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To grow or not to grow a beard, that is the question. You’ll be surprised to know that beards and how women perceive the men who wear them vary depending on how thick and how full the beard is. A recent study conducted by the University of New South Wales found that different beard styles are equated to masculinity. So if you want to get that girl, maybe it’s time to shop around for the perfect beard styles. Here are eleven of the coolest beard styles to inspire you and that you can choose from. Cool hair and beard styles.

Coolest Beard Styles # 1

This beard style looks well-kept and neatly trimmed. It succeeds in making you look scruffy but neat at the same time. It’ not too polished and not too shabby, either. It’s actually the perfect balance of bad boy who loves women as much as he loves stray animals and promoting upcycling trash. This is the perfect style of beard to wear if facial hair is scarce or facial hair growth moves at a glacial pace. This beard style is also very easy to trim and style on your own. You just need to get to the amount of hair growth required to make it look full and nice.

Coolest Beard Styles # 2

If you have a thing against full and heavy beard styles, perhaps this style can work for you. It’s thin and light, and only a little thicker than your two-week-old stubble. It doesn’t totally cover your face with hair, but it gives it enough coverage so that you don’t look like a teenage guy fresh out of high school. You can achieve this kind of beard in just a few weeks of letting your facial hair grow. That’s enough time to decide whether you want to keep it or get rid of it. It’s one of the most fuss-free and attractive beard styles you can try, especially if this is the first time you’re growing one.

Coolest Beard Styles # 3

Full mustache, full beard. Why not? With this kind of beard hairstyle, you have to wait a few weeks for your facial hair to grow. But can you see the transformation a full beard gives to the face? From young man with boyish features, you become a certified manly-looking man. When you sport this kind of beard, you will need to keep it trimmed and neatly brushed every day to keep it nice-looking and presentable. Trim the wayward hairs and look out for other rogue ones. You don’t want unwanted facial hairs growing where they shouldn’t and messing up your look.

Coolest Beard Styles # 4

Not all beard styles make you look dark and menacing. There are some beard styles that make you look warm and open, but still very strong and masculine. Much like this soft and wispy beard style.

Short hair and beard styles 2016

A little mustache here, a small goatie, and a soft beard there. It certainly does the job. And what’s great about this beard style is that it only takes you a few days to grow it. You only need a pair of scissors and a small brush to keep it neatly trimmed. You can also let it grow a few inches or keep the length close to the skin.

Coolest Beard Styles # 5

If you don’t like a full and thick carpet sitting on your face, you can try having this full beard style that manages to be short and thin. It’s the perfectly manicured beard that will not annoy the wife or turn off the girlfriend. It gives your face a lot of character and charm that no other accessory can give. No, not even the perfect pair of hipster specs. This will be tough to achieve if you’re not a naturally hairy guy. But be patient and just let it grow. Eat a protein-rich diet and get enough sleep every day.

Coolest Beard Styles # 6

If you’re man enough to sport the beard that’s intended for the big boys, you will have a field day with this full set of beard. We’re talking about a full, thick, sometimes messy, but often times neatly trimmed beard. This is only reserved for men who are ready to live with an extra set of hair on their faces, and those who won’t go crazy picking at it at every opportunity. You have to be committed to letting your beard grow for at least 4 weeks. Let it grow out before you start trimming and styling. For this kind of beard, you don’t want to skip on using some beard oil to keep it soft and healthy-looking.

Coolest Beard Styles # 7

You can also go for this thick, short, and soft beard. You can cut and style it close to the skin and keep a little of the texture. Again, the secret is in letting the beard grow for a least four weeks before you start styling. Any earlier than four weeks can show bald spots or uneven coverage. If you’re in your teens, don’t expect a lot of hair right away. Beard hair will really reach its peak when you enter your twenties and thirties. By then, beard growth will be thicker and steadier. Avoid touching or shaving your beard while you’re waiting to reach your desired length.

Men beard types

Coolest Beard Styles # 8

You can also wear a full, long, and bushy ducktail beard. This will look even more awesome if you’re already sporting long and wavy hair. This kind of beard is sometimes difficult to achieve because of its length, and the itch and scratch problems it poses when the beard hair meets your neck.

But don’t panic. There’s a lot of beard products which you can use to keep your beard feeling and looking soft, like beard oils and scruff softeners. Not only will it look and feel soft, it will also make it look kissably attractive! Avoid alcohol based products, though, for they tend to make beard hair dry.

Coolest Beard Styles # 9

The full beard is still a popular favorite among the gents. It’s the no nonsense beard that will look good on any type of face. This is also the type of beard that will look great whether in the corporate or creative setting. You can achieve this kind of beard in about 1 or 2 months, using only scissors instead of clippers to keep it to your desired length. Remember that less is more, so don’t trim so much in one day. Always wash your beard when you take a shower. Use a beard wash about 2-3 times a week.

A full beard makes a manly man look even manlier. You should definitely consider wearing a full beard. If you’re blessed with a healthy amount of facial hair, grow it. A full beard is classic and timeless. You should experience having one at least once in your life. Different beard styles will continue to pop up in the years to come, and you should experience how it is to wear a beard while you still can. Try it! Just let it grow out for 1 to 2 months. Avoid scratching. Avoid trimming. Just see what happens and how you feel about it!

Facial hair styles beard

If you don’t like the full beard, there’s always the full stubble. It’s not as thick and long as a full beard, but it definitely does the job of covering sparse skin on your face with hair. You can get a full stubble in less than a month, give or take. It also has the power to transform your entire face and take your style to a whole new level. You can cut it at any length you want, as close to the skin as you want. Either way, you should wash it every day and keep it moisturized with beard oil to make it softer and look healthier.

The best and the coolest beard hairstyle is the one that looks comfortable and natural on you. It’s the beard that you love, and the beard that you’re committed to keeping. Hopefully, these beard hairstyles gave you some great beard inspiration!
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