Small beard shape. 110+ Best Hairstyles For Men According To Face Shape, Manliness Mastery

There were days when I used to wonder which haircut I should get only after entering into the barbershop. Haha, too late. Therefore, I don’t want you to make the same mistake I made in my earlier days. So, in this article, we will help you to choose the best hairstyles for men according to face shape. Beard styles for men with oval face.

So, how to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape?

If you have an angular face shape (square, rectangle, triangle, and diamond), you should have a hairstyle with more smooth curves like the pompadour, slick backs, etc..

Or, if you have a curved face shape (oval, round, and heart), you should have a more angular hairstyle like quiffs and fringes.

To be honest, many of you go wrong in choosing your hairstyle. I find many men with a short round face with a casual messy fringe that projects their faces more sloppier. Never ever make a mistake like this. But don’t worry, we are here to guide you to look more sleek and elegant with a perfect hairstyle that fits your face.

Without any further ado, let’s jump into the article.


Hairstyles for Square face shaped men

Guys with square face shape have a prominent forehead with a strongly defined jawline of equal length and width. Your chins are very angular. You guys can go any of the three hairstyles given below.

If you really want to increase your game up with short hair, then you can keep it very prompt with a classic military buzz cut. This will make you look super masculine and gives you more of an alpha male look.

A modern undercut with skin fade will look amazing on you.

But, if you want a more formal look you can go for a slick back with a side part.

Long hairstyles like man bun, ponytail, top knot, and long textured waves will also suit your face shape excellently.

Here are some celebrities (men) with square face shape rocking different hairstyles:

Brad Pitt with an unkempt buzz cut

Jason Momoa with Long Waves

Tom Cruise with a side part

Zayn Malik with a Top Knot

Hairstyles for Rectangle face shaped men

Men with rectangle face have more length than width. Your forehead, cheekbones, jawline all are similar in size.

In this facial structure, you have to add more width to make your face look more balanced. If you go for a high skin fade, then you will make your face look thinner and longer than it already is.

Beard grooming styles

Don’t go for a voluminous quiff or a pompadour, instead, you can keep some hair in the side and part it to add balance to your face.

The best suiting hairstyles for men with rectangular face are

You can also grow a subtle beard to make your face even more handsome.

Men with rectangle face shape having different hairstyles:

Important: Just don’t add volume

Hairstyles for Diamond face shaped men

If you have a chiseled jaw with angular cheekbones, with the cheekbones forming the widest part of your face, then you have a diamond face shape. You have to add more hair on the top and to the side of your head.

Also, if you wish to add more shape to your lower part of the face, you can grow a beard.

A textured or angular fringe will also balance out the wider proportions of your cheekbones with your forehead, lending a more balanced look. You can have a hairstyle like a high fade sweeping fringe.

A classic slick back with a side part will also look good on your face.

Here are some celebrities with diamond face shape rocking different hairstyles:

Johnny Depp rocking messy quiff

Hairstyles for Oval face shaped men

You gentlemen will find it very easy in choosing a hairstyle because your face shape is more versatile and one of the most common face shapes.

Oval face-shaped guys have narrow chin than the forehead with balanced proportions.

You can go for a medium length hairstyle like conservative to modernquiffs.

High volume mid fade pompadour with a high skin fade will appear awesome on your face.

A messy fringe with a skin fade looks fantastic on you.

If you want to look like you mean business, a classic side part can do it for you.

Men's facial hair and beard styles

In a nutshell, any hairstyles look good on you.

Celebs with Oval Face Shape with different hairstyles:

Micheal B Jordan rocking a Buzz Cut

Hairstyles for Round face shaped men

Your face has equal length and width. But, they are really soft angled with full cheeks and delicate features.

To find a balance, you need to build in the heights. So,

You can go super short in back and side, but high volume on top like a modern quiff as it gives your face a more pronounced look.

Also, the side part will also create more angles and give you a more mature look.

A messy slick back will look awesome on you.

Modern pompadours with a beard or stubble will work well for your face shape.

Bonus Tip: A well-shaped beard will give your face a chiseled jawline illusion that you badly need.

Some men with round face shape sporting different hairstyles that fit their face:

Zac Efron with a messy undercut

Other hairstyles for round face shaped men

Hairstyles for Heart face shaped men

With a prominent forehead and narrow jawline, a heart-shaped face exudes a striking look. You should remember that your chins are narrow. Thus, you should style your hair in such a way that, it does not make your chin look narrower. Moreover, you have to balance out the top part of your face with the bottom.

So, you can go for any of the following styles.

Celebrities with Heart face shape having different hairstyles:

Chris Hemsworth with Short Messy Quiff

Beard styles for less hair

Ryan Reynolds sporting an Edgy Quiff

Fringe with high tapered sides

Hairstyles for Triangle face shaped men

The characteristic feature of triangular face shape is the wider jawline than the cheekbone. So, reminisce that you want to balance your jaw with your more narrow forehead.

Accordingly, you should not go for a short haircut on your side and back as it will make your jaw to protrude out. But, here are some hairstyles that you can rock:

High volume quiff and pompadour will emphasize your look.

A fringe will also look good for your face shape.

A side part can accentuate your face shape by adding width to the upper part of your face.

If you have curly hair, just let it grow out long.

Men with the triangle face shape rocking different hairstyles:

YouTuber Alex Costa sporting a high volume Modern Messy Pompadour

Best Haircuts According To Your Face Shape (Men)

Square: Buzz Cut, Undercut, Fade or Side Part.

Rectangle: Crew Cut, Caesar Cut or Side Part.

Oval: Fade, Caesar Cut, Buzz Cut, Crew Cut or Side Part.
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