Beast beard styles. The Top Beard Styles For Men,

Like women’s jewelry, a man’s beard is an accessory that is sure to enhance your style. A go-to talking point, a 100% natural tea cozy for the chin and even a tool to help you thrive in the dating scene, the beard is a safe bet when wanting to change your look.

But, just as with hairstyles and choice of eye-wear, not everyone can rock every beard. It’s all about picking the right one for you and tailoring it to your personal taste. Square beard styles.

Beard Styles for Men

For most men, the style of beard they choose is usually dictated by how much facial hair they are capable of growing. But it is still important to take a look of the variety of beard and styles out there, should you wish to challenge yourself into growing something fuller or longer.

Beard Styles for My Face Shape

In order to determine which beard is best for you, working out what face shape you are is a good place to start. By focusing on the three points along your face – the temple, the cheek and the jawline – using your hands, you can see what work out your face shape based on the straight or curved lines that are created.

Once you have a clear idea of what face shape you are, you are then able to tailor the shape of your beard in order to create a look that is proportional. For example, faces that are broad or wide need a beard to be kept narrow to avoid adding extra weight to the face whereas those that are slimmer need a beard that ends a little wider, almost like a square, to ensure that there is symmetry with the rest of the hair.

Square face shape: Your choice of beard is dependent on how you want it to work alongside your strong jawline. If you want to enhance it then a goatee or defined beard will help to emphasize the structure within the lower half of your face.

Different shaving styles

Round face shape: Able to work with more defined beards in order to create angles while longer, thinner sideburns will prevent your cheeks from looking fuller.

Triangular face shape: These work well with a fuller/longer beard with shorter and wider sideburns to slightly widen the jawline.

Oval face shape: You guys are the lucky ones. Due to the natural symmetry of your face, any beard will work.

Types of Beard

Even just a quick Google search will tell you that the number of different styles of beards today is almost endless. With combinations of beard and mustache, full beards and shorter beards, there is a beard out there – with some sort of peculiar name and origin – for everyone.

Latest hair and beard styles 2016

Your Quick Guide to The Top Beard Styles for Men

2. Do be afraid to try out different combinations of beard and mustache.

3. Play around with different lengths and soft/defined cuts.

4. Use celebrities as inspiration for what beards work.

5. Know how to take care of a beard, not just how to grow one.

Men's facial hair goatee
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