those men who believe that the main thing is to grow hair on the chin are not right. It is much more important to give them a form that will express your personality and at the same time match fashion trends.

Cutting the beard of any model (including figurative) is performed according to the following technology, which is relevant both in the salon and at home.

The beard should be well washed and thoroughly combed.

Begin the haircut from the neck and cheeks, shaving off any excess hair.

After that, you can tackle the mustache, if they are implied by the chosen model.

From the mustache gradually move to the lateral parts of the beard (if the hair is long and thick, it is better to use a pair of scissors with curved blades for a haircut).

If the beard is conical, you should closely follow the symmetry, aligning the tip of the chin in the center of the chin.

Then they cut the whiskey. It should be remembered: chubby-faced men are fit long sideburns, and holders of elongated or triangular face - short whiskey.

To create a neat form and clear lines with a trimmer, remove the hair in the corners of the mouth and under the nose (while keeping the mouth closed, but not straining). After that, the haircut can be considered complete.

If you have the necessary tools and you know the technique and sequence of actions, you can also work at home with a beard.

Care instructions

If you do not want to spend time on regular visits to stylists, you need at least a pair of scissors, a trimmer and a comb with wide and rare teeth to care for your beard at home.

Beard care can be called full if it includes:

timely maintenance of the form;

staining (this part of care is needed only by very young trendy people).

Having chosen this or that kind of haircut of a beard, remember that this is only the beginning for the formation of your new image.

If you do not feel the strength to carefully care for your beard, go to the mirror and shave. Fortunately, a smooth-shaven man today, like a bearded man, is in fashion.

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