The Bandholz beard style was popularized by Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand. He was into the corporate world until he fell in love with beards. He got negative comments because of his drive to grow his beard until its limit, thus, he has quit his job and decided to put up Beardbrand. Beardbrand was just a community before. Eric posted blogs, YouTube videos, and Tumbler entries to provide information to enthusiasts who would like to keep their beards at its finest condition. Later on, he has decided to turn it into a business by offering high-quality products that really work wonders. From beard oils, washes, and softeners, to scissors and combs, the Beardbrand is certainly a one-stop shop. Beard styles for men with oval face.

Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Oblong, Oval or Diamond face shapes

Growing a Bandholz require patience. At first, you will look patchy and unkempt especially during the first 4 months. You need to have the patience to keep it untouched. Throw away your razor and scissors; you won’t need them for months. Just let it grow until it reaches the maximum length you can genetically grow. You can start shaping and cutting it 7 months after, or you can keep it as is, depending on your preferences. What is nice about the Bandholz is that you can keep it freely unlike other beard styles.

The manliest and much preferred by men among all the beard styles, the full beard is certainly something you must not miss this 2017! Well-groomed full beard is more attractive as it accentuates your features better.

Diamond, Triangle or Inverted Triangle face shape

The full beard depends on your genetics. If you grow hair all over your face, then achieving it is easy. You just have to let the hair grow until medium stubbles and shape it evenly using a razor. Stop shaving until 6 weeks so as to attain the look. Trim right after to maintain the length.

Different mens beard style

Do not have ample time to keep your beard looking kempt? The Garibaldi is perfect for you! It is a bit shorter than the Bandholz, thus, trimming it once in a while is required.

Oval or Rectangular Face

You have to grow your beard for months, about 4 months depending on how quick you grow your beard, until it reaches 15-20cm. Trim and shape the lower area from time to time to make it look round. The mustache’s length is something that you should also keep neat as the focus should be on the beard. No styling aids required as it has to look natural.

The simplest among all the beard styles, the short stubble is something that you can easily maintain as there will be no “special” method just to achieve the look. It looks manly yet does not make you look untidy.

Just don’t shave your beard and mustache for 1 to 2 days. After that period, just trim it to keep its short length. If you grow hair above your cheeks, just shave it habitually to maintain the look. You can also shave the hair growing on your neck area, keeping the stubbles focused just around the lower area of your face.

Side beard style

Well, if you don’t want to trim your short stubble, then you have to say hello to medium stubble. If you think you look better on it, just once again keep the hair trimmed until it’s 3 to 5mm long. It will probably make you look scruffy a little bit, but if properly maintained, it will surely bring out your machismo image.

Make sure that your beard doesn’t go beyond your cheek and neck area, so trim or shave all those excess growth. Keep the length no more than 5mm so you should have a good trimmer as you will use it at least once every week.

Measuring about 6mm, the long stubble is kinda tricky to maintain compared to the short and medium counterparts as it has to be trimmed well to get rid of stray hairs, especially those that grow on the cheek and above the Adam’s apple.

Do not shave your beard for a week or two, until it reaches 6mm. Keep it well trimmed so that it will look like a “shadow” on the lower third area of your face. Make sure that you get rid of the stray hair using a trimmer or shaver.

The Imperial became popular during the Second Empire. It is not actually a beard style but a mustache. However, you can incorporate it with your sideburns or chin beards, like what Mel Gibson has done on his beard. Just make sure that you keep the beard simple so as to keep the imperial mustache as the highlight of your face.

Beard styles for men with square face

Rectangular or Oblong Face

Do not shave for weeks, or even months, until you have acquired whiskers that are long enough to be shaped. Some enthusiasts say that they had to wait as much as 3 months until they have successfully achieved the look.
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