Mens beard ideas. Top 20 Manly Beard Styles for Men

Beards have a rich history; cavemen wore them for warmth and to intimidate their enemies (much like how lions use their majestic manes to show the pack who’s boss). Down the line, nobility wore them to show off their status and as a sign of honour. Presently, beards have become an extension of a man’s personality, style and a sign of masculinity So, it’s no wonder that beard styles, of all kinds, are taking over. Men's haircut and beard styles.

Whether you’re thinking of growing a beard or just want to know which beard styles never fail to impress, we’ve shared the top ones and what face shapes they suit, below.

Stubble beard styles

If you struggle to grow thick, full beards, try this. Credit:

If you stop shaving for a couple of days, you’ll get the ‘five o’clock shadow’, also commonly known as stubble. If you struggle to grow beards, this look is the easiest to achieve and is exactly what you need to give your style a subtle, rugged appearance.

For men with round or baby-shaped faces, this beard style is a great option, as it will help add definition and make your jawline look stronger.

Corporate beard styles

This corporate beard will work well for the office. Credit:

Finding a beard style that is office-friendly and fashion-forward can seem impossible, but that’s where the corporate beard comes in. It’s rugged, masculine but professional enough to wear to work.

Boxed, short beard styles like this make long face shapes look shorter, while also helping to contour the face and bring out its natural angles. For further proof of this style’s charm, see how these gents pull it off.

Editor’s tip: To keep this beard style looking on-point, you’ll need a balm like the TONI&GUY Frizz Taming Beard Balm . This moisturising gel/balm hybrid will nourish your mane, give it a healthy shine and tame stray beard hairs and frizz.

Goatee beard styles

Goatees are great for adding a little edge to your style. Credit:

Hair and beard style for man

There are many variations of the goatee, but generally, it is a small, short beard that rests on the chin. It can be worn alone or with a moustache, depending on your preferences.

Goatees look particularly great on angular face shapes, but can also help make a round face look a little slimmer by elongating it, thus making it look less round.

Moustache beard styles

From the 20th century to now, the moustache never fails to impress. Credit:

Before Tom Selleck made it popular, the chevron beard was initially favoured by British soldiers in World War II. The good news is: you don’t need to be a war hero or an iconic actor to pull it off.

This beard has a timeless, charming appeal and is the perfect style to go for if you’re a fan of vintage styles. And because it is top-heavy, it looks best on men with oval and square face shapes.

Editor’s tip: To maintain beard styles like this one, you’ll need to make sure to use a beard wax like the TONI&GUY Styling Moustache Wax. This nifty product will tame your moustache and also keep it in place, thanks to the firm hold it offers.

Full beard styles

This rugged beard style works on all face shapes. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock/indigitalimages

Of all the beard styles, the full beard is the hardest to grow. But if done right, this beard can really elevate your look and allow you to unleash your inner caveman. However, as it grows, you will need to tailor it to flatter your face shape and emphasise its best features.

Viking beard styles

Because looking like a Viking is something all men should aspire to. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Men's hair beard styles

The rugged Viking -raider look you’ve seen on Vikings is something you can rock in real life. Like the full beard, this beard style requires patience to grow and a lot of maintenance.

Great beards don’t happen overnight! You’ll need to follow a strict beard routine, making sure to wash it (try the TONI&GUY Cleansing Beard Foam ) and moisturise it with beard oil.

FYI, this beard type is great for men with long hair but equally looks as striking on gents with a bald haircut.

Short beard styles

This neat beard is also work-appropriate. Credit:

If you’re looking for a beard style that won’t require much upkeep but still looks ultra-stylish, a short one is your best option.

We’ve already mentioned the goatee and corporate beard but other short beards include the Balbo, French, anchor beard and etc. Like the full beard, you’ll need to make sure to pick a short beard style that will flatter your face and give it manly definition.

Modern chin strap beards

Beard styles don’t come much more classic than the chin strap. Credit:

While a true chin strap doesn’t include a moustache, modern versions of this beard style do. And, if you’re thinking of rocking it in 2019, be sure to combine it with other facial styles to make it look trendy.

For men with rounder or wider faces, go with a thicker chin strap. If you’ve got a sharper, angular or thin face, go with a thinner beard style.

Beard styles for businessmen

Hipster beards

Meet the beard that made facial hair cool again. Credit: by Shutterstock

For the trend-focused gent looking for a beard and moustache combination (AKA beardstache) that will earn you extra sartorial points, consider getting a hipster beard. Beard styles like this are full and slightly scruffy, with a cool bedhead appearance.

No matter which popular hairstyle you pair with this beard, don’t forget to top it off with a hat and some sunglasses to really nail this look on the head.

Dyed beard styles

The best thing about beard styles? You can experiment with colour. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

We’ve seen an influx of male celebrities taking the colour plunge this year, and if you aren’t afraid to stand out, you can extend your chosen shade to your beard. It’s a great look for festivals and beyond.
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