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The chin strap beard is extremely popular among youth, and therefore should not be worn by a full grown man. Typical chin strap beard styles start at the sideburns, and follow the jaw line down to the chin. A chin strap is always very narrow, and is sometimes kept short enough to barely be considered whiskers. Essentially, this beard style says that you are proud you can finally grow facial hair! Thick beard styles.

The king of beard styles is perhaps the full beard. The full beard conveys a sense of wisdom and ruggedness that is great for a full grown man in his middle age. Although extremely popular amongst older gentlemen, on teenagers it can give the impression of overcompensation. When wearing a full beard, it is important to keep it well groomed, otherwise wisdom can be mistaken for laziness.

One of the most common beard styles is the 5 o'clock shadow. This is a distant cousin of the full beard, but with an important difference. By keeping the full beard extremely short, basically no more than stubble, you can tell people that you're laid back and comfortable with yourself. Unfortunately, many individuals come across as someone who is just too lazy to shave.

Top 5 beard styles

With all of these different styles to choose from, one should be able to find the beard that suits their personality. An important factor for any beard, whether just a soul patch or the full beard, is grooming. By letting your facial hair run wild, you are indicating that you are not the most disciplined person.
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