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For those of you lucky enough to be at the age to grow a great beard we will today look into facial hair styles that look best suit your facial shape. By altering your facial hair (and your hairstyle as well), you can seriously show off and enhance your best facial features or even cover the ones you least like on your face. Think of it as make up for men. Celebrities, of course, have access to a whole army of professionals to assist them in hiding a multitude of flaws that they have (in addition to Photoshop), helping them to create the best looks for their facial shapes. Facial styles 2016.

Due to the inability to have thee pro’s at your house 24/7 (and probably due to low funds in the bank account) I have invested some time to this quick guide on what hairstyle will suit your facial features best. To start off I need you men to look in the mirror and honestly examine what facial structure you have not the one you want. Then you can go get your sharpest, most effective razor ready to start grooming your way to a best-looking version of yourself.

Face type: Square

Facial hair styles: Men that have square faces should choose styles that make their faces look as if they’re less square and box like and more slender.

The style: Light but all-over beard with complementary hairstyle.

Description: One look that really works wonders for men with square faces is an all-over beard that’s clipped close to the face, like the one David Beckham usually wears. Thankfully, getting this facial hairstyle and maintaining it is simple. All you need to do is grow your facial hair out for several weeks and then use clippers or a comb and scissors to keep the length short. And that is it! You’ll find that this style is fairly low-maintenance and requires only a high-quality razor to keep it in shape.

Face type: Rectangle/ Oblong

Facial hair styles: Rectangular or oblong faces tend to be quite slender and angular. If you have this face shape, a beard is one facial hair style that can balance your features out by visually shortening the length of your face while creating the illusion that your face is more oval.

New beard styles 2016

Face type: Round

Facial hair styles: Many of you with round faces should try facial hair styles that have an effect on your face that make it appear more masculine and oval-shaped. However, take care not to choose a style that will overwhelm your features, particularly if you have a round face and small features. Also, avoid strong sideburns.

The style: A highly stylised circle beard.

Description: Many celebrities that have used this style including one of the best; Leonardo DiCaprio. Cleverly, he avoids sideburns and keeps his hair slicked close to his head. He also sports a circle beard, which is sported by a moustache that continues along the sides of his mouth to meet up with the facial hair on the chin. To get a style as cool as DiCaprio’s, grow your facial hair out as best you can all the while continuing to shave along your jaw and neck. Once you’re satisfied with the length, you can maintain the look with a good razor and a electronic beard groomer/clipper (if applicable.) at home. The key to looking this good is to make sure the rest of your face has a close shave so it is important to have a good razor at hand.

Face Type: Triangular

Facial hair styles: Men with a triangular-shaped face are likely to have a very pointed chin. Fuller beards to this facial type will make them appear more masculine by adding some weight along the jawline and the chin.

The style: A more messy facial hair style meets a modern hairstyle.

Different styles of beared

Description: The perfect example of a triangular-shaped face and how to style the facial hair perfectly is male/female heart throb Ryan Gosling. Ryan has a soft jawline and a more pointed chin as many ‘skinny men’ are gifted with. If your face is like this then implement an unkempt, medium-weight, shaggy type of a beard to visually bulk up your face. This style is rather easy to grow and maintain, and you can do it without any professional assistance. All you have to do is grow your hair out while shaving bits on your chin as well as keeping the lines along your cheeks and sideburns in good shape by removing any stray hairs.

Face type: Pear/Diamond

Facial hair styles: For pear or diamond faces with a very prominent chin, a full beard can help minimise and soften your facial features. Having long sideburns will also balance your face out and reduce the pointed appearance of your chin. A beard will minimise a soft or overly prominent chin.

The style: Long, thick sideburns with a beard that provides light, full face coverage.

Description: Robert Pattinson is a celebrity with a protruding chins, Robert does a great job of using both sideburns and all-over facial hair to cover it up. To get his facial hair style, you’ll need to start by letting your facial hair grow for anywhere between two weeks to a month, depending on how quickly your hair grows, without trimming it. Once you’re satisfied with the length and the coverage on your face, you’ll need to use scissors or a trimmer to keep the length short and cropped close to your face like Robert. Use a razor around all the edges to maintain the outline and shape of your facial hair. You may also need to grow your sideburns out, but let these grow for longer than four weeks if you need to before you start trimming them. Aim to have sideburns quite a bit thicker than the rest of your facial hair to perfect Pattinsons mix of rugged and clean-cut.

Face Type: Oval

The style: Pretty much anything works for this style. Working with this shape is pretty fool proof. Experts say that men with this shape are the luckiest, as a variety of facial hair styles will complement this facial shape.

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Description: The best example of a celebrity with an oval face is Jude Law. As I said any hair style goes with a face this shape so have fun an experiment to find what is best for you.

Finally facial hair does grows back quickly, so mess around with it. Even with this guide there is going to be some trial and error in finding what suits you’re personally and what is congruent with your style. You can always shave it off if in the end you’re not satisfied with the result. Before you do anything you must be honest to yourself and really think what facial shape you have and not what facial shape you want. On top of this you must consider how much facial hair you’re able to grow and the areas of your face that you typically have the most or least hair growth. Then get out your scissors, clippers, razor and your shaving cream, and put your best face forward. Enjoy Gentlemen.
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