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Let’s discuss about the best beard styles for men in 2018! Beard fashion is mostly sought after by Pakistani boys, Indian men, Europe, America and other countries as well. Nowadays, everyone is eager to have better shave (khat style) according to one’s face shape (a proper guide is given below). Different beard and mustache styles includes ducktail beard, full beard, mutton chop, stubble beard, extended mustache style, jawline beard style and much more. Check out here all the latest beard styles and choose your beard style with some knowledge this time. New dadhi style.

Latest Beard Styles For Men In 2018

There are numerous swank mustache and beard styles that a young man or an adult can wear with confidence. It is quite difficult to know that which face shape you have in order to choose a perfect style that is best suited to you. Get this season’s most favorite Pakistani professional model beard cut and beard styles, so that you can influence everyone around you. If you want to try more sexy and hottest bearded men looks this season, then check out this article about Arabic beard styles for boys.

This year beard fashion trend is going to be unique and adorable for stylish men. Nowadays, there are plenty of options available to choose shave styles with short hair, long hairstyles or medium haircuts. Certainly, you can enhance your personality by picking out any of the following shown beard styles for men. All of these beard images comes under fashion of 2018 that ultimately appeals to everyone. So it is necessary for men and young boys to have a touch of admirable beard style for some handsome and sexy look.

Don’t miss the latest fashion for boys

Today we have gathered the different types of beard styles or typically saying that Pakistani khat style with short hair, medium hair and long hairstyles.This article is all about the latest facial and mustache hair trends that can entirely modify your face looks. We recommend you guys to have a glance at these fashionable fashion styles that will surely grab the attention of people around you.

If you want a more stylish, mature or determined look, then you have to find out that which facial hair style suits your face shape more. According to the latest fashion trends, we have come up with the best beard styles for men, teenagers and young boys in Pakistan to spice up your looks.

It takes time to think that which style should a man carry in this modern fashion world. As you all know that there are lots of ideas available all around about the beard styles for men, but some of them are mesmerizing that are in vogue today for particular face shapes.

As everyone is becoming fashionista while concentrating on overall trendy apparel such as shoes , voguish wristwatches, elegant hairstyles and of course by following the latest trend of beard styles for men, but it is quite necessary to think about which beard and mustache style is best for your face shape?

Here I have come up with the 7 basic face shapes for trendy facial hair and now its been so easy to decide that which facial hair style you should have!

Best men's facial hair styles

Which Beard Style Is Best For Your Face Shape?

You must know about your face shape then you are ready to pick the latest facial hair style for men. Compare your face shape while standing in front of mirror and choose your best match from the different types of face shape that are suggested below: Here are the latest beard styles with pictures according to your face shape.

Following are the trendy shave styles in Hollywood, best Indian beard styles and latest Pakistani beard fashion for different types of face shapes:

Oblong face shape

Avoid chin hair as this makes the face look even longer

Mutton Chop sideburns beard style for men

Short, medium and long stubble beard

Diamond face shape

Try any of the Rapper styles

Fu Manchu for that extended mustache look.

Men in beared

Short, medium and long stubble beard

Square face shape

Short, medium and long stubble beard

Heart Face Shape

Hide it with sideburns like Mutton Chops

Short, medium and long stubble beard

Get funky with Franz Josef or Fu Manchu

Triangle face shape

Try an Anchor; a Van Dyke or a Goatee

Short, medium and long stubble beard

Beard cut style

Oval face shape

Short, medium and long stubble beard

Round face shape

Short, medium and long stubble beard

There are more latest fashion trends about the best beard styles for men with images below to choose from:

There you have seen the best beard styles for men in 2018. You can go for what exact facial shape is yours, and choose the best beard style to impress the people around you. Try various facial hair styles and then stick to one that suits you even more.
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