New beard style. 25 Asian Undercut Hairstyles That We Are Crazy Over Cool Men s Hair

Asian undercut is taking the fashion world by storm. Asian men are known by their impeccable hairstyles and overall fashion sense. They are the pioneers in finding and showing up with new haircuts that instantly become a trend in men’s fashion world. Their exquisite taste and sense of modernity are not limited to the young men only. Different beard styles for long face.

Top Undercut Hairstyles for Asian Guys

The Asian men hairstyle s are distinctive and versatile especially when it comes to the Asian undercut. To see what we mean by that, take a look at the list below with the latest 25 undercut styles for Asian men:

Lots of Asian men love wearing man bun. But the long hair is not dull and boring. They make a combination with the undercut that presents a modern style and fresh look. The sides are medium to low fade, while the top is being pulled back in a messy top knot.

This is an extraordinary undercut for Asian guys that is at the same time very elegant and nonchalant too. It is great for men who have wavy hair.

The sides come in medium fade, while the top is longer and styled in a wavy quiff. The front hair of the quiff is shorter compared to the rest of the quiff, but that is necessary for the hairstyle to have nice flow.

Asian men are sleek and stylish, so their haircuts are like that too. One very popular undercut among Asian men of all ages is the sleeked-back undercut.

The undercut as part of the hairstyle can be medium or high fade. The top dominates the look. It is dense, neat and long. With the help of a brush and hair gel, it is combed neatly back and fixated not to move.

4. Asymmetrical Long Undercut

The asymmetry is something the Asian guys love to explore, both in fashion and on hair. For a perfect asymmetry, the hair should be at least ear long. The deep side part is what defines the entire Asian undercut hairstyle.

From one side of the part, the hair is done in a regular undercut, not very short. From the other side of the part, the hair is styled to the side, reaching the ear. The edges are layered and sharp.

5. Textured Top with Tapered Undercut

The natural drop fade and the textured top are among the most common hairstyles that can be seen on Asian men. This Asian undercut fade combination is popular and does not require much styling and maintenance. The fade can be done according to personal likings, while the top should be layered and relaxed.

Man beard style 2016

The comb-over comes under the super-stylish haircuts the Asians love. Similar to the sleeked-back undercut, this Asian hairstyle presents the texture of the top part styled to the side.

The definition will be successful if the comb-over is done with a brush that will leave traces on the comb-over. Styled to the side, the comb-over falls over the bald fade.

So far, the idea of a short faux hawk has been to present a brutal mood. However, new trends suggest something softer and more sophisticated. The perfectly styled top is high, almost looks flat from the front and finishes in a balanced undercut Asian style.

The hairstyle of the disconnected undercut for Asian men creates a visible contrast between the top and the sides. The accent is left on the disconnect itself. The sides come in a high fade, while the top is high and messy. It is sharp and layered, styled upwards that gives even more visual contrast to the side fade.

This is a rare hairstyle whose main accent comes on the top cut. The sides are skin fade, while the top is cut in the traditional crew cut pattern. The top can also be waxed so that the hair will gain more texture.

The successful pompadour requires perfect cut and perfect styling. The Asian undercut variation here is low fade and the hair gradually becomes longer and longer as it reaches the top. The front parts are the longest, and they are the most difficult to style.

The pompadour presents a look where the hair is styled in a decreasing line. Hair gel and hairspray, as well as a brush, are the necessary hair tools for getting the great pompadour.

11. Asian Mullet

The Asian mullet is a glam-inspired haircut that is very popular among Asian male fashionistas. The style presents shaved sides hair or undercuts with a grown and long hair, both from the front and at the back.

The classic bowl cut is a bit different among Asian men. The focus is still centered on the top of the hair, but the styling is moved towards the front instead of to the sides. The top is long that finishes covering the entire forehead with a look of blunt bangs.

Men's facial beard styles

This modern Asian undercut fade style comes from Europe and is currently very popular. The hair is cut and short, with a drop fade and a deep and visible side part. The top of the hair is just a bit longer, enough to be styled to side, sleeked and neat.

14. Hard Part with Dreads

Dreads are not only for black men. Asians are giving the dreads a new fresh look. Just like the asymmetrical cut, this Asian men with undercut look presents a sharp fade with a sharp line serving as a side part. The medium-length dreads start immediately from the side part, falling to the side.

15. Creative Mohawk with Undercut

Each Mohawk with undercut for Asian guys can give a different look with the personal and unique creativity that it will carry. The styling and the cut of the Mohawk are well-known. The originality comes in the creative art that is done on the sides.

16. Faux Hawk with A Stripe

Another look that involves creativity is the faux hawk. As the cut was explained above, making them look more original and unique can be done by adding a sharp line on the Asian style undercut.

17. Mid-Fade Undercut

Mid-fade undercut is a cut that does not require lots of shaving to the sides. This undercut is perfect for Asian men who want to make something different without making the sides very bald. The top is a bit longer, styled upwards and with layered ends.

18. Bun with Undercut and Beard

This is a popular undercut hairstyle for Asian men with long hair. The difference between this style and the first haircut in this list is the beard. Here, the undercut is diagonal, becoming less present as it reaches the back. The hair is slicked back and tied in a bun.

19. Medium Bald Fade with Fringe

The bald fade gives a strong contrast to the hair on the top. This Asian undercut is a look that is great for men with thick hair and a sharp end. The hair itself creates a direction of styling and it is to the front. As it reaches the face, it ends with short fringes.

Another very modern look is the classic fade. The undercut Asian version involves a subtle undercut that leaves most of the hair long. The side part is making the hairstyle flow in two directions. The hair is neat, tidy, sleek and perfectly styled.

The long top of this Asian men undercut is left to fall all over, and create its own direction. Each strand is textured and unique. The short side undercut leaves a clean space for the strand to fall over.

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22. Blunt Bangs with Spiky Hair

Blunt bangs and a spiky top are completely different styles that only Asian men can pull in one look. The undercut is high and the top of the hair is divided into two parts and styles. The front part of the top is cut in fringes while the other hair is spiky and messy.

23. Textured Side Swept Undercut

The texture in the side top of this Asian hairstyle with undercut is seen in the position of the hair and its ends. The front parts are looser and look as they might fall over the forehead. The rest of the hair is styled to the side. The undercut is natural, accented with a deep sideline.

The razor faded pompadour is different than the regular pompadour because of the razor fade. In this Asian undercut fade look, the undercut is more visible and high and separated with parallel sidelines of both sides of the pompadour.

The messiness, the layering, the sharp edges, and the different styling is what presents a unique look. The short undercut leaves a lot of hair at the top for different styling. The front part of the hair is styled to the front, finishing in some irregular fringes. The back part is messy and spikey.

Asian undercut hairstyles are very versatile and interesting. They present a look that is fashionable and modern and set new trends in the hairstyling.
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