Is beards in style. Beard Basics - Several Styles That Are in Trend

Boasting a beard is a huge trend for 2015. If you’ve never rocked one before and want to try one out, read on to learn about some beard basics so you can familiarize yourself with the styles that are in trend now, so you can start growing one for fall (and even wear your hair in a way that off sets it perfectly). New trend beard style.

1. Medium Thick

A medium thick beard is the perfect beard for most men because it’s heavier than a little scruff but not full fledge “Santa.” This kind of full beard also looks amazing on men who have hair that is longer on top and is able to be pushed back or off to the side with ease.

2. Long Beard

The long beard looks best with long hairstyle. Its medium in thickness and it trails gently off the chin and the sides of the face, falling about an inch or two below the chin. The key to sporting a long beard is to keep your hair (although it’s long) trimmed and maintained so it doesn’t get too unruly or wild, in which it will take away from the beard. Many men who love the look of long beards tend to pull their long hair up in a top knot as well.

3. Trimmed Close Chin Strap

Sported by many and loved by all, you can’t go wrong with requesting a chin strap style beard that is cut close to your face. Be sure to keep your hair trimmed up and well maintained on top and on the sides so you the facial hair seems to flow with the hair on your head.

Male beard

4. Ducktail

Some men have been requesting a ducktail when visiting their barber for their weekly cut and shave. This fun style of beard makes the facial hair form a fuller beard that gently cascades off of the chin and forms a point.

5. Soul Patch

Probably one of the easiest beards to grow and maintain, many men are opting to show off a soul patch. This little patch of hair that sits just below your mouth on your chin is perfect for men who want to try to sport some facial hair and aren’t used to a full fledge beard. Think of it as dipping your toe in the water to test things out before jumping in!

6. Mutton Chops

This trendy beard looks cool and tough on all men. The sides of your face will fill up with hair and you will have a little space on your chin. Be sure to keep your hair textured and full to rock this style successfully.

Beard styles for long face

Ask your barber about trying a new beard style at your next appointment at our NYC barbershop. These trends are sure to please and will instantly give you a new look that you can change quickly and easily if needed!
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