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With the right styling, the triangle face shape can evoke strength and authority when highlighting its strong jawline. However, the objective is to still reduce the jawline bulk whilst emphasising the forehead so to restore balance.

This men’s guide provides a detailed overview on how to correctly style a triangle face shape. Here, you’ll find the best haircuts, beard styles, moustaches and glasses that best work with its characteristics.

Scroll to read each section. Otherwise, you can choose what interests you the most with the contents below:

You will be shown stylised graphics for each of the styles that we recommend, which are links that lead to full guides on how to achieve this look for your face shape.

Triangle face shapes may find the following statement a close description of their features:

Your jawline is wider than your cheekbone width, which in turn is wider than your forehead. Chances are that your cheekbones are straight and taper from your jaw to your forehead with a prominent jawline.

New beard shape

If this rings about right, keep reading! However, if you’re still not convinced, you can read about the 7 unique face shapes we cover in our guides. You can identify your face shape following our quick 5-step tutorial.

Note that the above assessment is an approximation. Every individual will have some variations. For instance, you may find that your face shape actually shares features with others.

That said, identifying its closest relative will prove invaluable to your styling choices.

Triangle Face Shape Specifications

The above diagram serves to geometrically break down the features of a Triangle face shape. With such a large jawline measurement, you may be wondering why your face shape is known for being the “inverted” triangle.

Note the graphic above’s proportions. The jawline tends to either slope downwards or span outwards and creates a characteristic triangle with cheekbones and the point of the chin. Sometimes rather than jutting outwards, the jawline may be recessed. In most cases, it tends to create the illusion of a high eye line and short forehead.

Best Triangle Face Shape Hairstyles

With its prominent jawline but otherwise narrow forehead, a triangle shape face can benefit from a generous use of volume on top and the sides. The use of volume can be paired with medium to long hair lengths to create full sides. The use of a side-part or quiff can be very efficient in highlighting the forehead. Try to provide bulk to the forehead, which will in turn offset the jawline.

The beard look

If a short cut is desired, relatively low fades with strategic use of volume in the top corners can ensure a presence of depth and compliment the heavy jawline. Some softness can be retained around the back and sides. However, a lack of volume on top runs the risk of amplifying the jawline. In this case, texture is recommended to ensure the presence of bulk.

Use plenty of length and volume on top

Reveal the forehead with a swept-back quiff or side-part

Be generous with texture

Avoid too much softness on top

Avoid high fades, which risk narrowing the forehead even further.

Beard cut styles 2016

Recommended Hairstyles

Best Glasses For Triangle Face Shapes

Although styling can be a difficult endeavour for triangle face shapes with personal grooming, they’re one of the most versatile with regards to glasses. Thanks to their prominent jawline and narrow forehead, they can wear a variety of styles in order to offset this discrepancy.

Our main advice is to ensure that the frames fit correctly above all else. Should they be too large or oversized, there is a risk that they may dwarf your forehead and exaggerate your shape. Nevertheless, either rounded or angular glasses tend to work well.

If you’re looking to bring out your features and create definition, aim for more angular styles. For instance, browlines and wayfarers will define your cheekbones while strengthening your forehead. However, don’t over-define as they may increase the prominence of your jawline.

Alternatively, you could consider rounder frames to soften your features for a more friendly appearance. Round and bevelled rimless frames are both excellent choices in this regard.

Recommended Glasses For A Triangle Face Shape
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