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We can all agree that beards are wonderful and facial hair adds a certain suave sophistication to the face of any fellow. That’s not to say you can just stop shaving and hope for the best, beard styles for men are certainly something to be taken seriously. In order to grow a beard that really works, you have to pick a style that suits the shape of your face. Choose the wrong beard variation and you could end up looking unattractive and potentially give a bad name to bearded men everywhere. It’s all about creating the right beard balance. Here are Benjamin Bernard’s top tips to find the perfect beard style to help complete your look. Beard styles for oval face.

Long face

If people make horse jokes every time you walk into a bar, you really don’t want to emphasise the length too much so avoid anything too thin and straggly or even anything that’s pointed towards the end. Instead you want to create the impression of a fuller face and a close trimmed beard or heavy stubble will come to your aid. This helps to create more a square jawed look and shortens the face by covering up a little skin.

Round face

A beard can be tricky on a round face; if you grow something too full then it can exaggerate the roundness but anything too small can just look like you have an unfortunate stain around your mouth. In order to create the perfect look, you need to find the right balance. The best course of action is a full beard short on the sides and longer around the chin to create more definition. To create even more definition, you can shape it to a point with some beard balm.

Different mens beard style

Oval face

The oval face is considered the optimal face shape so really, you can pick any beard shape you want. Since you have all the options, you might as well opt for something extravagant. The options are endless but you could go for the timeless style of a Van Dyke ; the full on pleasure of a Verdi beard; or maybe just the elaborate Balbo beard. The world is quite literally your bearded oyster.

Square face

Some people would see a good square jaw as an attractive and manly feature and suggest it would be sacrilege to cover it. That’s nonsense, as we all know that there’s nothing that a beard can’t improve. It’s all about creating softer lines where they might appear harsh so keep it light on the cheeks with some more volume as your reach the chin to appear both refined and highly masculine.

Beard shaving patterns

Heart shaped face

With a heart shaped face, you show the love to the world at all times with your prominent cheek bones and pointed chin. The full beard is a perfect look for this shape. You can even keep it a little scruffy to help balance the diminishing face width.
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