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For guys with less than full facial hair growth, the short groomed beard is the way to go. Beards still look good whether your pattern is more of a goatee connected to a chin strap than a full beard. Follow the same beard grooming instructions as the stubble beard. You can also create an angular effect with a line up beard. Moustache and goatee styles.

For guys with thick facial hair, a groomed beard can be the balance between a full beard and much shorter version. Known as the short boxed beard, this is the full beard shape on the face but without much length. Get creative by following the short beard trendsetter styles from sources like The Best Beard Styles and 30 Trendy Short Beard Styles to Get the Macho Look

Here’s a short style that features a slightly prominent soul patch and hair left in the dip above the lip. This look also features thick sideburns.

2. Naturally Classic Short Length Beard

Short chin beard

This look features a beard that appears to be growing in its natural state, but has been trimmed down closely to the skin. The neck and the outline have been left very natural, while the sideburns and hairline are outlined and clean.

Here’s a short goatee beard look that is outlined pretty thin. The majority of the hair on the chin has been shaved off, leaving a small soul patch that extends down to the chin beard. Clean lines were achieved along the sideburns and cheeks, while the neck has been left to grow as it naturally does.

Here’s a short beard style that features a rather prominent goatee. To achieve, just shape your goatee as you normally would and trim down the rest of the beard a little bit more than you did for the goatee. It’s best to start out relatively thick and trim the beard down gradually until you achieve the look you want to.

Chin beard styles

5. Chin Strap and Mustache

This chin strap beard is great for men who either can’t or don’t want to grow in a full beard. In order to achieve this, completely shave the majority of the face leaving the mustache and hair long the jaw line. Then, trim and outline the chin strap so that it is even and straight, and trim the mustache as you’d prefer.

This is a full bearded look that is cleanly outlined and trimmed close to the face. Be sure to shape the goatee so that it emphasizes the chin.

Best men beard style
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