New trendy beard styles. What Are Men s Oval Face Shapes Characteristics The Best Hairstyles?

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You will realise early on that the oval face shape’s balanced proportions offer an ideal foundation for styling. The objective is to ensure that these proportions are respected without throwing them off. Nevertheless, they can be manipulated and adjusted to bring out any particular features. For instance, sharp hairstyles can render the face more angular if desired.

This guide for men provides an informative overview on how to style an oval face shape. You’ll learn all about the best haircuts, beards and moustaches as well as the ideal glasses frames too.

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For more detailed guides on customising the styles we suggest, you can head to their guides.

Oval face shapes may find the following description familiar:

Stylish beard look

Your face length is longer than the cheekbone width as well as a forehead width larger than your jawline. It’s likely that both your chin and jawline aren’t pronounced and have a slight roundness to them.

Nevertheless, not all the faces of any particular shape may look alike. Note that there’s a chance that you may feature characteristics that are reminiscent of other face shapes. Keep this in mind when following our face shape guides.

However, by aligning with a particular face shape, you’ll find that your personal grooming will improve by following certain guidelines.

Oval Face Shape Specifications

Above you will note the diagram that analyses the hallmarks of an Oval face shape. The face width gradually reduces from the forehead with a sloping jawline. With its even proportions, features are usually visible but not angular.

With balanced characteristics, this shape has been considered the so-called “ideal” face shape. Its neutral composition and lack of dominant features allow for a great versatility in styling from hairstyles to eye-wear.

How to maintain a beard

Best Oval Face Shape Hairstyles

Being a well-proportioned structure, an oval face has the rare privilege to be free in experimenting a variety of styles. Nevertheless, a classic short back and sides with a little length on top is a foolproof solution. Whilst texture and volume on top sharpen the shape, discretion is advised with fringes, which run the risk of softening the features and making the face appear rounder.

Wear hair off forehead to create volume and angles on top

Recommended Hairstyles

Best Glasses For Oval Face Shapes

As oval face shapes as the so-called “ideal”, they can be much easier to style. However, to ensure that your proportions stay well-balanced, there are certain steps to take. For instance, it would be a shame to lose harmony due to glasses that don’t work.

Indeed, oval face shapes have chameleon-like properties and their subtle features can be curbed or emphasised according to taste. Therefore, even more eccentric styles tend to work well. That said, try not to go for anything that well throw your proportions off entirely.

Balanced and classic styles are always safe choices. The most ideal options tend to be more angular styles as they will bring your features out. If you opt for anything too round, it may soften them or give your face a rounded appearance.

Short length beard styles

Finally, ensure that your glasses fit. Even if you’re oversizing, try not to go for anything that will dwarf your face and make it appear too small or round.

Recommended Glasses For An Oval Face Shape
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