Types of beards. 6 Best Beard Brushes of 2019 Reviewed

E very type of facial hair needs some grooming, exfoliating, and styling help once in a while, and today you’re going to learn about the best beard brushes for just that purpose. Best beard styles for oval face.

It doesn’t matter what type of beard style you are currently rocking, there’s still a high chance that you will find beard brush to be the universal tool to help you tame the mane.

We would say that it’s even more useful than the trusted beard comb.

Not to trash on beard combs at all, but a good brush will always be able to do more for your beard.

It can help stimulate natural sebum oils.

And much much more (which you will be learning about below).

With the beard comb, you are limited to just unsolving the beard snatches and detangling, but that’s about it (which is why we believe that a beard brush is a much more versatile tool).

Note that this article doesn’t cover heated beard brushes, we have our own review of the best beard straighteners for those.

Convinced that brush might be what your beard routine desperately needs? Great, then let us help you to choose the right beard brush for you.

Quick Summary of the Best Beard Brush

Best Beard Brushes of 2019 Ranked

By far the best beard brush you can get your hands on in 2019 is the Kent BRD2 Limited Edition. Hand-crafted from start to finish, Kent makes all their brushes in Great Britain and has been doing so ever since 1777.

Key Features

Who Should Buy It?

This beard brush is the best fit for a man who doesn’t care about the price and wants the utmost premium quality from his arsenal of beard tools.

With its ergonomic handle and medium bristle stiffness, the Kent BRD2 works best on beards that are around average length and thickness.

Details (Brand, Quality, Reviews)

You can’t really find a better quality brand than Kent when it comes to beard brushes or beard combs. They have been making these products for so long, honing their craft, that it’s almost impossible to beat their standards.

Everything is made by hand and is strictly quality controlled. If you look at the BRD2, you can clearly see that a lot of love has been gone to creating this brush.

What you get when buying this product is the brush (there are left and right-handed models), a gift box, and an additional cotton-string bag for traveling purposes.

Reviews about this products are almost completely positive, with the only negative reviews concerning the price, which is understandable as this is currently the most expensive beard brush on the market (albeit still under fifty-bucks).

Seven Potions is one of the better beard companies out there, with an impressive array of oils, balms, and other beard related goodies.

Their oval-shaped beard brush is one of their best products in a while, and I originally got it when I tested their beard care kit (which included this brush, beard oil, and beard wash)

Well, it’s my daily driver, and I have a lot of beard brushes to choose from.

Key Features

Bristles: First-cut stiff boar bristles

Who is it Best for?

Out of this brush review, the Seven Potions one has by far the stiffest bristles. This is because they’re first-cut boar bristle, which is known as the hardest type the animal produces.

Because of the bristle stiffness, it will suit the men with medium to long beards, thick enough to handle some rough action on the face.

If you get this brush with a short and thin beard, I can guarantee that you will be disappointed, as it will be too rough for your facial hair.


I have been positively surprised with this beard brush from Seven Potions. Sure, the bristles felt a bit too stiff for me in the beginning, and I thought for a while that I might be only using it rarely as an exfoliator brush, but soon enough I noticed I was brushing with it almost daily.

After a few weeks of use, the bristles will loosen up quite nicely and still remain somewhat firm. I like this because it makes styling the beard really easy after you put in some beard oil and balm.

Since the brush has bit more roughness to it than many others, it’s perfect for stimulating natural blood circulation on the beard area, as well as enhancing the production of natural sebum oils which nourish the mane.

The German brand ZilberHaar is one of the leading beard brush manufacturers, with the largest number of sales in multiple online platforms.

Their basic pure boar bristle brush is exactly what you would expect from a beard brush, with extremely competitive pricing and selection of different bristle stiffnesses and handle shapes.

Key Features

Who Should Get the ZilberHaar Beard Brushes?

The selection of bristle stiffnesses and handle shapes make ZilberHaar brushes so universal that pretty much any beardsmen can find the right beard brush from their selection.

Guys beard style

If you like to travel and have a smaller area of facial hair to work with; opt for the pocket size.

If you fancy an old-school brush with a long handle; get the basic type.

Or if you have a massive beard that needs to be man-handled with as big of a beard brush as you can imagine; get their “major brush”.

For each of these different handle sizes, there’s a choice to go with either stiff or soft boars hair bristles. As you should know by now, long thick beards need stiffer bristles, and smaller patchier beards should go with the soft bristles.


I own the handled brush as well as the pocket version from Zilberhaar, and they’re both amazing, absolutely nothing negative to say about them.

The bigger brush is on my toilet cabinet, while I like to keep the smaller pocket version in the console of my car if I ever need to brush the beard in a rush.

Price-wise I think Zilberhaar beard brushes are a perfect blend of great quality and low price, making them one of the best – if not the best – value choices.

This brush has chosen a completely different path from others in this list, as it uses synthetic round-tipped polymer bristles instead of natural fibers.

The founder of the company actually worked in the bristle industry for more than ten years, and found majority of the beard brushes out there far too stiff for most guys to use.

This led to him creating a better, softer alternative for guys who have softer and more sensitive beards.

Key Features

Who is it Best for?

A lot of the guys who get this brush, buy it as a secondary beard brush for use after the shower.

Natural hairs like boars bristle can damage a wet beard if you brush too soon after a shower, but with these polymer bristles, you will never have that issue.

Of course, for normal daily use, this is a great brush for every guy that has a sensitive beard that doesn’t like the stiffer hog hair brushes.

Details (Quality, Reviews, Brand)

This beard brush actually started as a Kickstarter project with a $15,000 goal to start production.

It took only 45 days for the sum to reach a whopping $26,443 provided by 647 backers, meaning that the Grizzly Jack beard brush was to be a real product.

Now, sometime later, the brush is gaining more and more popularity, and the reviews are almost all filled with high-praises of this brush.

If you have a long and bushy beard which is also sensitive and easy to damage, then you might want to opt for this Kent’s super soft monster brush.

It’s got a big ergonomic handle and large surface area of horsehair/nylon bristles tightly spaced together.

Key Features

Who Should Buy This Brush?

Anyone who has got a lot of beard hairs that need to be tamed with a big soft brush.

The unique horsehair/nylon blend makes the monster brush considerably softer than its competitors, even too soft according to some reviewers.

But if your beard is delicate and big, your options are limited, and this may be the best fit.


Hand-crafted by the Kent company in Great Britain, this brush is not your average hairbrush disguised as beard brush.

Instead, Kent has specifically stated that they put their best-bearded brush makers to work when creating the Monster brush, just so that it would be something unique and needed, instead of just another beard brush that looks and functions exactly like the hundreds of others.

This is a small and compact round beard brush that is perfect for traveling and minimalistic beard care.

It’s also the cheapest brush of this list and quite possibly the one with the best value. The three different versions of the brush costing under ten bucks each, with a little travel case included.

Key Features

Who is it Best for?

If you want the best budget beard brush, look no further, there’s no better quality to price ratio available than this little rounded beauty.

If you don’t need a brush with a big handle and travel a lot living in a small space, you might also enjoy the fact that this beard brush is super small.

If your beard is big and bushy, you might want to skip this brush. The small bristle surface would make your beard brushing routine take ages, whilst the lack of handle means that you won’t have the same strength to brush with as you would with the BRD2 for example.

How to shave beard

Details (Brand, Quality, Reviews)

BFWood is a small brand with a good collection of beard products. All of their tools seem to have great value combined with excellent craftsmanship, and we like that.

Quality-wise, I see nothing wrong with the BFWood beard brush. In fact, at just a mere $9 price, it outshines the production quality of many other brands.

As for the design and materials, they actually have four different styles of this same brush; one with dark wood base and black bristles (seen in the picture above), one with a bamboo base, one with a darker bamboo base and a special brush holder, and one with brown wooden base and blonde bristles.

There are hundreds of positive reviews with very little negative feedback on their Amazon listing as well, suggesting a great product.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Beard Brush

Is this your first time buying a beard brush?

No problem, we can help you learn what are the most important benefits of beard brushes and what to look for when getting one.

Your beard brush needs to fit the style of beard that you have. If you have a thick beard and buy a brush with soft bristles, you’re going to find that it does nothing for your facial hair.

Buying a stiff bristled beard brush when you have a soft and thin beard, is just going to hurt and cause damage.

1. Bristles (Material, Length, Stiffness)

Easily the most important factor in choosing the best beard brush for you has to be the material, length, and stiffness of the bristles.

There are four bristle types most commonly used in beard brushes…

Boar bristles, which are natural hair fibers harvested from wild boars. They are structurally similar to our own beard fibers, albeit stiffer and more durable. Boars bristles are considered the best material by many producers.

Horsehair, which is also natural hairs that most commonly come from horsetail. These types of bristles are similar to boar bristles, but a bit softer and lighter in color.

Synthetic fibers, which are man-made and usually consist of polymer or nylon fibers. These are not as good at distributing oil as natural bristles but do offer slightly better durability.

Vegetal fibers, which are a new type of innovation in beard brushes, and most commonly sourced from cactus plants. These are almost exclusively sold to vegan beardsmen.

When it comes to the length of the bristles, you will want to get longer bristles if your beard is long, thick, and bushy (to reach the roots, obviously).

Someone with a short, trimmed, and a bit of a patchier beard will want to get a beard brush with shorter bristles since the reach doesn’t have to be that long and you want to utilize the full length of the bristle instead of just the tips.

This is hugely important, and most people get this wrong. Boar bristle brushes are usually labeled as; stiff, medium, or soft.

If your beard is thick and wiry, you need to go with a stiff. If your beard is of average thickness, the medium is likely the best fit, and if it’s patchy/thin, go with soft boar bristle, horsehair, or something called polymer bristles.

I wouldn’t recommend nylon bristles to anyone who cares about their beard, and if you’re a vegan whose main priority is reduced animal suffering, then obviously the vegetal bristles should be your choice.

2. Handle (Material, Size, Shape)

The only other thing we need to look for aside from bristles is obviously the handle (or lack thereof if that’s how you roll).

Factors that influence the handle selection are…

Well, if you’re traveling a lot, you obviously don’t want a big handle on your beard brush to take up space.

For travel purposes, round beard brushes with no handle are the best choice.

If your hands are on the smaller side, then choosing a big chunky oval-shaped beard brush is not ideal, as you won’t get a good grip on that and it will always feel weird to use.

As for beard size, if yours is big and long, you may want to get a brush with a large handle to give you more strength and grip.

Lastly, storage. This is basically the same as with traveling; if you’re dealing with lack of space, you may need a beard brush that is small and has no handle. If space is not an issue at all, then, by all means, get a handle that you most prefer.

3. Price (Value Vs. Quality)

Beard brushes are not really that expensive, and they tend to last for years when properly used and maintained.

Because of that, it would not be a smart move to choose the cheapest possible beard brush. You’d have to suffer from mediocre quality for years just to save a pretty penny for a while.

Different beard style names

That 2$ beard brush from your local supermarket might look like a great deal, but it’s probably made from the cheapest synthetic bristles that cause static charge and beard split-ends, while the handle is the cheapest plastic you can imagine.

Investing just 10-20$ more will usually get you a brush that is on a completely different playing field from those dollar-store and gas-station brands with far superior materials used.

Some brushes are priced astronomically high without really delivering you anything extra from cheaper brands. While some companies let their brushes go for absolutely steal prices, even though the quality is great.

Beard Brush vs. Beard Comb

This is the big question we get a lot…

Our answer is simple, why not both? There are things that you can do with a brush that you can’t achieve with a comb and vice versa.

For example, you should never brush a beard if it’s wet (unless you use the polymer bristle brush mentioned above) but with a comb, you can easily complete this task.

With a comb, it’s really hard to distribute beard oils and balms from the root to tip, whereas a good beard brush handles this task effortlessly.

Beard brush can be used to exfoliate the skin underneath the beard, helping clear beard dandruff and dead skin cells. A comb is practically useless for that task.

If you’d force us to choose, then we have to say that a beard brush is more useful than a beard comb, but really, you should get them both.

How to Use a Beard Brush

As many as there are beards, there are also ways to use a beard brush.

But in our opinion, this is the best way to brush your beard…

In the morning when you have just woken up and there’s plenty of natural oils in the skin, grab your beard brush and start going ham in all directions.

To further moisturize the facial hair, add in a little bit of your favorite beard oil and continue brushing to evenly distribute it from roots to tips.

Finish off by using a little chunk of beard balm in your facial hair and then brush to style with the holding aid of the balm. Always finish the brushing with downward strokes.

Every 3-6 months (depending on how often you use it) you should make sure to clean your beard brush properly. It takes about five minutes and you only need a small comb and shampoo to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Boar bristles are easily the best material. As for the handle, anything durable is good, such as; pearwood, sandalwood, or peachwood.

Yes. If you constantly brush or comb or fiddle with your beard, it will eventually lead to protein-loss damage within the beard fibers. As a rule of thumb, don’t brush your beard more than twice per day.

We recommend you to brush right after applying beard oil, as brushing helps to distribute the oils evenly to your facial hair. It doesn’t really matter what time of the day you do it.

In short; beard brushes exfoliate, help redistribute beard oil and balm evenly, and stimulate circulation on the face.

What direction should you brush your beard?

You can start the brushing in any direction you want. In fact, you’ll get the best results if you brush from as many directions as possible. However, it’s crucially important that you finish your brushing routine by brushing straight downwards.


Beard brushes may seem like a waste of time on the surface.

But when you dig deeper, you’ll realize that they are in fact, some of the most important tools in any man’s beard growth & care arsenal.

There’s no better and simpler way to nourish and train your beard than to regularly brush it; and for that, I highly recommend that you grab hold of one of the brushes in the above review.

So instead of tossing your cash to the next flashy beard growth serum out there, consider getting a great beard brush instead. It’ll actually work and will last you a long time.

Thanks for reading and keep on beardin’.

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