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t is commonly said that a man’s make up and beauty is his beard but at the same time if not groomed properly can lead to an ugly mess. In order to avoid that, here are some tips men can adhere to, just to keep their beards looking healthy, neat and sexy. Unique beard designs.

– Do not shampoo everyday: Many men would say that they wash their beards everyday with regular hair shampoo but that is wrong. Your beard is to be washed with beard shampoo one-three times a week to avoid itchy beards caused by regular shampoo.

– Apply beard oil: After shampoo, it is important to use essential oils like jojoba oil, grape seed oil, etc to moisturize and make your beard shine.

– Use beard balm: Just like your hair, you need sealants that can help trap moisture. You could use beeswax or Shea butter.

– Combing, shaping and styling: Make an extra effort to comb, shape and style your beards. Doing this keeps the beards neat and stylish.

Dave blinked his eyes a number of times. He wished he was seeing an apparition. But no, she stood there, her eyes as round as saucers. He wished he had magical powers that could turnaround this situation. He had woken up with a funny taste in his mouth which had stayed all day.

Brushing with charcoal toothpaste, rinsing his mouth a number of times with mouthwash had not removed the taste. He should have known that that indescribable taste foretold something unpleasant. And he hit his toe against the door twice today!

The djinns must be out and about this season. He could not look her in the face. What! Ujay a whore? This was too much for him to bear. He slumped on the bed, his hands on his head. How would he talk about this? Who would he tell? It would lower his esteem among family and friends.

He that had nothing but scorn for perceived ladies of easy virtue found to be patronising them! Death would be better than this, but he would choose life still. Why would he consider death? A man should not concede defeat to a woman! He mustered the courage and looked her in the eyes and felt like giving her the beating of her life. First, a few hard slaps should rearrange her brain. But would that be justified? He was in a mess and she was in a bigger mess. But…why was he jumping to conclusion? He didn’t know why she was there. What if she acted on a tip off?

Whatever, he knew it would do him good not to cause a scene here. He had a name to protect. He cursed Dom under his breath. On second thought, he reasoned that Dom was just doing his business, discreetly procuring high profile ladies for men of means.

He had never thought of asking how Dom got those beautiful, well-behaved ladies. He remembered Dom told him that the lady he was sending to him was a new one and a respectable lady of honour. His adrenaline had been on overdrive. It would be fun to unleash

his savagery on a new lady.

He had wished his wife would go learn how to satisfy a man behind closed doors. She felt cooking delicious meals would keep him attached to her. When he heard the knock on the door a while ago, his man had sprang to attention for the excitement was physical. Immediately he beheld the object of his excitement, his man had slumped like an armed robber executed at the Bar Beach. He stared at her, his mind a jumble of thoughts… Ujay stood rooted to a spot for a long while, wishing the ground would open and swallow her.

She was still clutching her phone with which she wanted to take a picture of the beautiful bedside locker in the hotel room… She shouldn’t have done this! She knew it wasn’t right even from the first day she thought about it. It was just that she was desperate to satisfy him.

Desperate? She smiled in her mind while she trembled outwardly. She thought of all she had gone through and steeled her mind. One can only die once. “I’m highly disappointed in you. I feel so ashamed. What do I call this? What will people say when they hear this?”

Dave suddenly said, jumping up. Ujay stared at him. This wasn’t what she expected. The surprise was written all over here. “So, this is what you do when I go to work?” He continued.

He was standing a few paces from her. “And I guess this is your office,” she said, surprised at herself. She didn’t see it coming, for her mind was faraway, but the impact of the slap brought her back to reality. Her right hand flew to her stinging right cheek as tears welled up in her eyes. “How dare you! You slut! So, this is what you do in my absence?

To think I’ve been living with a dog as wife! What would you say is your problem? I take care of your every need. Why this? Oh my Gawd! Who did I offend? How did I get myself into this? How did I get married to a harlot?

Haaaaaaaaaaa! This world is wicked, very wicked,” he said. When he stood up, the towel he tied round his waist had slipped to the floor but he didn’t notice. Ujay stared at him, tears coursing down her cheeks. “The marriage is over. It’s over. Don’t ever step into my house again. Just go back to your useless family from here. If I set my eyes on you near my home, I’ll kill you,” he said quietly.

“Baby please listen to me. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. This would have been my second time,” she pleaded, kneeling down. It would be better for him to kill her inside that room than for people to hear the abominable act she had committed.

“Who is your baby? If I hear that word from your mouth again, I’ll strangle you right here,” he said, whacking her face twice. Ujay tasted blood in her mouth. She spat out blood. In her bid to clean her face, she noticed that her phone was switched to video and was on recording mode. She smiled within her and positioned it in a manner that got full shot of her husband in his birthday suit, without his knowledge. “Is it not better you kill me here?

I’ll die gladly in your arms, knowing fully well I was trying to save my marriage because I didn’t want to lose you. Each time we’re behind closed doors, you express your frustration with me. You want me to behave like a bitch, that that’s what turns you on. You told me the way bitches handle you behind closed doors kept you going back to them. You tell me to learn to behave like one, but you would not teach me.

How do I learn to be one when you refuse to teach me? How else would I do that if not by mixing up with bitches? It’s all right and good. I’ll leave your home. I’ll go back to my people. But mind you, I’ll never tell anyone why you drove me out of your house. You’ll be the one to come and tell my family and your own family why we’re no longer living together,” she told him.

She got up from her kneeling position. Her knees and cheeks ached. Dave stared at her, mouth agape. “You know what you just said is not true. You can’t prove anything. You’re just a bitch that I was unfortunate enough to get married to.

You’re a fake and you know it. Just leave my home. I can’t imagine living with a bitch,” he said. “All well dear, I’ll leave. But you’d have to convince your people that had to plead with you to allow me to attend family events,” she said, crying.

She turned the door knob, stepped out and closed the door behind her. She then leaned on the door, wiped her face and walked briskly away, blinded by tears. Dom saw her late. He was lounging in the garden when she walked out of the door towards the gate. His mind became alert.

Why was she leaving less than an hour after she came in? And without informing him! Could it be that he didn’t like her? Could it be that they disagreed on payment? But she would have informed him before leaving. Could she have harmed him and robbed him?

Fear clutched his heart. Some of these women were dangerous. They could do anything to their clients. He sprinted towards the gate but before he got outside, she had flagged down a cab and entered. He could just make out the rear of the cab as it pulled into the relatively traffic-free road. He made to get a cab to go after her but realised he needed to be sure his client was okay first.

He pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialed Dave’s number. It was not answered. He dialed it the third time and it rang out again. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as he sprinted back into the hotel and took the stairs two at ago to the first floor.

When he got to the door, he knocked twice and got no response. He turned the knob and the door opened. He rushed into the room and stopped dead on his track…

Names of men's facial hair styles

Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!

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Reverend Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi, popularly known as ‘Iya Adura’ is the founder of the Love of Christ Generation (LOC) Generation Church, C & S United Kingdom. The Reverend Mother is known for her unflinching acts of giving, freeing people from the shackles of poverty and donating to worthy causes through her foundation, Esther Ajayi Foundation. She speaks with ABIOLA ALABA PETERS on her various charity works, social media gossips about her and why she decided to relocate from United Kingdom to Nigeria

Who exactly is Esther Ajayi?

Rev Mother Abimbola Esther Ajayi is a God-fearing person that God has been kind to and who is under the special grace of God.

To start with, you have been frequent in Nigeria and other countries of the world, how do you now manage the church in London?

Whenever I am not around on a Sunday, they put me on the projector and other digital devices and I pray for the congregation. I talk to them too and I do live sessions with them. A good leader breeds leaders. There are able hands in the church running the affairs of the London church. They have gone to pastoral schools. Amazingly, my children are in the ministry and they are doing well too. If you listen to any of my children ministering, you would bless the Almighty on my behalf. I’m under God’s special grace.

Why is Esther Ajayi always giving, especially to the church?

You see, I have had series of challenges, some of which helped in shaping who I am today. Having overcome these challenges, I made a decision to do whatever I can to keep hope alive in the body of Christ, who helped saw me through those challenges.

And then, you have taken your giving beyond your home country, Nigeria, what informs that?

It is about the same mission I mentioned earlier. It is part of the promise I made when I was nothing. Because God has been kind to me, I have made up my mind to use the Esther Ajayi Foundation to impact lives positively beyond what anyone could comprehend. I want to see human beings before seeing colour, nation; it is just about human first. God has been merciful to me and people know me as a being before my nationality. So, there should be no disparity.

What’s the motivation behind your constant generosity and philanthropy outreach across different boards?

It is a mission to change the narrative of the society which is becoming so self-centred. Virtually everyone is concerned about themselves alone. A change starts when we change. If you cannot change, nothing will change. I think it is just surprising to people that there can be a human being like me and I want to thank God for that. The Bible says: Nobody can get anything if he is not given from above. I can’t have this if God did not give it to me. Everything lies in our hands and it depends on how you want to listen to your creator. The secret is do good and act against evil.

You recently visited the United Nations General Assembly, what was your mission?

The UN General Assembly is special to me. This is my first time of attending, though it is the 74th Assembly. I went to see the President, Professor Tijjani Mohammed-Bande, whom I always referred to as Baami Bande. I did an event at the UN on May 6, which he attended. Baami Bande was on his feet for over one hour waiting for me, making sure all our people were comfortable. He played a vital role for the success of the event which centred on the harmony of the two major white garment churches; the Cherubim and Seraphim and Celestial Church of Christ at the UN. I prophesied that he would become the president of UNGA and it came to pass. That was why I came to celebrate with him.

What is your advice for African leaders, especially Nigerian politicians?

My advice is simple; you see the efforts of people like us in impacting lives have become a serious challenge to the government and many politicians in the country. It is not magic; it is about the passion and doing the will of God. Many church leaders are doing great jobs in putting smiles on the faces of many Nigerians who are hopeless. We are trying our best and it is one step at a time. There is still a lot to cover and I pray we will get there.

Is it true, you did not acquire a private jet, as widely reported in some section of the media, if yes, where did the report emanated from?

Well, it is true I did not acquire a private jet. What happened is that, the former speaker of Madagascar came to my event on May 6 at the United Nations. His sandal attracted me to him and I sought to know his country and when he mentioned Madagascar, I informed him that I was visiting there soon and we exchanged contact. I went there and saw poverty in the land. I even went to a city called Nosy Be after Madagascar. It is like what Abuja is to Nigeria. A plane flies there once a day and once you miss it, you will have to get a private jet. Those that run private jets do so for tourism purpose. So, I got there and for the first time, I was able to hire a private jet. I think my photographs were taken when I disembarked from the jet and it went all over social media that I had acquired a private jet. When the rumour came to my attention, I claimed it and I said to myself that at some point, it is going to happen to use a private jet as equipment for evangelism. To acquire a private jet is not an easy task as it requires a lot of maintenance. However, the truth is that I did not acquire a private jet.

Is it also true you relocated from the United Kingdom to Nigeria, tell us what we don’t know?

I went to the United Kingdom as a visitor in 2004. The country is a sensitive place and no matter how gigantic you are, if you don’t have the status, I mean, the papers to stay in their country, at some point, it’s going to be a problem. I went there as a poor person and came back rich. I had to come back to retrace my steps. The white believes in proper documentation. So, I want to go back to the United Kingdom as an entrepreneur. That is what I have applied for now. The record has to be clean and straight. If you are a billionaire and they don’t know you as one in their record, it is going to be a problem at some point. It is better not to wait for the problem. As I was travelling around the world, I was doing my prayers at a secret place on October 22, 2017 and the Holy Spirit told me, “Esther, my daughter, move to Nigeria now. I want to use you all over the world.” When I told my husband and children that I had a personal relationship and fellowship with Jesus Christ, they were shocked and supported me. I practically closed down the airport with about 4,000 members of Cherubim and Seraphim and Celestial Church of Christ the first day I got to Nigeria. Everything that has been happening now is an attestation that the Lord actually said I should move. I have been to over 48 cities around the world just in a year and eight months.

Despite being a successful minister of God, you have successfully managed your home, and made it a scandal-free marriage; what do you think most women should learn?

Humility comes before honour. A woman needs to exhibit humility as a wife. Ego is in every male—black or white. Grace has gotten me this far, but humility also takes you far in ministry as a woman. Whenever I am ministering and my husband is present, I would kneel down and greet him first. Who doesn’t love honour? That I am a woman of God doesn’t stop the scripture in Ephesians chapter 5 which admonishes women to submit to their husbands. It doesn’t stop you from cooking. It doesn’t change my name as Esther. It doesn’t change me as the Esther the world sees. As long as it gives me peace in my marriage, why won’t I do it? I understand the fact that some women have terrible husbands but, you cannot use darkness to chase out darkness. Remain humble and God will intervene.

We got married in 1984 but we visited the Ikoyi Registry in 1989.

Lastly, do you still cook his meal?

Of course, cooking gives me joy. If I am not on ministerial duties, I cook for my husband. He is the head, I treat him as such.

African print is taking the forefront in fashion around the world because of its versatility. Mixing and matching it with different styles of clothing, particularly with denim or chambray can really be fun. There’re a few fashion staples that every girl should have in her closet and a good chambray shirt is one of them.

Chambray shirts are so cute and adaptable and can be styled in so many different ways. They are super comfy, especially if you find one made with soft denim.

Chambray shirt looks absolutely gorgeous when teamed with Ankara skirt; be it pencil, midi or full skirt. African Wax Print Skirt worn with chambray shirt, a golden belt accentuating your waist and high heeled pumps is perfect for the office during the mid-week or Thank God is Friday (TGIF) when your style is semi-casual, fun and playful.

Beard styles for men with less facial hair

While looking for the perfect denim shirt, keep in mind that the one with slightly tailored silhouette will look best and you can tuck it into the lower part of your outfit, but the shirt also must be loose enough to roll up the sleeves and knot at the waist. For a chic stylish look, combine your chambray shirt with a statement necklace, midi skirt and high heeled sandals and come out slaying

hen you talk about the most expensive cars in the world, be sure that you are no longer talking about cars as a means of conveyance. The most expensive cars in the world are built to be rare and are usually limited to the rich and powerful.

Sweptail by Rolls Royce is the most expensive car in the world and it costs $13million!

Don’t sweat it out because this particular car is off the market. It was designed specifically on the order of a yacht specialist who made a request to the Rolls Royce motors for a car that looks like a yacht.

Rumor has it that it took the company four years to build the car. Roll Royce is known for its exclusive cars. This car is no different and it’s perhaps the most exclusive since it was made based on order.

Its interior is beautifully handcrafted with wood and dark spice leather, with cases for keeping laptops behind each door.

The Rolls Royce Sweptail reminds one of a royal carriage and only accommodates two people. It has fully panoramic sunroof like those yachts in motion, with a large bonnet covering a 6.6-litre V12 engine; the sweptail can produce a speed of 150mph.

In Nigeria Naira, the sweptail by Rolls Royce will cost you N4, 680,000,000!

V Personality and Entrepreneur, Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun, is marking her birthday today, which coincidentally, is Thanksgiving Day.

She took to her Instagram page to share some lovely maternity photos, and also gave her followers a rare glimpse into some happenings in her life that she is thankful for.

Stephanie shared the lovely photos stating: “I turned 30 last year. I was blessed with so much but was also tested. I went through and dealt with so much. From life threatening circumstances, you can’t do this… you can’t do that. I felt a huge weight on my shoulders.

This year, my birthday is on thanksgiving because God knew he wanted to give me triple celebration. I have so much to be thankful for. This was God’s plan. Happy Birthday to me!

She will be releasing an exclusive video series about her pregnancy journey soon.

onto Dikeh has yet again denied that she has been held back in Dubai by its security authority.

She says she is still in Dubai but not on the orders of the security authorities of the country.

The actress released a video on her Instagram page recently where she laughed off the reports that she is been held back in Dubai. She also revealed in the video that her international passport wasn’t seized.

“So I heard that this bitter old disabled woman is still coming for me, said that they have my passport in Dubai…Really? That they have my passport, my international passport in Dubai, that the police have my passport in Dubai. I don’t understand why people actually still read that blog. Is it your wish for me to lose this, girl? Then you don’t know my name. My name will always remain King Tonto,” she said.

It is no news that Tonto Dikeh and popular blogger, Stella Dimokokorkus had a free for all fight on Instagram a few days ago. It was one messy day on social media and they both called each other names.

There are reports that the rift started after the news of Tonto’s alleged deportation broke on social media. She, however, came out to deny the deportation rumours.

In a video released by the movie star, she laughed off the insinuation that she was deported to Nigeria from Dubai.

“Hello, people what’s up? I heard you guys have been looking for me up to the extent that you guys created fake news that I was deported. Really? Anyways, I’m still here…still here…going to be here for a while. And please stop the fake news, I have not been deported. Y’all don’t know my name? It’s King Tonto. You guys are joking with me, I swear, these bloggers be joking with me,” she said.

Prior to the release of this video, there had been reports that Tonto Dikeh was arrested in Dubai after reportedly getting into a fight with some security personals.

he founder of Plus Size Fashion Week Africa, (PFWA), Mrs. Temi Aboderin-Alao, has set a high standard for women on the plus side, describing them as ‘sexy fat’ and not plumb as it was previously perceived.

Aboderin-Alao said this during the briefing at the third edition of the Plus Size Fashion Week Africa themed: Fashion and Nature, held at Ikeja.

She said that Plus Size Fashion Show would have the models flaunting their natural hippy curves, in an open space of the Traffic Bar Restaurant, Polo road, Ikoyi on December 8.

She said, “In Nigeria, they prefer to go to the hotels to watch fashion shows, but we want to explore by bringing nature and fashion together”.

According to her, “This edition is going to be a credible year for the show because we are exploring both fashion and nature; it is a direction in which we want to move the event in the future. We want to see how we can structure the show to have quality people and we have started to promote it, so that the women on the fat size will not have low esteem, but believe in whom they are and setting high started.

“Already, we are in collaboration with the international designers from Africa, United States of America (USA) and Europe participating in this year’s Plus Size Fashion Week Africa.

“The fashion show is to build confidence in women, the brand is growing into a modeling agency, and we have decided to undergo an evolution of Plus Size fashion Week Africa.”

Beard guide styles

One of the influencers, Mrs. Sandra Esi, said that plus size women hardly get fashionable wears, but with this evolution embarked on by the agency would make a difference, at least the models would now feel that they can look good without feeling low in spirit, but build confidence in themselves.

Mr. Wilson Alao said that the average Nigerian woman is on the plus side, adding that a group of people recognised the movement, “it means that we are on the right track in what we are doing and that gives me great joy.”

Mr. Alao gave reason for running Plus Size agency, “We are collaborating with the international agencies because we want to start taking the models from African continent to Europe, to be exposed to the outside world that is why we have the agency”.

ne of Nigeria’s music sensation, Chukwuemeka Chike Ezekpeazu also known as Syemca has revealed why he was absent on social media, in an interview with Dazzle Razzle.

The Voice Nigeria contestant, said, “I was working on my single and it was actually two. I just released one, ‘Over you’ and it’s out on digital platforms and I will be releasing my second single early next year. No sponsors, I’ll just put them out. Thanks to my manager and brothers for their support. I’ve waited for two years now for sponsors to get my single out, one is out already and the other will be out early next year.

“The reason I hardly come on social media is that it is tiring to always see fake stuff out there. I am just trying to do music and it is very frustrating to see that I wasn’t really getting the feedback I was looking for, so I decided to lay low and do rebranding. I want people to forget whatever I sang on the Voice Nigeria and accept the new me. But recently, I’ve been doing some freestyles and I have them on my social media pages” he noted.

On his experience at the Voice Nigeria, he has this to say, “That’s a very long story. I heard there was an audition and I went for it; let me not exaggerate, there were hundreds of people for the audition. I did my audition and I was selected among those to go for the blind audition. So I just closed my eyes and sang. You know how it is, if you really want something, you just have to beat your fears and I got selected by Yemi Alade and Patoranking.”

“It continued like that and I kept going through different stages until we got to the finale where I came out as the second runner up. While I was there, my experience was very awesome, the renowned artists there, the coaches; Yemi Alade, Timi Dakolo, they were always there to help us to be better at what we were trying to do. They were always there to support us and I learnt a lot while I was there which I am applying to myself right now. It was an awesome experience while I was on the show,” he expressed.

akeup can be intimidating and makeup brushes can be even more intimidating. Most Nigerian women love to makeup but 86 percent are ignorant of the different types and sizes of brushes and their uses.

We have eighteen different types of makeup brushes. But will be looking at seven of them.

•Foundation brush: It is use to facilitate the smooth application of your base or foundation onto the skin. Two best foundation brushes are: real technique foundation brush and japonesque foundation brush.

•Concealer brush: This is perfect for spot correction.

•Stripping brush: This can be used for your base. Stripping brush gives you an airbrushed look.

•Angled blush brush: It enables the precise application of the blush.

•Powder brush: This brush allows you to set and touch up your makeup

•Angled brush: It has multiple uses for brows and eyeliner.]

•Contour brush: It is designed to help you target the areas you want to contour and shape.

•Lip brush: It is a must because it’s used to perfectly line the lips like you see in makeup tutorials and photo shoots.

There you have it! These are the different types of makeup brushes you need to know about. So now you know how to use makeup brushes; be the flawless diva you are.

ity big boy, who sits atop flourishing outfit, Core Media, Olajide Adediran has been over the moon in recent days as he’s had two significant events to celebrate. First to go was his induction as a member of the prestigious social club in Lagos, Yoruba Tennis Club.

Amidst pomp, he was taken through the rites and was certified a member. Second was his 42 birthday anniversary that followed almost immediately. For his birthday particularly, his good deeds didn’t fetch him just torrent of good wishes, prayers were organized for him across the 20 local governments and 37 LCDA across by members of his charity organization.

Only mischief makers would attempt to downplay the enviable status of Adediran as well as his personality that uncontrollably endears him to all and sundry even as it is evident his image is soaring higher.

It is however important to put it in perspective that all the tall and easy going dude savours today didn’t appear overnight, but as a result of years of being consistently diligent in his work and striking right chords that have not only placed success in his hands but equally made lots of doubting Thomas to have a change of heart. In the early days of his outfit, Core Media, rumour were rife he was a front for some people but his consistency and how he has nurtured the outfit to grow in bounds and leaps in the full glare has no doubt said it all.

It is also interesting to say Jide doesn’t belong in the league of well to do who close their eyes to plight of others as he operates one of the most active charity organizations around, Jandor Foundation.



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