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Some people take their beard up to their jawline, however many people thinks this looks weird. Beard line.

Here is an example of a beard that is cut too high, with drawn lines to show where it should have been. You can see how the beardline is cut at an awkward angle

Below here, is a good example of how your neckline should be.

While this beard may be bigger than yours, it still shows a good example of the angles needed to create a good looking beard.

For the front portion of your besrd, use your index and middle finger and rest them on top of your Adam’s apple and that's how far down your beard should go, if your beard is shorter.

I found that the beard neckline was the most annoying thing about having a shorter beard, but it is also crucial in making your beard look good. The longer the beard, the less you really need to worry about the neckline. Take your time in nailing the neckline, you'll develop your own technique and style, but follow the pictures and you'll be fine. Beard on.

New thadi style 2016

No matter which beard style you choose, there is no avoiding the fact that you will also need to trim your neckline at some point.

Why? It will stop your beard connecting with your chest hair for a start, (yes it does happen to some people!) But more importantly, it will make your beard stand out more and help to ensure that it looks more defined.

Luckily you can achieve a great looking beard neckline in just two simple a bit of practice of course!

First of all imagine a slightly curved line that goes from right behind your ear lobes and travels under the jaw line, just above your Adam’s apple, (like the image from Tools of Men above.)

Now that you have an outline, you can simply trim away the hair that falls outside of these areas. Ensure to keep the neckline curved under your jaw to avoid an unsightly and unnatural look.

Go t beard styles

Bad beard neckline to avoid

Like a lot of thing beard related matters, there is plenty that can go wrong when trimming your neckline.

No-one wants a double chin. But if you trim your neckline too high it will give the false impression that you have one. Not a good look in anyone’s book!

Below are images from the guys at Hairstyles on Point that show examples of good and bad beard necklines. The bad ones are way too high and are nowhere near any of the men’s Adam’s apples.

The good necklines are clearly much better. They all have a shape to them that appears natural, rather than overly groomed. Most importantly, it curves under the jaw which is exactly how it should be.

Man face shave style
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