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Different Lengths, Different Times

The length of time it takes to grow a beard depends entirely on the type of beard you want. So if you’re asking yourself “can I grow a beard?”, the answer is yes most definitely! Facial goatee.

As we’ve discussed in the blog, there are many styles of beard that suit lots of face shapes. However, they can also suit your growth style as well. For example, a goatee will take a lot less time to grow than a full beard and you can chop and trim it into various lengths until you’re happy with it.

Growing a beard doesn’t have to be tough, but you need to be sure that when it does come in – whatever style you go for – that it’s smooth, sleek and stylish. There’s nothing worse than waiting months for the perfect length only to get dry and flaky skin underneath, ruining the look.

We suggest looking into some products to make the growth stage more comfortable. If you’re growing a beard from a freshly-shaved face, you might get some irritation as the new hair grows in. In this case, you should use a good beard shampoo and beard oil to help reduce irritation. Or, why not try our beard balm which is specially formulated to give the skin under your beard the nourishment it needs so you don’t feel itchy. It contains camelina oil, green tea and aloe vera so you know you’re getting the good stuff.

Short beard shapes

It may feel like you’re growing one hair per day, constantly checking the mirror to see if you’ve had that sudden spurt from stubble to lumberjack – but don’t fret, these things take time… and the pay off will be worth it!

Some people start growing a beard and give up because it’s not quite growing fast enough, thinking they’ll get stuck somewhere in the middle of a goatee and a full beard.

The bearded look has seen an enormous rise in popularity over the past decade and shows no signs of letting up. So, if you start growing your beard now, you don’t have to worry about it being out of style when it gets to the desired length.

Latest hairstyle and beard style

The most important thing to remember is that facial hair grows differently for everyone, and although there’s not magic tonic that can speed up growth, some of our specially formulated products will keep any facial hair you grow feeling soft and smooth. Keep the skin clean and moisturised to give your beard the best possible start.
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