Best mens beard styles. Goatee Styles-25 Popular Goatee Beard Styles for Different Face Types, Beauty

Goatee Beard Styles for Different Face Shapes. Wondering what kind of goatee would suit your face shapes? Beards are a kind of nature-gifted accessory for men, that can help you reinvent and enhance your looks. Different kind of goatee styles can add or balance something in your face shape. They are great for all ages. Goatees can be really slim, heavy, or messy. So whatever style you want to create, go through this list of 25 beard styles for different face shapes. Goatee styles for oval face.

Facial Hair Styles that Best Suit Your Face Shape

#25 For a Small and Round Face

A goatee beard can make a small, round face look longer.

#24 Robert Pattinson’s Goatee

Robert Pattinson has a long face with a wide forehead a bit of triangular at the chin. This goatee suits him well and if you have this face shape, go for it.

#23 Chin goatee with light mustache

This small chin-only goatee is suitable for any face shape, specially if you have a small thin face.

#22 For Oval Face

This beard style is good to give an oval face bit of triangular look at the chin as the facial hair slightly traces the jaw at both sides.

#21 Chin Strip

A stylish facial hair style for square and triangular faces.

New hair and beard style 2016

#20 Robert Downy Jr.’s Goatee

Another really stylish goatee from Hollywood; Robert Downy has a strong chin and wide, medium length face. Also check out Sexy beard styles-15 latest beard styling ideas for swag.

#19 For Larger Face Shapes

#18 Oval Face

#17 Square Face

#16 Round Face

#15 Square Face with shaven head

#14 Triangular Face with a Wide Forehead Hidden in Front Swept Bangs

#13 Slim Goatee

A light, chin-strip goatee style for any face shape.

#12 Chin Facial Hair With Thick Mustache

Can add volume to a weak chin for a triangular face. Since suits look great with this look, check out 16 amazing men’s suits combinations to get a sharp look.

#11 Messy Triangular Beard

Good for you if you want to make your face look bit longer.

#10 Diamond Shaped Face

A really slim diamond shaped face with a prominent jaw looks fabulous in this beard style

Different beard styles 2016

#9 Hugh Jackman’s Messy Goatee

#8 Oblong Face

If you have an oblong face, you can make the jaws look bit narrower compared to the forehead using a proper beard style.

#7 Triangular Face

#6 Wolverine-Inspired Beard

Want to go a little crazy? Check out this wolfish hairstyle and beard Hugh Jackman pulled off for his character “Wolverine” in X-Men. This look makes his face look bit smaller by hiding the both sides of his jaw into thick hair.

#5 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Facial Hair

DiCaprio has a rather full and round face which he has often covered with different kind of beard. This light handsome beard is one of his most stylish looks.

#4 Johnny Depp’s Goatee

Johnny Depp has also tried many kind of beards. His famous, strong-jawed face looks amazing in all of those styles. Especially this below-the-chin goatee with moustache is one great styles for this face shape.

#3 Small Square Faces

A face smaller in length with square jaw looks amazing in beard, check out the beard style below and see if it feels like the right style for you.

Beard guide styles

#2 Brad Pitt’s Grey Goatee

Prad Pitt likes to amaze us with his different goatee styles, this one suits him well with the grey strands that look really graceful.

#1 For a Wider Jaw and Narrower Forehead

Let the facial hair cleanly trace your jaw to balance the width of your jaw and forehead.
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