Different short beard styles. Barbershop Samford, The Barba Club, Queensland

Cut, style, neck shave & hot towel Different beard trimming styles.

Single clipper all over & hot towel

Cut, style & a dinosaur from our collection.

Quick clean, back, sides, neck & hot towel

Cut, style,neck shave & hot towel

Traditional cut throat face shave & hot towel, pre & post shaving treatments, cool towel finish

Beard trim & shaping with hot towel, cut throat endings


Beard options


The Barba Club is a Barbershop for everyone. Men,

Women and Kids. I combine my knowledge and skills in

Barbering with my studies of Art and Design to create a

unique haircut and style for each of my customers.

Over the last 9 years I have learnt new skills, techniques and styles of Barbering from working in many countries with numerous different barbers to develop what I call the Craft of Barbering.

For the last couple of years, I have been working and travelling until in 2017 I decided to stay in Noosa. I fell in love with the people, beaches and National Parks and felt it was the right time and place for me to open my first Barbershop where I can keep doing what I love, in one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

Beard grooming styles

After more than 2 successful years of running The Barba Club Noosa I had managed to merge my style on Hastings Street and grow my skills. I am very grateful for the support I had from the local people giving me the possibility to continue with this dream of cutting hair and traveling.

So unfortunately my time to leave came, due to the premises being turned into a unit but this is allowed me to continue my journey and start a new adventure.

I kept with me hundred of sunsets, dozen of waves and many life time friends.

Since the beginning of 2019 I started visiting Samford regularly and this little town took my heart. I fell in love with the community atmosphere, the green hills and the great location.

With all these good reasons I didn’t doubt that The Barba Club will be relocated in Samford Village and after 2 months of renovation, The Barba Club re opened the doors in October.

The Barba Club is located at 1/27 Main Street,

Samford Village. I feel lucky to be part of this community

Trendy beard styles 2016

and be able to create a Barbershop with the style,

aesthetics, art and music that inspires me to be creative.

The Barba Club is a full service Barbershop.

We cut, shave, fade,wash, trim beards and design

and unique style for our customers.

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