Different men's beard styles. 40 Best Hairstyles For Square Faced Men, Manliness Mastery

How to choose the right hairstyle for a square face shaped man?

Square face shaped guys have cheekbones, forehead, and jaw of similar width. The face is as long as it is wide. The jawline is angular and squared out. So you should choose a hairstyle which will smoothen all the angularity in your face. You shall go for hairstyles with shorter sides and back with added volume on top. The goal is to elongate your face with a hairstyle with curves and textures. Beard styles for men with square face.

I have selected only the best 40 hairstyles of all lengths for you square faced men and included how to style each hairstyle so that it fits your face shape well.

Long Hairstyles For Square Face Shaped Men

Walnut Wave

The top region of this hairstyles is longer than the slightly cut sides. You can style this by making it appear wavy over the forehead. You can also style it by parting the side and this will give you a casual look.

Brush Over

Since the structure of your face is very angular, brush over will make it look soft and aesthetic. You can style this with a side part and your hair on top brushed over to the other side.


The topknot is a trendy hairstyle which is a mix-up of undercut and man bun. In this hairstyle, the hair is pulled to the top and back of your head and tied with the help of a band. To highlight your top knot, you can slightly side part your hair and make some hair hanging.

Long Textured Side Part

This hairstyle needs more hair on the sides. This is a classic hairstyle which can be achieved by side parting the hair by slicking back the hair in opposite sides as shown in the picture.

Swept Back Hair

This hairstyle will require some hair products because your natural hair will fall front without a high hold. So you can apply some hair wax and brush your hair back. Then blow-dry your hair from your front with your finger or a fine-toothed comb.

Man Bun

Though man bun is not so popular now you can try this classic look if you have long hair. Comb your hair from the front and make a bun below the crown and tie it. Allow some hair to curl-free from the nape. The length of the hair will determine the size of the bun. More your hair length, bigger will be your bun size.

Long hair and beard styles


The easiest and quickest way to style your long hair is by a ponytail. To ensemble a more casual look just allow some hair to fall from the front or tuck it behind ears. By doing this you can also avoid the constrictive look.

Long Textured Waves

Celebrities like Jason Momoa popularised this hairstyle. You could grow a subtle amount of beard to enhance the look. After showering, use a blow drier to get your front section of the hair fall back and set it with a hairspray by combing it backward.

Long Braids

Braids have occupied their style in the arena of long hairstyles following the classic man bun. There are many braid styles that you can try. You can make a long braid in the back with an undercut or else you can make many plaits from your front part of the scalp and add a man bun to it. You can try different braid styles to get a versatile look.


One of the uniquely styled long hairstyles is dreadlock. Though it does not work well on every man you can try it if you wanted to stand out the ordinary. And it, of course, requires a commitment to maintaining the hairstyle as it takes time to make it. If you have grown long locks you can style it by pulling it up into a man bun, ponytail, a top knot or a half-up.

Wet Look Hair

The wet look is good for every man with a square face for any formal occasion. This is one of the coolest and easiest hairstyles that you can achieve with the correct hair products. Pick up a correct hair gel and apply it in your roots and brush it over to get the wet look. This will be more enhanced if you have a thick hair tone.

Layered And Tapered

This hairstyle will suit any men who have a square structured face and naturally wavy hair. Growing a subtle beard complements your hairstyle. You can use a hair gel to make it glow. This hairstyle will be perfect if you add some layers to it. You can do it with the help of a comb.

Messy Hairstyle

This hairstyle requires no time to style since it is one of the easiest ways to style any long hair of guys. It’s like leaving your hair with its natural shape. After the shower blow-up your hair and don’t comb it. You can apply some high hold pomade to create some layers. And this will leave you a messy casual look.

Types of beards

Long Layered Fringe

Long layered fringe is one of the modern hairstyles. Don’t be afraid to add layers to your fringe. You style this in any way you want like you can side part or leave it or a natural look. Adding a few layers would make it look great. Shampoo your hair as it adds up some volume on the top and apply some wax in the root to achieve a messy and casual look.


The combover is one of the coolest hairstyles that you can style with your long hair easily. You can make this hairstyle with an undercut or a skin fade with your long hair textured on the top. It is recommended to go for a low fade to achieve the classic look. Since the length of the hair is more on the top you have to apply some high hold pomade or clay. To make the look better you can side part your hair where it naturally falls.

Tousled Balayage Hair

This hairstyle works with men who have thick and long length hair. Soft caramel highlights will complement the long length hair. Apply some wax and run your fingers through your hair to create a natural movement. Then scrunch your hair and since you use wax, your hair will hold strong in the scrunched position.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Square Face Shaped Men


Pompadour hairstyle will emphasize your angularity of the face. The more your slick it back the great it looks. You can pair it up with an undercut or high fade. You can avoid long pompadour since it will make your face look longer and rectangular. You have to apply pomade and make sure it gets into your root. To get more volume comb the hair from the front and adjust the naturally falling hair with your fingers. You can also create some layers if you want.

Mid Fade Pompadour

Maintaining this hairstyle requires time but it’s worth spending some. The tough thing is adding volume to the top. You can go over high fade in your sides and layer some hair at the top. Apply pomade to your wet hair and comb it back from your forehead. Blow it with the blow dryer to create some height. Finish it with your fingers running inside the hair to make up some layers.

Faux Hawk

Faux hawk requires high volume on the top and it will complement your jawline. You can go for fade or buzz or else you can also go for tapering ends in the side. You can style it by using a hair product like gel, wax, pomade and running your fingers throughout hair and set up spikes. And at last, you can flatten your sides.

Messy Quiff

Quiffs naturally require wax or pomade. Using of pomade will also make your quiffs shinier. To set this hairstyle you need to take a surplus amount of gell and apply it on your hair and sweet it backward. You can also side part your hair to get a modern classy look.

Full beard shapes

Modern Pompadour

Modern pompadour creates angles that will make your face longer but never fails you give you a polished look. Though this hairstyle works on face shapes with soft edges like round, it does also look good in square face shape guys. You can also style it with long and short hair. But it is recommended going over medium and short hair since it will not make your face look longer.

Wavy Pompadour

The look of this hairstyle is easy to create than other pompadour and in this hairstyle, it is not recommended to go for a high fade. You can add layers to the top. You can apply a little amount of hair wax or pomade to get a wavy and layered look.

Hard Part Pompadour

This hairstyle is an extended version of the side part. This features a shaved part or line in the scalp. That line gives you an edgy finish. To make it work you need to apply some serum and comb it to get a slick top. Doing this will leave you a high proportion of hair in the top with contrasting sides.

Undercut Combover

This hairstyle pair up the legendary horizontal combover with the edgy side parts. Go for a fade as it creates gradient sides and you slightly trim the top to get the desired shape. You can comb your hair by side parting the lower hair as it looks good with your jawline. The side sweep makes this style different from the side part.

Classic Quiff

The quiff is a classic up-raised hairstyle and pompadour is the hybrid of quiff. The modern quiffs have more hair in the top and its shorten on the sides. To build a quiff concentrate growing more hair in the top and short your sides to elevate the bump. There are many varieties of quiffs that you can style. The best thing that will suit your face structure is neatly combed parted quiff and messy quiff.

Side-Swept Quiff

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