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Teenager Style Beard

Young boys looking for a makeover, can catch up with this new beard style for themselves cause this is incredibly the best and most smart type of beard for those who are looking for the new and modish vogue. This style is also apt fur men who need to look and give a highly stylish attitude but with a short and easy beard. New trendy beard styles.

Full Beard Style

These days full heavy beard is the choice of most men that gives them the perfect manly look and suits everywhere. Give the best shape to it according to your round, oval or long face and get the real macho look.

Cool Beard Style

This traditional cum royal look is making men go crazy behind it. The moustache over the fine beard is what makes this style unique and classy. Good with all attires this particular style is nowadays preferable by most of the stylish men.

Small goatee

Bold Beard Style

This executive look beard style has got very very bold and sharp features. It wholly covers the chin part and partially covers the cheeks and it is accompanied by the most suitable moustaches. This has been the favourite of most of the fashion lovers who prefer to have chin curtain model beard. It is one unique style opted by those who have a square jawline.

Manly Beard Style

Last but not the least and still the latest is the thick and heavy manly foremost style of beards for men comes under the category of short full beard. This is maintained either by trimming or just making it grow randomly for a specific period. It is most trendy as it is quite easy to maintain.

Dadhi style 2016

Bushy Beard Style

This full and thick beard is tried by every second men these days. This is the new hack model beard that gives an altogether different look on the face. A cool and stylish cut, this is quite trendy among youngsters while their experiments with different styles.

Less Effort Beard Style

In busy times and schedules, this beard style is best to suit requiring the least possible effort, time and attention. It is called the boys' beard style that is simple yet dashing. They are also comfortable to set and groom.

Is beards in style
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