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Women And Beards

Let’s begin with the fact that bearded men find great pride in keeping and maintaining their beards. Most believe that having beard is a profound indication of manhood and this is what makes them irresistible to women. Grooming facial hair styles.

If you are among this group of men, have you ever asked yourself about how women actually see men’s beard? To answer this question, let’s first begin by having a look into women’s minds about men with beards.

1. I wonder how he’d like beardless

When women come across a man with long, bushy and thick beard or simply with a normal beard, it’s quite irresistible for them to think about how he would look like without his beard. Most women can easily decide the look they’d want on a man. However, most men often fear to shave their beards with the thought that it would leave them appear like featherless chickens. Some men also have egotistic bonds with their beards.

2. Is he willing to shave it for me?

This question must have been thought by women who feel insecure about their men’s affection and are aware of great importance that their men attach to their beards. When a man refuses to shave his beard for his woman doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t love her. He just “loves” his beard more.

Stubble beard styles

3. How long does it take to groom his beard?

This question often arises in the mind of some women after seeing a nice and neatly groomed beard. Most women like men who value their outward appearance, but what they don’t like are those who take so long to groom their beards.

4. That sexy stubble look is irresistible!

The stubble look on some men looks so attractive. Many women don’t have an idea of why it is particularly charming. May be it’s an indication of a man who no longer follows the convention of daily morning shaving but follows his own way. Or may be it’s just the stubble look that fits most men.

5. The hedgehog feel on the skin

At some point of growing beards, the hairs can be irritating to a woman’s skin and initiate redness. A good number of women have gone through it, but they forget the hedgehog feel when the beards grow longer. Most often wish that their men’s beards would grow faster so that they can escape the problem.

Beard styles of 2016

6. The length of the beard matters

Women have their own preferences on the length and style of beards. Although most women prefer shorter beards, there are also those who support the opposite. Some women don’t have issues with a normal beard or a goatee.

Under this scenario, personal preference seems to be the only criterion for women to like certain length and styles of beards than others. And it also definitely depends on how that particular length and style looks on the man’s face.

7. I have an idea for a gift to buy him

Women easily get gift ideas for mustached or bearded men. So if a woman loves her man’s beards, there is a wide range of products to choose for him, such as beard waxes and oils, good trimmers, creams and soaps, brushes and scissors. However, if the man is not a fan of beards or mustache, product options to go for include shavers, bowls and mugs, shaving kits and sets, nice looking razors among other tools for grooming.

How to beard designs

In general, the above-mentioned are simply some of the thoughts women have on men’s beard. Apart from these thoughts, women also like beards that look nice and attractive on a man’s face as well as those beards that are taken care of nicely. Nicely maintained beards can enhance a man’s charm on women.
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